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Weekend Update with the Jenkinsons

30 Nov

Apparently my new thing is doing the blog every 2 weeks. I hope to make this stop soon but life/work is busier than ever and it’s hard to keep this up every week right now.

Look at this guy… love getting pictures like this when I am at work.

He is starting to climb on everything


Love my new decoration from Target!

Chris installed the TV outside! Smores and Lion Guard


Sometimes my job isn’t too bad….

After work with some of my favorite people

Cheesin’ so hard!

Working with my crew!

Told you work has kept me busy! 3 games in 5 days 🙂

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house.

Fun with the cousins!

I forgot to take a picture of Thanksgiving but I did get dessert!

Christmas shopping in style….Hudson copies everything Kyler does

and of course we decorated for Christmas!

Just love this time of year!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving and have some fun things planned for the holidays!

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