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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

29 Feb

Birthday party fun at 02b Kids again!

The new couch arrived! Time to get redecorating!

This guy is so fun!

Kyler is so funny! Her mice wearing her Barbie shoes

We finally got to try Wahlburgers!!!

Smores Mocha from Hash House. Need I say more?

We ordered Hud spaghetti and meatballs. This is what was left after WE had to stop him!

Sunday was absolutely beautiful out so we took full advantage. We rode our bikes to the park and played some tennis

Kyler did great and actually hit some balls! When we got home, we practiced our soccer and Hudson got in on the action

We took the pups for a walk. Hudson was so proud of himself!

So much fun!

Happy Hud!!

Watching some TV outside 🙂

Movie night with the kiddos!

Goofy faces!!

I can’t believe it’s basically March already!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

15 Feb

Chris won a Yeti Cooler at a conference and he is pumped… good news, now I don’t have to spend $400 on a cooler

Frozen yogurt becasue she rocked her doctor’s appointment…. and of course Hudson got in as well

Poor Tink

SUCH a cute face

Super Bowl lightsaber fight because why not

Great Super Bowl party with great friends

Valentine’s Day treats for school!

We went out to celebrate our friend’s birthday Friday night…. tasting beers with Alyssa!

Happy Birthday Dan!

Kyler and I got our hair done Saturday… much needed for both of us

The kids had a sleepover at Grandma and Poppa’s house which meant QT with the new puppy that LOVES Hud

With the kids at my parents, we went out for a date night/Valentine’s Day

Dinner was AMAZING. I loved my meal ❤

Chris got the surf and turf and that was amazing too. Seriously love Cooper’s Hawk

After dinner, we went to see Deadpool. I highly recommend it if you love comic movies, however, it definitely earned it’s rated R status. It was hysterical!

We spent the entire day Sunday shopping for a new couch and finally found one. I threw our old couch up online this morning, had it sold by noon and picked up by 5:30pm. Bye couch! You were good to us!

Temporary living until the new coach arrives!

We had the day off so we too advantage and went to Universal. We were on our 1st ride after 10am and were done with both parks by 1pm. It was fairly busy, however, Chris and I took advantage of the single rider line so we got through a lot of rides in a short amount of time.

Happy Birthday to my sweet and 1st princess, Caya! She turned 9 years old today…. stop getting old 😦

Very hectic couple of weeks but nothing new here… It will be May sometime soon right!?

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

1 Feb

Kyler’s actual birthday came around on Tuesday. She spent the day with Grandma and they went to Chuck E Cheese, Kyler’s 1st time.

She asked for spaghetti for dinner and we topped it off with ice cream sundaes

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Family portrait by Kyler 🙂 The circle on Chris? That would be his butt, Kyler laughed really hard after drawing that.

We had a super fun team outing at work. Ya know, just enjoyed a 60 degree sunny day at Universal. No big deal.

The Velociraptor Encounter is pretty cool. He kept nudging me before he roared in my face. Awesome.

The next day, we hit that other theme park in the neighborhood. One of the many perks living in Florida 🙂

So Hudson LOVES Mickey. So when he doesn’t nap and then has to wait patiently to see Mickey, he gets a tad upset.


She loves roller coasters. She was so happy we were able to get Fast Passes on the Seven Dwarfs train.

Parade fun!

I had a game Sunday but Chris and the kiddos had fun. They ate at Moes, played with friends and met Grandma and Poppa’s new puppy.

Grandma and Poppa’s new puppy, Tinkerbell

Poor thing was worn out from the weekend

It was a jam packed weekend per usual but love spending time and having fun with my family!

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