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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

15 Mar

Taking in an Atlanta Braves Spring Training game with some of my favorite work peeps.

This face…. he melts my heart… you just want to bite those cheeks!

Apparently some kid at school thought the same thing and actually did. Was. Not. Happy.

We played hooky and headed to Magic Kingdom since my bestie and her family were in town

Kyler loved hanging out with Greyson ❤

and loved hanging out with Jenn too, Kyler wanted nothing to with us and just wanted to hang out with Jenn and Greyson… as Kyler says” She is my best friend too”.

Hudson and Greyson!

Soon enough he will running through Disney

Catching the parade on the way out

Kyler and her buddy Joe. So cute!

Giving Greyson a kiss goodbye  and he napped<3

When we got home, it was warm enough to splash in the fountain

Miss having my bestie in town but it was so nice to hang out with her and the girls!

I wanted to head to the beach but a tired dad wasn’t up for it so we settled on my parents pool instead. The dogs were happy!

The dog farm. 8 dogs in total, 5 of which love to swim in the pool. Kyler kept busy and threw the balls for them.

We took K to her first movie and she did GREAT! She loved the movie, loved the popcorn and was focused the entire time. Can’t wait to take her back!

How was your weekend? It is mid March and the summer is quickly approaching. One more month of basketball season and my life will finally slow down!

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