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Weekend Update with the Jenkinsons

30 Nov

Apparently my new thing is doing the blog every 2 weeks. I hope to make this stop soon but life/work is busier than ever and it’s hard to keep this up every week right now.

Look at this guy… love getting pictures like this when I am at work.

He is starting to climb on everything


Love my new decoration from Target!

Chris installed the TV outside! Smores and Lion Guard


Sometimes my job isn’t too bad….

After work with some of my favorite people

Cheesin’ so hard!

Working with my crew!

Told you work has kept me busy! 3 games in 5 days 🙂

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house.

Fun with the cousins!

I forgot to take a picture of Thanksgiving but I did get dessert!

Christmas shopping in style….Hudson copies everything Kyler does

and of course we decorated for Christmas!

Just love this time of year!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving and have some fun things planned for the holidays!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

15 Nov

Catching you up on 2 weeks!

So Kyler’s glasses came in…..

She seems to like them. She didn’t react like I thought and honestly seems a bit indifferent about them. If they are there, great, if not then no biggie…. still not 100% it’s the correct prescription but time will tell!

This is what our wardrobe November in Florida looks like right now

We were able to sneak in a night at Food and Wine. One of my favorite things to do ❤

One of my favorite things of the night…. ravioli with zucchini and a delicious cocktail

Of course we usually partake in the flights

The big guy!

My favorite beer of the night was the Funky Buddha Vanilla Espresso Porter

So good I went back for more!

Dinner shenanigans while I work

On Thursday, we headed up to Nashville for a work conference for Chris

We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland hotel. The parlor of our room…. not too shabby!

While the guys were in the sessions, the kiddos, my mom and I walked over to the mall next door. Grand Ole Opry was along the way!

One afternoon, Chris and I headed to a few breweries in downtown

And that night, headed to the Wildhorse Saloon with the rest of the conference

Afterwards, I met with some of my favorite people that now live in Nashville

Love and miss this girl!

One of Chris’ best friends happens to live in town too. His daughter and Kyler were fast friends!

The boys! (and Sienna 🙂 )

Christmas decorations were going up around the hotel. We were about a week too early to see it in action!

There we are…. all the way at the bottom!

It was a quick trip and we weren’t able to get out of the hotel as much but it was still fun to go with the family and see good friends! Love this time of year!

Weekend Update with the Jenkinsons

3 Nov

Another Opening Night in the books!

Hudson’s first go at pumpkin painting!

Kyler of course was working on her masterpiece

Chris tried to carve 2 pumpkins. Honestly, I don’t think the Jenkinsons are cut out to decorate pumpkins….

We headed to Seaworld on Halloween to visit their Halloween Spooktacular. It was fun but it was HOT.

Before Trick or Treating, we picked out some glasses for Kyler. Yep, she needs glasses 😦 We took her to the eye doctor because she squints when she watches TV. Jury is still out a bit on what her exact prescription is but I am anxious for her glasses to come in and see what she says about them.

Later that night, Batgirl and Superman were ready to hit the streets for some Trick or Treating



Trick or Treat!

We celebrated Ethan’s birthday at the Science Center. She loves the turtles!

It was a fun, jam packed weekend but loved having Halloween fall on a Saturday! Now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

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