Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

17 Apr

Kyler’s new bed arrived finally!

I miss her sweet twin bed already but it hasn’t gone far, she will still use it at Grandma’s house. Grandma needed to get another twin and Kyler really wanted a bigger bed so it all worked out.

Just more room to hoard all of her friends

Last night working with my boss, friend and brother from another mother

Kyler has been enjoying soccer much more this year and that makes us so happy!

Caya and Kyler ❤

The Jenkinsons had a night out celebrating Phil’s last weekend in Orlando. The kids loved the sand pit

This kid ❤ ❤ ❤

Table side smores. Um yes please.

This guys are like family to me. Last time we will be together for a while. Not goodbye but see you again soon!

Love my crew ❤

The roller coaster is a big success in our house. Poor Caya learned the hard way that she needs to get out of the way.

The kids had their 1st art exhibit at school 🙂

Not even sure what this is supposed to be but the other kids pictures are similar so maybe I am missing something….

We celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day with grilled cheese for dinner

My princess

So Hudson found a brand new jar of Baby Vicks and rubbed it all over his hair and chair in his room on Saturday.

Of course multiple washes (including Dawn dish soap) and his hair is still a grease pit. Baby powder is helping soak it up. Finally tonight, his hair is starting to feel somewhat normal again.

Today’s weather was pretty much amazing. It was a bit windy which gave the air a nice cool breeze which mean lunch and dinner outside and we could keep our doors wide open!

This girl goes to the bathroom, comes out with a headband on and eating a burger. She’s so silly.

Hudson is really loving his baseball set. Funny, he is batting left handed right now. He can hit right but he immediately switches and feels more comfortable batting left.

It’s been a busy basketball season and bummed it ended earlier but looking forward to a fun summer!

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