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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

27 Sep

2 weeks to catch up on!

Soccer is still in full swing!

After soccer, the kiddos were ready to go to Grandma and Poppa’s house

Bye Mom!

No kids meant date night for Chris and I

Unfortunately, I had a little case of the stomach bug or food poisoning so that ruined date night 😦 Just my luck.

We went and picked up our little Patriots and got home in time for the game

Selfies with Kyler

Hudson started swim lessons and is doing pretty good!

Kicking off my 6th season with the Magic! Heading to MagicU with my friend Ashley!

Kyler’s new thing is apparently taking selfies with my phone

Playtime with Crosby watching their favorite pal Mickey

Chris had class today so it was me and the kiddos. We hit up the park before our Publix run to get some energy out

Kyler Bug

Our Publix was renovated so we now have fresh soups and these amazing little chicken sandwiches. This will solve those times when I want Chick Fila and it’s a) closed because it’s Sunday or b) too lazy to drive that far.

We practiced swimming with Hud today and he had a blast!

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