Weekend Update with the Jenkinsons

3 Nov

Another Opening Night in the books!

Hudson’s first go at pumpkin painting!

Kyler of course was working on her masterpiece

Chris tried to carve 2 pumpkins. Honestly, I don’t think the Jenkinsons are cut out to decorate pumpkins….

We headed to Seaworld on Halloween to visit their Halloween Spooktacular. It was fun but it was HOT.

Before Trick or Treating, we picked out some glasses for Kyler. Yep, she needs glasses 😦 We took her to the eye doctor because she squints when she watches TV. Jury is still out a bit on what her exact prescription is but I am anxious for her glasses to come in and see what she says about them.

Later that night, Batgirl and Superman were ready to hit the streets for some Trick or Treating



Trick or Treat!

We celebrated Ethan’s birthday at the Science Center. She loves the turtles!

It was a fun, jam packed weekend but loved having Halloween fall on a Saturday! Now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

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