Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

1 Feb

Kyler’s actual birthday came around on Tuesday. She spent the day with Grandma and they went to Chuck E Cheese, Kyler’s 1st time.

She asked for spaghetti for dinner and we topped it off with ice cream sundaes

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Family portrait by Kyler ๐Ÿ™‚ The circle on Chris? That would be his butt, Kyler laughed really hard after drawing that.

We had a super fun team outing at work. Ya know, just enjoyed a 60 degree sunny day at Universal. No big deal.

The Velociraptor Encounter is pretty cool. He kept nudging me before he roared in my face. Awesome.

The next day, we hit that other theme park in the neighborhood. One of the many perks living in Florida ๐Ÿ™‚

So Hudson LOVES Mickey. So when he doesn’t nap and then has to wait patiently to see Mickey, he gets a tad upset.


She loves roller coasters. She was so happy we were able to get Fast Passes on the Seven Dwarfs train.

Parade fun!

I had a game Sunday but Chris and the kiddos had fun. They ate at Moes, played with friends and met Grandma and Poppa’s new puppy.

Grandma and Poppa’s new puppy, Tinkerbell

Poor thing was worn out from the weekend

It was a jam packed weekend per usual but love spending time and having fun with my family!

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