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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

31 Jul

Chris picked up the Amazon Echo and the kids love to make it play music.

It was time to say goodbye to my old car.

and hello to my new car! My old car had 3 rows, however, you could move the 2nd row up with a car seat attached. Being that I need the flexibility of the 3rd row, we were on the market.

Silly girl!

Target run with her bestie

This girl… she sleeps with all sorts of weird things… like a ton of clips in her hair

Hudson’s new dresser is here! Just need a bookcase and his new “big boy” room is done.

I celebrated my friend Alyssa’s birthday at a local Mexican restaurant with great friends!

We really need to do this more but we let the turtles out to roam the yard. Jelly was busy.

Ammo was never far away

Kyler is the sweetest and loves her momma! She told Grandma she wanted to buy me flowers. She was so excited to give me the “beautiful roses” because she loved me, I was sweet and beautiful. ❤ ❤ ❤

I found some baby birds on the ground in my planter. Long story but I totally forgot to tell Chris about them until 11:30 at night at which point we found one in a different spot but it wouldn’t move. I was super upset and thought they were dead. I was SUPER excited to find them alive a couple days later. Chris moved them back to their nest and their momma has been taken care of then.

A month and half ago, I was honored to help put on an event for the President of United States. I did not expect to meet him so it was an awesome surprise. I just got the photo and this one is a keeper for sure!

Can’t forget about Joe!

Chris and I have been running errands in the middle of the day now. Hudson refuses to sleep at home so we take turns running into the store. Works for us!

She loves Kylo Ren

and this one loves Darth Vader. He walked around the store for the rest of the time like this.

And pretty much the rest of the day too

Silly bird fell out again so back he goes. Thankfully the whole “don’t touch a baby bird or the mom will leave it” is just a myth!

After a day of cleaning, they got in a quick swim to beat the heat

So tired he closed his eyes while he ate then went right to bed.

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

10 Jul

Bedtime stories ❤

So Hud cries when we put him to bed everynight. He always has since we took the paci away and year and half ago. He has a gate at his door so he can’t wander around upstairs. So we put him to bed and leave, he gets out immediately and cries at the gate for a minute then quickly switches to this routine. You have to repeat him or he will keep repeating it over and over. And if you don’t… he will ask where you are and if you don’t answer, he cries. Sometimes it lasts a minute, sometimes longer (did it to Chris for 30 minutes the other night). When he is done, he shuts the door and puts himself to bed. I think it’s hilarious (and adorable).

Hudson loves Star Wars. Probably a horrible idea that he has a light saber but oh well. That said, he can be the sweetest thing ever!!

Lunchtime with these cheeseballs

We had dinner and frozen yogurt with Poppa for his birthday!

They love their Grandma and Poppa… they pretty much ignore us when they are around.

Poor Kyler was so upset she couldn’t have a sleepover with Grandma and Poppa 😦

This is what it’s like to eat with Hudson… all of the things within his reach end up in front of us… ya know why not try and eat the jam packets, lick the pepper shaker and throw it and throw sugar packets.

Pool temp at 1:30pm today… it got up to 96 by 4pm!

My mini ❤

Little man hasn’t been napping at home anymore so I was super happy to find him crashed on the couch.

He popped up for some crackers with Kyler

Then passed out again 🙂

It was a quick weekend that seemed to fly by way too fast. Can’t believe it’s middle July already, that I am 24 weeks preggo and baby 3 will be here less than 4 months!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

4 Jul

Free ice cream from 4 Rivers for preggos! Coffee Oreo, yes please 🙂

Just your average Thursday night with Justin Bieber. Yeah, I will pass next time….

Super fun hanging with my partner in crime Alexis and seeing an old friend!

We kicked off another summer league on Saturday… here’s to a week long of basketball outside my office!

We hit Lucky’s Market up again… it was less busy and this time I had the kids.

Yes, that is beer.

Kyler wanted to sing a made up song to the baby. Hudson wanted to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… this is what you get.

It’s insanely hot here and our pool wasn’t much cooler. 93 degrees didn’t really help cool us off.

My Batgirl and Batman ❤

Kyler couldn’t wait to get into the fireworks so we shot some up on Sunday.

Happy girl

We hit the pool earlier in the day so that helped with the pool temp. Gotta have watermelon on the 4th!

Frankie the Flamingo (has Kyler calls it)

4th of July pool time!

We spent the afternoon putting Hudson’s new bed together. It’s much lower than his last (converted crib) so it’s so much better for him! Just need to get the rest of his furniture and re-hang the pictures and his room will be good to go!

Sneak peek of the baby’s room. Ombre wall, check!

Snap pops while we cook dinner

This girl loves her fireworks

4th of July dinner! Kielbasa, fried shrimp, grilled corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. Yum!!

My parents gave us this big fireworks. Kyler loved them! Hudson, not so much.

Happy 4th from the Jenkinsons!

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