Weekend Update with the Jenkinsons

3 Jan

Finally posting on time! Maybe I turned a new leaf in 2016 πŸ™‚

My dear Nat #’s was in town this week which meant the the Trifeca was together again. Love these 2 girls!

This boy loves his doggies…. thankfully they love him too

Star Wars was the theme this year for Christmas

While I was getting ready, Kyler thought it would be a good idea to color her night light… and the wall…. and her night stand…. and get the play doh down. Oh and Hudson helped too.

We made many trips to Merritt Island this week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday to be exact!

Thursday was pretty much a shit show. It started with the comment above (forgot to mention she left the crayons in her bed which the dog proceeded to eat half of them), headed to the Island to see my bestie and her family while they were in town, had lunch with the family first then texted her to say we were heading to the park not realizing her cell phone wasn’t receiving texts so we were chillin’ at the park waiting when come to find out she was about a hour away from being there. No problem, I will come to you! Drive 20+ minutes to the Port to meet up with her, pull into the driveway and then Hudson decided to gag himself and throw up all over himself and car seat (thanks dude). Bestie pulls up, see her for approximately 5 minutes then drive to my parents house (mind you, this is 20+ minutes BACK towards the park, only a 1/2 mile away) to hose down the car seat and wash Hud. Thankfully Chris works on the island and my mom has extra clothes for the kids. The day just wasn’t working out for us.

Later that night, we headed to the Gilbertsons to have some drinks (maybe a lot), apps, and celebrate the new year!

Why not celebrate 2016 with a bounce house inside?

We tried to see if the girls would fall asleep together but that was a failure. Within 5 minutes, Kenley was upset that Kyler was talking and keeping her up. Sounds about right.

I found my designated driver!

No seriously, I can fit in her car so she drove me home. Not bad!

I agreed to meet my mom on New Years at Dillards for their annual big sale. I did not understand her apparently when she said it would be packed and we need to get there early. Yeah…. not my cup of tea but I did get Chris a Michael Kors watch for $65!

Packed up and ready for day 2 on Merritt Island

Saying bye to Greyson and the bestie! Look at that devlish face?! Isn’t he the cutest???

Kyler LOVES Greyson:)

This boy loves his Grandma (and his backpack)

It’s been like 85 degrees here in Florida so we took advantage and went for a swim

Selfies with the mini!

He has the funniest faces… this is his go to “cheese” pose

That is a studly guy right there πŸ™‚

After dinner, the kids stayed at my parents and we headed back to Orlando for the night. May sound silly to drive back and forth but sometimes, with the dogs, it just makes it easier.

Day 3 in Merritt Island was spent with family! We celebrated cousin Easton’s 3rd birthday!

Not too often we get all the little kiddos together. Trying to teach kids 6 and under how to play crochet…. hilarious

Happy Birthday Easton!

The girls! Miller, Emma and Kyler

Hudson LOVED walking with the girls in the backyard

Rocking dance party on stage!

All the kiddos πŸ™‚

Poor guy was out light a light before we got over the bridge

It was a jam packed week but so fun to spend time with family and friends. Tomorrow I jump back into the real world and get back into the grind. Bring it on 2016!

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