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Superheroes Unite! // Hudson’s 1st Birthday!

30 Mar

We threw Hudson a Superhero themed party for his big day. It was such a cute party to put together. Unlike previous years with Kyler, I had zero time to really put anything together ahead of time. I created the invitation 2 months ahead of time and then really didn’t think much of the party until a week out. Oops.

I printed the invitations out via and they turned out great! If you need an online printer, they are great!

Superhero Invite by This Grey House

Hudson’s superhero backdrop and dessert table.
Blue wallpaper, foam board, buildings made from boxes and tissue poms! The garland was purchased from Amazon.

Superhero Party by This Grey House


Part of his birthday gift were the Fisher Price Little People Superheros…. they made for great decorations too!
Dessert plates from Target

Superhero Party by This Grey House

His AMAZING cake and cupcakes were from Sweet By Holly!

Superhero Party by This Grey House

I mean look at those things! All buttercream and all delicious.

Superhero Cupcakes.... This Grey House

The most perfect Smash cake. Spiderman and Captain America!

Superhero Smash Cake//This Grey House

Batman and Superman (On the back, not pictured)

Superhero Smash Cake//This Grey House

Happy Birthday indeed!
Happy Birthday napkins from Amazon, Itty Bitty Spiderman from Hallmark, and metal H from from Michaels

Superhero Party by This Grey House

The spread. I opted to not go overboard with food considering the party started at 2 in the afternoon.
Superhero tablecloth and red, blue and yellow ribbon banner from Target

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Cabinets are a great way to include some pictures. Hud’s own comic book 🙂

Superhero Party by This Grey House

I love to cover up the art in the living room and include it as part of the party decorations!
Cardboard cutouts (6 in total) from Amazon, yellow tissue poms from Party City.

Superhero Party by This Grey House

I created a board to display all of Hudson’s monthly pictures and printed it out from Office Depot.

Superhero Party by This Grey House

On the other side, I created his 1st birthday Superhero Stats 🙂

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Smash cake area!

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Chris’ Batman Lego set was perfect decor for the table.

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Super “Heros”

Superhero Party by This Grey House

The birthday boy!

I just love him to pieces!

I bought mine and Kyler’s shirt from Target and Hudson and Chris’ shirt from Old Navy.

Love my super family
The masks are from Target

Big sis ❤

The dogs got to hang out this time

Checking out his cake….

I think he likes it

Happy guy!

Hudson Smash!

He loved the cake and may have loved playing in it more 🙂

Messy boy, time for a bath!

The aftermath

Hudson with Grandma and Poppa!

Hudson with Nana and P’Pa!

Time for presents!

It was beautiful out so we spent the day outside.

Hudson and his pal Crosby

It was an awesome day filled with friends and family. I think Hudson enjoyed himself 🙂 Can’t believe my baby boy is ONE now!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

29 Mar

What. A. Week.

Before I jump in, I forgot to update ya on last week…. here it is quickly 🙂

Impromptu St. Patty’s Day Happy Hour with some of my favs

My crazy mini me

Target kills me. I want it all.


Okay so back to this week.

It started off with working a little Fleetwood Mac. Just me and Alexis burning the midnight oil 🙂

Just borrowing bis sis’ cart

Lucky Kyler got to hang at the beach with Grandma

We took in a Magic game as a family Friday night!

Hudson LOVED it!

We also inducted Shaq into the Magic Hall of Fame too. Great night!

We celebrated our boy’s 1st birthday yesterday!!!

He loved his cake! Many more pictures to come on this!

After his party, I rushed to the arena as I had to work our Gala.

My peeps!

Our Gala is Black Tie and Tennies, thus the tennies 🙂

Today, for the big guy’s birthday, we hit up Epcot and oh man, was it gorgeous out!

Afterwards, we had some dinner and celebrated some more. Don’t mind Hud, just chewing away on a crayon.

It has been a great week celebrating Hudson and spending time with Chris’ parents! I am exhausted and am looking forward to April 12th 🙂 That is the day after the last Magic game and my life will finally slow down a little!

Hudson: Twelve Months/One Year/52 Weeks!

29 Mar

Happy Birthday Hudson!!!!! Hudson is 1 year old today!

As you know, Hudson continues to be my little sweetie…. and such a FLIRT! He makes eyes at all the girls and the smile he gets on his face is just ridiculous! I mean I can’t blame the ladies for loving him…. just look at him! ❤ He is all about moving right now. He doesn’t sit still for a minute. He climbs, crawls, pushes, smashes and throws just about everything and anything. He LOVES to play ball and that seems to be his favorite right about it. He is also start to “chase” us which he thinks is hilarious.

We tried mashed potatoes again the other day and he actually liked them! I think it was a texture thing and maybe he is over it? He still loves his steak, broccoli, yogurt, and applesauce. He gets by just fine with his 2 teeth. That, however, is about to change but 2 more teeth just broke through so I am thinking within the next month, he will have a few more.

He is still taking his time in walking. He cruises around really well and flies when he pushing something. He can walk pretty good holding onto one hand of ours so I think it will be pretty soon. I also think that when he does figure out the balance piece, he will be quick. Ugh, he gets into enough now, I am sure that is only going to get worse.

He LOVES to play ball right now. He has a pretty good arm too 🙂 He also LOVES his big sister Kyler. He thinks she is so funny and has a good time messing around with her. Which he does… already. I think those 2 will be BFF and fight like cats and dogs all at the same time.

We head to the doctor for his 1 year check-up Friday but last time we checked he was right around 25 pounds. He also measured at 32.25 inches last time at the doctor so I will be eager to see if he has grown at all. He is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes but can fit into a lot of 2T as well. His feet grew recently so we are in size 6’s now. Big guy!

I am so sad our monthly/weekly photos are over, however, I am not sure how much longer I could have kept this up. He does not cooperate at all and it is so hard to get a good picture!

Hudson, Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!!! We love you!

Hudson: 51 Weeks

22 Mar

AHHH only one more weekly update left as this one. Hud the Stud is one week away from his birthday and I am in denial. He is cutting 2 teeth right now and his nose is running like crazy.

He. Does. Not. Sit. Still…… EVER. He gets into everything  you don’t want him to get into and he is determined. You can hide whatever you don’t wnat him to have he is hunts for it! He has picked up a few new words in the last week or so. He is now saying bye-bye, uh-oh, and I swear he tried to say Kyler today. He is waving hi and bye, making silly noises with his mouth and blowing kisses…. my favorite ❤

My sweet guy, only one more week of being a baby!

Our DIY Outdoor Kitchen

20 Mar

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

As you know, we live in sunny Florida. When we moved into our new house, it didn’t have a pool but we made sure it had plenty of space to put one in. It took 2 years but we decided to finally tackle the backyard. We started with the pool first last Fall. In case you missed it, you can check out the pool here. The next project on the list is the outdoor kitchen.

This project is not for the faint of heart. This may be one of our biggest DIY projects yet. Thankfully, Chris is handy around a saw and my dad knows his electrical and plumbing. Rather than list every single detail on this post, I will give you more of a guideline on how we (and by we I mean Chris and my dad) build this bad boy.

Before we begin, here is a picture of the back of the house before we moved in. We put the kitchen on the open slab to the left.

 Step 1: Your layout

We had to decide on a layout back when the pool pavers went in. It just made it easier for us in the long haul for them to go ahead and lay the pavers as we would need them. It sat like this for a good 3 months.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

 Step 2: Pergola

For us, our step 2 was the pergola. Obviously, if you aren’t building a pergola than you would just skip over this. It took them about 2 days to put this up. It probably could have been done in one long day but trips to the hardware store and helping out with Kyler slows things down a bit.

We opted for 4×4 pressure treated posts and 2×6 cross beams. Everything is tied into our house so it’s nice and sturdy. We routed the ends to give it the look we wanted.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

 We also took 2x2s and ran them the other way. This made the pergola even stronger.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

The pergola sat like this for about 3 months also. Before moving onto the next step, Chris stained and sealed it.

Step 3: Frame out the kitchen

We were finally ready to tackle this kitchen! The guys took a day and framed out the kitchen. Again, we used pressure treated wood for everything. For us, our kitchen consists of a space for a fridge, sink, 2 cabinets, and a place to wheel a grill into. During this step, you need to know your exact measurements. That means you need to have your grill, fridge and whatever accessories (ie cabinets and sink) picked out so you have true measurements.

You may ask why we opted to skip the built in grill. Well as much as I love the look of a built in, we were trying to keep costs down. Also, I know a few people with built in grills and they don’t seem to last any longer than a stand alone (and can be a lot more money to fix). Who knows, we may retro fit one down the road but for now, we are happy we our decision 🙂

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Step 4: “Rough” everything out

They took another day and “roughed everything in”. If you don’t know what the means, it simply means to pull wire, run plumbing lines, etc. Nothing is hooked up, just ran and ready to go.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Step 5: Backer board

Time to seal it up! We choose cement board for this step. Chris took care of this in a short day while my dad worked on the plumbing and electrical connections. Thanks to my dad, we have 2 outlets, a light switch, and hot water!

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

I made a decision not to go with permanent shelving. I thought I would get more use out of it with a nice open space. Also, you can see the mini hot water heater here.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

We used Hardi Board for the inside of the fridge space.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Step 6: Pick out your tile/siding

Well this step was pretty hard for us. We had decided on the siding pretty early on in the project. I love the look of stone but when it’s at least $10 a sq ft., that wasn’t going to work with our DIY budget. We ended up finding this tile from Lowes at $2.42 a sq.ft. Score!

I would have loved a solid surface but everything was just a bit too pricey for us so we went with a tile counter top. At first, we picked a darker grey tile but after leaving the test piece in the sun for about 30 minutes, I quickly changed my mind. Way too hot!

We found a cost effective travertine ($1.99 a sq ft) that worked well. We also picked a marble border to go around it to give it some pizzazz.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Step 7: Counter Top

Chris took a half day and put on the counter top. We used 3/4″ plywood and then put a 1/4″ of cement board on top of that.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

For the bar top, he did the same, however, he inserted thick metal steel bars in between to hold up the weight. One of the perks of owning a sheet metal shop 🙂

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Step 8: Tiling

Time to start tiling!

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

To tile this entire thing, it took about 4 days (not full days by any means).

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Tiling at night to get this thing done!

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Ready for grout!

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Step 9: Lighting

One of the last things to add into the pergola was the lighting. We opted for 50′ commercial grade string lights. I thought about installing a pendant light or wall sconces but that was going to turn into a lot more work. After installing the string lights, I am not really sure we need anything else. They are great and put off a lot of light!

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

Step 10: Accessorize

Last but not least, it was time to accessorize!

Steel Doors:
Grill: Weber Genesis EP-310 and we removed the wings. We LOVE it.
ridge: Haier Fridge

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

We are THRILLED on how the outdoor kitchen came out and every time I look at it, I can’t believe how great it turned out! I am so proud of all the hard work my hubby Chris did and of course we could not have done it without my dad. We are so excited for spring/summer to begin and are looking forward to many cookouts this year! I have no clue how many we saved by doing this ourselves but I imagine it is thousands. We have 3 other outdoor projects and then our backyard oasis will be finished. Thankfully, those will be much easier 🙂

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by

What do you think? What outdoor projects are you starting on?

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

15 Mar

Taking in an Atlanta Braves Spring Training game with some of my favorite work peeps.

This face…. he melts my heart… you just want to bite those cheeks!

Apparently some kid at school thought the same thing and actually did. Was. Not. Happy.

We played hooky and headed to Magic Kingdom since my bestie and her family were in town

Kyler loved hanging out with Greyson ❤

and loved hanging out with Jenn too, Kyler wanted nothing to with us and just wanted to hang out with Jenn and Greyson… as Kyler says” She is my best friend too”.

Hudson and Greyson!

Soon enough he will running through Disney

Catching the parade on the way out

Kyler and her buddy Joe. So cute!

Giving Greyson a kiss goodbye  and he napped<3

When we got home, it was warm enough to splash in the fountain

Miss having my bestie in town but it was so nice to hang out with her and the girls!

I wanted to head to the beach but a tired dad wasn’t up for it so we settled on my parents pool instead. The dogs were happy!

The dog farm. 8 dogs in total, 5 of which love to swim in the pool. Kyler kept busy and threw the balls for them.

We took K to her first movie and she did GREAT! She loved the movie, loved the popcorn and was focused the entire time. Can’t wait to take her back!

How was your weekend? It is mid March and the summer is quickly approaching. One more month of basketball season and my life will finally slow down!

Hudson: 50 Weeks

14 Mar

Only 2 more weekly updates left 😦 This big guy has the BEST personality. Things happening this week; he is working on his walking, his talking and of course his eating! Just look at this heft guy!

Is is waving hi and bye, saying hi (well kind of), and also calling for mama, dada, and baba (ball).

He will be 1 so soon!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Mar

My almost 1 year old!

Kyler is signed up for soccer this spring so she has been asking to play recently. Can’t wait!

The temperatures are heating up here in Florida and we are using this guy more and more

Hud LOVES his sports…. hopefully that is a sign of good things to come!

The Beast is hanging out at 24 pounds so it’s much easier to strap him in the Ergo while we wait for the penguins at Sea World

Doubles as a nice teether too apparently

Selfie time!

On the penguin ride…Hudson was big enough to ride in his own seat. Look at those cheeks!

He loved the penguins!

I think she would jump in if she could

Next stop, the seals. Kyler thought it was pretty cool you could feel the seals….or if you are Kyler “They aren’t seals Mommy, they are sea lions.” Well Kyler, they had both so we are both right 🙂

We are big enough for the Shamu coaster and of course, Kyler loves her roller coasters

After Sea World, we stopped by Amigos for some Tex-Mex, beers and Sangria. I just love these two!!!!

Best buds ❤

While half of Orlando seemed to be at the inaugural MLS Orlando City Soccer game Sunday night, I was holding down the fort at the Amway Center rooting on the Magic vs the Celtics. We were victorious, City Soccer ended in a tie (I guess it’s better than nothing) and I was home and able to tell Kyler good night (well thanks for Daylight Savings time and a kid that doesn’t sleep). Happy Monday!

Hudson: 49 Weeks

7 Mar

Look at this happy guy! He is inching closer and closer to his his first birthday…. T minus 22 days. He is getting better and better with walking around but still not on his own yet. He can walk holding onto one hand but still hasn’t tried by himself. Any day now! He is teething pretty bad. He still only has 2 teeth but I imagine at least 2 more are going to break through soon. That, however, does not hold him back in the eating department. He gets along just fine with his 2 little teeth 🙂 Only a few more of these weekly updates left!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

3 Mar

I am taking a break from clothes this week to bring you some of my favorite baby things! Make sure you check out Jenn and Basement State of Mind this week too!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday by This Grey House

1. The Lawn

This is the best drying rack out there! I started with The Grass but once The Lawn came out, I upgraded. Combine it with The Stem and The Twig and it is a life saver!

2. The Stem

These guys are great for pump parts, bottle parts and pacis! I have 2 of these and a Twig and they are all full!

3. Oxo Baby Bowls

This was another find that I have been using since Kyler was a baby. I used to snatch them up at TJMaxx, however, I haven’t seen them there in a while. They are great bowls and are great to bring to school too.

4. Name Bubbles Day Care Labels

I still have yet to get through my set that I bought when Kyler was a baby but it was on thing I was excited to buy for Hudson before he started school. These labels LAST! They have gone through the dishwasher a million times and still look brand new. When I have take some off, they came off with little to no effort. The clothing labels are great too because they can go in the wash and you don’t have to worry about some other kid getting your baby’s jacket!

5. Boon Bath Pipes

I don’t have these but they look so fun! You can link them up and pour water in them or just leave them separate. I could see my little ones having a blast rearranging them and poring water while having fun in the bath!

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