Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

27 Mar

This kid loves to eat!!

Why not jump in the pool with your clothes on?

Soccer, season 3 started back up!

Celebrating St. Patty’s Day with green cupcakes!

I was so happy we were able to grab breakfast with some my closest and longest besties ❤ Just a tad different from the UCF days with all the kiddos in tow!

Sweet babies!

Love them!

Morning doodles!

The water finally warmed up long enough for get a swim in (well for them, not me- still too cold!)

This boy was long over due for a hair cut… so handsome!

Doc Hudson and Doc Kyler fixed me all up

Getting some play time in while Kyler has soccer practice

We had a late night at Disney and enjoyed the fireworks (something we never do). The kids loved it and passed out on the way home.

Easter morning and the Easter Bunny came!

Hunting for eggs at Grandma and Poppa’s!

Easter basket #2

Teaching Hud how to hit a ball

Happy Easter everyone!!!

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