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TOTally Obessed Tuesday

24 Feb

Loving these finds this week!!! Head over to Basement State of Mind and see was Jenn is loving!

This Grey House: TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

1. Turquoise Hoodie

I want this for me! Super soft and looks lightweight!

2. Mint Bow Dress

So simple and pretty! Would look great with a jean jacket and some cute flats 🙂

3. Easter Bunny skirt

I love love love this skirt! The colors are super pretty and it would make for a perfect Easter outfit!

4. Mickey Bandanna or Infinity Scarf

I can’t decide which I love more, the scarf or the bandanna…. Now… only if they had a matching Minnie Mouse one for K!

5. You Wanna Pizza Me Shirt

Super cute with the perfect amount of attitude

Let’s Party! – Girly Dinosaurs

23 Feb

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday, she wanted dinosaurs and alligators. Simple enough, right? When it came time to designing her invitation, I had no clue what I wanted other than cute, girly dinosaurs. I found a pack on Etsy that I loved and got to work. Kyler loved the colors and the fact that the dinosaurs had bows on 🙂 Win win!

Dinosaur Invitation:: This Grey House

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

22 Feb

I worked one of the Luke Bryan shows this past week…. perks of the job 🙂

I love me some Florida weather, especially this time of year when my Facebook feed is full of snowy pictures and I get to soak in the sunshine and blue skies.

Hudson LOVES to smash things… the louder the noise, the better

Happy kids = happy momma ❤

Playing ball with Dad 🙂

Chris and I hired our first babysitter this weekend and hit up a surprise 40th birthday. The kids did great and it was nice to have a night out!

Today, we headed back home to spend some time with my parents. We had brunch on the river and the weather couldn’t have been better.

Looking for dolphins!

Hudson joined too 🙂

Today is a toughy for us…. 2 years ago today, my oldest brother Craig passed away unexpectedly. It is something I will never really “get over”, however, as more times goes on, it is just something I deal with. I still have my bad days and it feels like it just happened in some regards. The hardest thing for me is that my kids do not know their Uncle Craig. We certainly talk about him and Kyler knows who he is but it’s not the same. I know she would love him and he would adorable her. I know that Hudson would be his little buddy and what a role model for him, especially when he starts sports. Those missed memories are something that I try not to dwell on as there are so many other great memories and blessings that make everything better.

Remember to tell your loved ones you love them. Remember that life is short and unexpected. Remember that petty things are not important and family should and always be your rock. Craig, I miss you today and every day. Until we meet again ❤

March 23, 1975 – February 22, 2013

Hudson: 47 Weeks

22 Feb

At 76 Weeks, Hudson is getting closer and closer to walking. His newest trick is letting go and standing on his own. He is making it anywhere from 5-30 seconds. He claps for himself and gets very excited.

He has quite the personality. He finds lots of different things funny and his laugh is adorable. A lot of times, I catch him and Kyler doing goofy things together and they crack each other up. So cute!

He is also getting much better with his sippy cups! I think we are going to start sending one of his milks in a sippy cup this week to see how he does. Hoping in the next week or so we can get him off the bottles and strictly a sippy cup… we shall see!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

17 Feb

There really is no rhyme or reason of my selection this week. I own some of these things and want to own the others. Check out Basement State of Mind and see what she is loving!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday: This Grey House

1. Jake Bath Toy

Hudson got this for Christmas and both of my kids love it! It really doesn’t do much but for some reason, it keeps them both entertained!

2. Rock n Play

I broke down and bought one for Hudson to sleep in when he was a little guy. I definitely would have had this pattern if it was out then! How freaking cute is the zebra????

3. Roxy Suit

This is on Kyler’s wishlist for the summer. Think it comes in my size?

4. Mickey Mouse Pacis

I really don’t want to buy any more pacis because I am actually hoping to not use them much longer. But. Hudson may need them.

5. Minnie Shoes

I love these cute shoes! Perfect with jeans or a cute pair of shorts!

Let’s Party! – Snow White

16 Feb

A friend from work asked me to whip up a quick Snow White invitation for her daughter’s 3rd birthday. Of course, I said yes and got to work. I just love these little hand drawn people and you can find them all over Etsy. What is a better than a princess party for your little princess? I just love it!

Snow White Invitation:: This Grey House

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

15 Feb

My “half day” at work Friday turned into a full long stressful day (don’t you hate when that happens) so I hit up the store and made some Sangria

Meal time is his favorite time

Grandma bought him a present for Valentine’s Day and this was his reaction. I have never heard that noise come out of him before!

Heart shaped pancakes for Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day morning, I took K and we went to get pedicures ❤

She loves it!

So I told you the boy likes to eat right? This is a sample of his dinner. Only thing missing is the extra potatoes of his sister’s plate. Pretty much gone in 10 minutes. The kid is crazy.

We took a trip to Lowe’s to get some thingst to fix up the outdoor kitchen

I ended up getting a couple of things too!

The weather was pretty much perfect out today

The kiddos had a good time playing on the playground

Hudson: 46 Weeks

15 Feb

My sweet Valentine is 46 weeks old! I think he recently grew in length and is filling back out now. Little guy has seemed to plumped up a bit this week 🙂 I am really not shocked considering how much he eats. Breakfast yesterday was 2 homemade pancakes, baby yogurt, melon and some cheerios. Lunch was 5 chicken nuggets and some fruit, and dinner was steak, potatoes, and broccoli with a side of Kyler’s uneaten potatoes. It’s never that he is just stuffed either. We just decide that he has had enough! Boys are sure different than girls! He is getting much better with his balance and showing signs that he wants to walk…. only a matter of time then watch out!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

10 Feb

I missed last week’s but I am back! Here for another week of TOTally Obsessed Tuesday! Head over to A Basement State of Mind and see what Jenn is loving this week!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday This Grey House

1. Quilted Coat

I just discovered that Zara makes kid clothing and I am OBSESSED! Just look at this coat, wouldn’t it look great on you little girl?

2. Skinny Khakis

Oh Old Navy, you never fail me. They have these out for Spring for your little man in a few different colors.

3. Girl Dino Tee

JCrew put out a lines of tees for the American Museum of Natural History. Science + Cuteness = AWESOME

4. Boy Dino Tee

Another dino tee but this time, for your little man. This is another J Crew find and I love it just as much.

5. Chewie Tee

I love the take on this tee from Junk Food Clothing. Perfect for Spring which is right around the corner!

Hudson: 45 Weeks

8 Feb

He is becoming more and more difficult to photograph these days. He is so busy and on the move! Hudson is doing just great! He is starting to cruise and walk around more and more. He is letting go of one object and gripping onto another without falling down. He loves to push things around the house. All signs of gearing up to walk! I have a feeling that once he learns to walk, he will be running and getting into everything and anything as quick as possible. He started eating school meals this week! We are still sending in our food as he transitions. The teacher said he had 2 lunches the other day because he just kept eating. Sounds about right! He loves his food! He is splitting meals with Kyler now when we go out to eat. It’s great, we aren’t wasting food anymore. I would say he eats probably the same amount as Kyler at some meals. Hungry growing baby vs the picky toddler so it’s not too big of a shock there. Happy 45 weeks buddy boy!

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