Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

27 Jul

I was on my own with the 2 kiddos this weekend while Chris was out of town. Lots of QT with the kids but we were all happy to see Chris!

Mommy/Kyler date on Friday started with donuts.

Followed by a movie with one of my own minons

Afterwards, we hit up Old Navy, lunch at Panera, a trip to Target and Publix. We were busy!

I went upstairs to put a load of laundry in and grab the vacuum and came down to this. Sweet girl was tired ❤

Story time with her dinosaurs 🙂

And her biggest dino of all… Hudson

On Saturday, I loaded up the kids and hit the mall before heading to Crayola Experience. To keep them occupied, they split some cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets…. safe to say they liked them.

Crayola Experience was PACKED…. so packed that we weren’t there long. Too many people= too long of lines= too much craziness to handle alone

Sunday morning was spent playing and waiting for Chris to get back.

Apparently Hudson knows how to take his own selfies now.

My kids LOVE to dance…. Kyler has always loved to jam out but Hudson has recently gotten into it. We are definitely introducing them to some great music, haha!

Chris got home and everyone was sure glad to see him.

It was a long and tiring weekend and I am sure glad Chris is back 🙂

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