Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

28 Jun

Good-bye Happy Hour for my dear friend and co-worker Natalie.

After that, we followed up with a girls dinner on Park Ave.

This girl….she is just a mess at bedtime. She sure does love sleeping with her stuffed animals, books, shoes, or whatever else she decides to put into bed at night.

Since we were traveling on Father’s Day, I wanted to make it up to Chris so we picked Wednesday night to celebrate him again. He loves his pizza so we made homemade pizza for him

Relaxing after school. Kyler seems so old to me now 😦

Although I couldn’t hang out long, I was super excited to hang out with my girls and celebrate Marissa’s 30th!

Loved seeing this little guy too ❤

We threw Natalie a going away bash. I am sure going to miss having this girl sit next to me everyday.

Good times with good friends!

Today, we took in a Rays/Red Sox game.

She is so good to her baby bro.

Hudson enjoyed his first baseball game!

And they even got to see the rays!

It was a jam packed weekend and I am really looking forward to a much more relaxing weekend coming up. Here is to a short work week!

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