Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

22 Feb

I worked one of the Luke Bryan shows this past week…. perks of the job 🙂

I love me some Florida weather, especially this time of year when my Facebook feed is full of snowy pictures and I get to soak in the sunshine and blue skies.

Hudson LOVES to smash things… the louder the noise, the better

Happy kids = happy momma ❤

Playing ball with Dad 🙂

Chris and I hired our first babysitter this weekend and hit up a surprise 40th birthday. The kids did great and it was nice to have a night out!

Today, we headed back home to spend some time with my parents. We had brunch on the river and the weather couldn’t have been better.

Looking for dolphins!

Hudson joined too 🙂

Today is a toughy for us…. 2 years ago today, my oldest brother Craig passed away unexpectedly. It is something I will never really “get over”, however, as more times goes on, it is just something I deal with. I still have my bad days and it feels like it just happened in some regards. The hardest thing for me is that my kids do not know their Uncle Craig. We certainly talk about him and Kyler knows who he is but it’s not the same. I know she would love him and he would adorable her. I know that Hudson would be his little buddy and what a role model for him, especially when he starts sports. Those missed memories are something that I try not to dwell on as there are so many other great memories and blessings that make everything better.

Remember to tell your loved ones you love them. Remember that life is short and unexpected. Remember that petty things are not important and family should and always be your rock. Craig, I miss you today and every day. Until we meet again ❤

March 23, 1975 – February 22, 2013

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