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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

18 Jan

Getting ready for school!

My snuggles ❤

Hip Hop Hooray!

The kiddos dropped in at work to say hi on a weekend game

Look into the future maybe??

Bounce house and Patriots game, love this Florida weather!

We woke up Sunday and had nothing to do… so we made the quick decision to head to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The sweetest thing… He LOVES Mickey so he ran up to him and went straight for a big hug. He stayed like that for a good 3 minutes and didn’t want to let go.

They switched and he had to give Minnie some love too

There isn’t too many rides that the kids can do there but the safari ride is one of my favorites by far.

It was a gorgeous day out to spot some giraffes

Sweet elephant

After that, we walked around the animal exhibit and Hudson fell in love with the hippos.

He swam back and forth and it took a while to get Hud to walk away

Now that is mean muggin’ for sure

We spent a quick 3 hours and after seeing that the Asia animal exhibit was closed, we headed for a treat. Cookie Butter Jeremiah’s Ice is the real deal.

Family bike ride around the hood to clinch the evening

Love these 2 more than anything!

Do they not look like twins here?!?!

It was a good 45 degree morning here in Florida and Kyler HATES the cold…. not a happy camper at all. Florida girl all the way

I can’t believe it’s mid January ALREADY. Kyler turns 4 next week!! Ahhh, I can’t believe it!

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