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Weekend Update with the Jenkinsons: Merry Christmas!

27 Dec

Another 2-in-1 coming your way!

The week prior to Christmas was a busy one.

I had a few work holiday parties, a game, and then had to pack for a road trip/Tennessee wedding

We left bright and early (5:30am) and headed up north. We packed all the necessary road trip snacks

The kids did great and Hudson made a mess

We had to pass through Asheville, NC to get where we needed to go. We were thereย by 2:30pm and were making awesome time so we decided to go up the mountain and check on my grandparents house. They live in Florida and haven’t been there in a while.

Driving up to their house is usually a beautiful drive, however, we had clouds, clouds and more clouds. Not much to see.

I have spent many times playing on this porch as a kid myself so it was fun to see the kids there

We weren’t there long and needed to get going. Although it isn’t far outside Asheville, it was a 2 hour detour because of the mountain roads

Tackles from Hud the Stud

We made our way to Kingsport and it was chilly!!

He loves the cold weather!

Kyler…. not so much…..

Snow flurries before the rehearsal!

She loves her brother!

They got to hang out with cousin Matt for the weekend so you know they were excited!

Playing in the hotel lobby

It also happened to by P’pa’s (aka my father-in-laws) birthday! It was nice to celebrate the day with him!

Sweet Kyler was the flower girl. She looked so beautiful โค

Her hair accessory is the same one I wore on my wedding day

and then you have this handsome man

Pumped he found his belly button

The flower girl and the ring bearer!

Beautiful wedding!

This guy!

The kids were EXHAUSTED by this point

Happy man

We hit the road early Sunday morning (6:30am) and headed back home

The kids couldn’t have been better. There was lots and lots of movies, snacks, and naps ๐Ÿ™‚

Thankfully, I had 2 days off to get my house and things ready for Christmas. I worked the game on the 23rd and then was back in Christmas mode. Grandma, Poppa and the dogs came over on Christmas Eve. Decorating cookies for Santa!

So beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

I whipped up a Polish Christmas Eve dinner. The holidays always reminds me of my grandparents, especially my Grandma Drabyk. We had piergoies, kielbasa, and haluski (cabbage and dumplings). Here’s to you, Grandma!

After dinner, we drove around (well Kyler drove, we walked) to look at the lights

Our neighbor does a Christmas show every year where you turn it to a station and his lights dance to the music. Her car has a “party” mode and a FM radio. We found the station and joined in on the fun!

After, it was time for dessert. Yum.

Tackle Poppa!

All ready for Christmas!

Patiently waiting to come see their presents

Kyler’s face when she saw that Santa brought her a Puppy Surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

Hudson did okay… he was more interested in playing with the toys then opening. Kyler couldn’t open hers fast enough!

Merry Christmas!!!

Hud loves his new train!

We spent the day playing and unpacking toys until it was time for dinner. Christmas ham.

I had a game on Saturday but the kids seemed to have fun with Dad

Today, we bummed around the house. We watched Inside Out, played with our Christmas toys, and Kyler, Hudson and I drove (again Kyler drove and I ran behind) up to the park.

She’s a little Monkey

What a BUSY but AMAZING few weeks. I can’t believe Christmas has already come and gone…..I am a little sad but my wallet is happy ๐Ÿ™‚

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