Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

29 Mar

What. A. Week.

Before I jump in, I forgot to update ya on last week…. here it is quickly šŸ™‚

Impromptu St. Patty’s Day Happy Hour with some of my favs

My crazy mini me

Target kills me. I want it all.


Okay so back to this week.

It started off with working a little Fleetwood Mac. Just me and Alexis burning the midnight oil šŸ™‚

Just borrowing bis sis’ cart

Lucky Kyler got to hang at the beach with Grandma

We took in a Magic game as a family Friday night!

Hudson LOVED it!

We also inducted Shaq into the Magic Hall of Fame too. Great night!

We celebrated our boy’s 1st birthday yesterday!!!

He loved his cake! Many more pictures to come on this!

After his party, I rushed to the arena as I had to work our Gala.

My peeps!

Our Gala is Black Tie and Tennies, thus the tennies šŸ™‚

Today, for the big guy’s birthday, we hit up Epcot and oh man, was it gorgeous out!

Afterwards, we had some dinner and celebrated some more. Don’t mind Hud, just chewing away on a crayon.

It has been a great week celebrating Hudson and spending time with Chris’ parents! I am exhausted and am looking forward to April 12th šŸ™‚ That is the day after the last Magic game and my life will finally slow down a little!

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