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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Mar

My almost 1 year old!

Kyler is signed up for soccer this spring so she has been asking to play recently. Can’t wait!

The temperatures are heating up here in Florida and we are using this guy more and more

Hud LOVES his sports…. hopefully that is a sign of good things to come!

The Beast is hanging out at 24 pounds so it’s much easier to strap him in the Ergo while we wait for the penguins at Sea World

Doubles as a nice teether too apparently

Selfie time!

On the penguin ride…Hudson was big enough to ride in his own seat. Look at those cheeks!

He loved the penguins!

I think she would jump in if she could

Next stop, the seals. Kyler thought it was pretty cool you could feel the seals….or if you are Kyler “They aren’t seals Mommy, they are sea lions.” Well Kyler, they had both so we are both right 🙂

We are big enough for the Shamu coaster and of course, Kyler loves her roller coasters

After Sea World, we stopped by Amigos for some Tex-Mex, beers and Sangria. I just love these two!!!!

Best buds ❤

While half of Orlando seemed to be at the inaugural MLS Orlando City Soccer game Sunday night, I was holding down the fort at the Amway Center rooting on the Magic vs the Celtics. We were victorious, City Soccer ended in a tie (I guess it’s better than nothing) and I was home and able to tell Kyler good night (well thanks for Daylight Savings time and a kid that doesn’t sleep). Happy Monday!

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