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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

15 May

Celebrating my birthday with a pizookie at BJs Brewhouse. YUM.

Hudson had a kidney appointment so we picked up Chick FilA and ate it in the hospital parking lot. Happy boy.

Dr. Hudson!

His kidney appointment went okay. We were hoping it would be all cleared up but his right kidney is still slightly dilated. Good news, we don’t have to go back for a year and the doctor isn’t concerned at all. Hopefully he will out grow it by 3 years old!

Kyler’s soccer season is still going strong! She has been having a lot more fun this year and enjoys playing.

That said, 7:45am team photos for an 8:15am is a struggle…. grrrr.

For Mother’s Day, we went to lunch at the Port.

After lunch, we headed back to Orlando and did dinner with friends.

Note to self: celebrate Mother’s Day all weekend next year. Saturday is a day for me and Sunday will be spent with my mom. Not that I don’t mind sharing the day with my awesome mom, however, it’s not really relaxing rushing out of the house to drive an hour and deal with 2 crazy kiddos (make that 3 next year!)

Fast forward a whole week to this weekend (with busy work days and a day without a phone) to another busy weekend.

It started with Kyler’s soccer game, which she was NOT having this Saturday. She said she wanted to play yet she just stood on the field for the 1st time this season. Finally at the end of the game, she got into it and ran around…. she even scored her first goal!! Although it was for the other team 😉

After soccer, Chris went to the gym with the kids and I went to my friend’s baby shower and celebrate baby Grayson!

After the shower, my parents picked up my kiddos and Chris and I went to dinner!

We met our friends at Maggianos (one of my favorite restaurants) for a belated 30th birthday celebration.

Love this girl ❤

Some of my favorite people! Italian food, family style & GREAT friends= an awesome night out!

I mean look at that food!

Birthday desserts!

Happy Birthday to Mike as well!

Today, my parents were awesome and took the kids to the boat race out at Cocoa Beach. While they were doing that, we were enjoying running errands at Target and BJs kid free…. the things that make parents happy!

Such a fun surprise to hear their cousins were there too!

Boat race!

Hudson LOVES boats, helicopters, and planes and they were all out today!

Kyler caught some waves with Poppa and Emma

Buzy beach day! (this picture is hilarious because some how my mom turned her camera on black and white mode….)

The kids headed back and swam in the pool until Chris and I got there. Quick trip to Publix (spend some serious $$$ on groceries) and decided we are going to be healthy this week (see photos above).

Chris has started going to the gym and I don’t need help gaining weight right now haha!

Fun weekend and the kids are EXHAUSTED.

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