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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

25 May

This was a pretty fantastic week. I had a ton of time off from work which was much needed.

Shopping with Momma and Grandma. Poor guy was a champ and hung in there.

Kyler’s soccer game was on Friday night this week due to the holiday. Kyler only really participates when the coach asks her to throw in the ball or kick if off.

Outside of that, she is usually doing this.

Yep, just laying there in the middle of the game.

We started to look for a new dishwasher because ours just flat out sucked. I know great sales happen around Memorial Day so we were on the look out. Right before we were about to purchase one, we hit up Best Buy to look one more time at them in person. We stumbled across one in the same brand we wanted but was a few models nicer, and it was CHEAPER! Turns out, they changed their handle design so the floor models had to go. 40% off. ¬†We couldn’t pass it up so we purchased it right then and there.

Chris installed it the next more and of course Bug had to help.

Saturday afternoon we played in the pool and cooked out with some friends. We let PB & J walk around the yard and the kids liked that. I am sure the turtles did too.

Sweet Hud!

Both of the kids LOVE the doggies

We had plans to go on my parents boat on Sunday but turns out the river was just too rough. Thankfully, my mom was able to catch us as we were just about the door. We decided to get changed and head to Magic Kingdom. I knew it would be busy but my thought was we could do a couple of rides and be back for dinner. That also meant we had to break down and get Kyler her pass. She was SO excited for get her own ticket to Disney. I am sure she will be thrilled when her MagicBand comes in the mail.

Dumbo was the first stop. It is so fun to watch Hudson there now. He points at everything and loves the rides.

It’s A Small World. Kyler now knows the world so she insisted we ride on it.

With Tigger!

Hudson surprisingly likes the characters. He liked to grab their noses.

Hudson just hanging on by himself!

This video just cracks me up.

I got to meet this little guy today! So happy to meet Bryson!

We had a great long weekend just playing by the pool and getting things done around the house. Another great kickoff to the summer!

Happy Memorial Day! Thinking of all the brave men and women that served this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless them and their families!

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