Kyler Nicole: Four Years Old

26 Jan

Kyler Nicole is four today. 2015 zipped by and I feel like we celebrated her 3rd birthday at Disney a few months ago.

It is funny to look at at her 3 year old post because, honestly, not much has changed.

She is still super outgoing. And she is hysterical… I mean SUPER funny. Not only is she a goof and likes to act silly, but she says the funniest things. She loves to keep Chris and I in line and will be the first to jump in and tell us to stop if she doesn’t like what we are doing/saying. She is what we call a “leader” and I am okay with it as long as she is polite when she is “leading.” We have worked on what strangers mean this year because she will talk to anyone. I feel like she has picked up the concept pretty well so that is giving me a little more piece of mind. She is the sweetest girl. I am not just saying that because I am her mom either (or maybe a little bit). While she is SUPER sassy and can be really difficult, she is the kindest girl. She gets along with every kid at school and has lots of friends. She is always worried about us and wants to take care of us if we don’t feel well. She LOVES her Hudson and does so much for him (like gets him snacks, share her toys.. well sometimes, hugs, etc), and says the sweetest things like “mom, you’re my best mom and I love you so much”.

She did really well in the health department. Maybe a few colds here or there but nothing too crazy to report. The biggest change is that she now wears glasses all of the time. We noticed she squinted when watching the TV and come to find out, she had really bad eyes. Like REALLY bad. It was really sad for me on a few reasons; 1) that she had problems seeing and I didn’t know how bad 2) that she has to wear glasses at such a young age and 3) her prescription is strong so the lens are pretty thick. That all said, I stepped back and looked at things in prospective. My daughter is healthy and that is all that matters. She looks so cute her in glasses and doesn’t mind wearing them plus hey, if the kid can see better than that is great! She brushes her own teeth (then Mom or Dad follows up), has been completely potty trained (night time too) for the longest time and does a lot by herself now.

Kyler is very much a girly girl yet LOVES her superheroes, trains, etc. She played 2 seasons of soccer in 2015 and is about to start up her 3rd. That really isn’t her favorite thing to do but hoping she warms up to it a big more this season. She LOVES to swim and swims like a fish. She still loves her Disney so of course we have so much Disney in our lives haha. She is such an animal lover. The dogs are her best friends and she has to hug and kiss them every day. She is a little better with her dinner time, however, I wouldn’t say she is great. She takes forever to eat but she has started to try new things so that is good. Night time has only gotten better in the last couple of months. Now, when she doesn’t have a nap (basically when she isn’t at school), she goes to pretty easy and usually sleeping by 8:30pm. When she does get a nap…. we are looking at 9:30-10pm at night. Hoping school cuts it out soon.

She does NOT like cold and will complain when it’s like 60 degrees out. She can get her moods when she will whine a lot. It and drives up completely crazy. She can be very sensitive and start to cry in .5 seconds flat. I feel like she does it for attention sometimes but other times its a sign that she is tired. She can have a mouth on her and a bit of an attitude so we spend some time in the old timeout chair… basically learning that it’s not okay to scream and freak out when you don’t get what you want. That is a hard concept for her to get sometimes 🙂 Oh and this girl LOVES to barter… ya know, like 5 more minutes for bed, no mom, how about 10, etc. She always comes back with a “good idea”. All a part of being 4 and testing her boundaries.

She is a tall girl but not super tall. We will visit doctor to get her stats but I really don’t think she will be much bigger than the rest of the kids her age. She is wearing a size 4… Ideally a kid’s 4 and not toddler because she does need the length. Her shoes are a size 9 (can even were some 8s still) so her feet barely grew this year haha. Her hair is super long and we need to get it cut soon. She has only had 1 hair cut in her life. She is still my little fashionista. I am pretty sure she is up to over 13 pairs of boots (don’t judge me, damnit! ) She does wear a uniform at school so that has actually slowed down my habit to buy new clothes for her. So that is good, I guess?

She is VERY smart. I am not even really talking about tradition smart but just gets things that most kids her age don’t. Honestly the conversations I have with her are pretty amazing. Her memory is ridiculous and brings up things that happened so long ago. Currently, we are working on her writing and reading skills. She can write her own name but we have been challenging her lately. She loves Legos and her imagination is pretty awesome.

Some of her favorites:

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Grapes, Mac and Cheese, Apples, Almonds, Spaghetti,  Any candy, cake or cookie 🙂
Favorite Movies: Any Disney movie….big into Inside Out right now
Favorite Songs: Bad Blood by Taylor Swift followed by and Taylor Swift song… oh and the occasional 90s rap song
Favorite Toys: Legos, Barbies, Palace Pets, Hudson’s train table, any small figurine
Favorite Places: Disney World, Sea World, Grandma and Poppas
Favorite Books: The Day the Crayons Quit and Came Home

One Response to “Kyler Nicole: Four Years Old”

  1. Kendra G. at 9:46 pm #

    Such great pictures! Happy birthday Kyler!

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