TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

3 Mar

I am taking a break from clothes this week to bring you some of my favorite baby things! Make sure you check out Jenn and Basement State of Mind this week too!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday by This Grey House

1. The Lawn

This is the best drying rack out there! I started with The Grass but once The Lawn came out, I upgraded. Combine it with The Stem and The Twig and it is a life saver!

2. The Stem

These guys are great for pump parts, bottle parts and pacis! I have 2 of these and a Twig and they are all full!

3. Oxo Baby Bowls

This was another find that I have been using since Kyler was a baby. I used to snatch them up at TJMaxx, however, I haven’t seen them there in a while. They are great bowls and are great to bring to school too.

4. Name Bubbles Day Care Labels

I still have yet to get through my set that I bought when Kyler was a baby but it was on thing I was excited to buy for Hudson before he started school. These labels LAST! They have gone through the dishwasher a million times and still look brand new. When I have take some off, they came off with little to no effort. The clothing labels are great too because they can go in the wash and you don’t have to worry about some other kid getting your baby’s jacket!

5. Boon Bath Pipes

I don’t have these but they look so fun! You can link them up and pour water in them or just leave them separate. I could see my little ones having a blast rearranging them and poring water while having fun in the bath!

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