Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

4 Jul

Free ice cream from 4 Rivers for preggos! Coffee Oreo, yes please 🙂

Just your average Thursday night with Justin Bieber. Yeah, I will pass next time….

Super fun hanging with my partner in crime Alexis and seeing an old friend!

We kicked off another summer league on Saturday… here’s to a week long of basketball outside my office!

We hit Lucky’s Market up again… it was less busy and this time I had the kids.

Yes, that is beer.

Kyler wanted to sing a made up song to the baby. Hudson wanted to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… this is what you get.

It’s insanely hot here and our pool wasn’t much cooler. 93 degrees didn’t really help cool us off.

My Batgirl and Batman ❤

Kyler couldn’t wait to get into the fireworks so we shot some up on Sunday.

Happy girl

We hit the pool earlier in the day so that helped with the pool temp. Gotta have watermelon on the 4th!

Frankie the Flamingo (has Kyler calls it)

4th of July pool time!

We spent the afternoon putting Hudson’s new bed together. It’s much lower than his last (converted crib) so it’s so much better for him! Just need to get the rest of his furniture and re-hang the pictures and his room will be good to go!

Sneak peek of the baby’s room. Ombre wall, check!

Snap pops while we cook dinner

This girl loves her fireworks

4th of July dinner! Kielbasa, fried shrimp, grilled corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. Yum!!

My parents gave us this big fireworks. Kyler loved them! Hudson, not so much.

Happy 4th from the Jenkinsons!

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