Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

10 Jul

Bedtime stories ❤

So Hud cries when we put him to bed everynight. He always has since we took the paci away and year and half ago. He has a gate at his door so he can’t wander around upstairs. So we put him to bed and leave, he gets out immediately and cries at the gate for a minute then quickly switches to this routine. You have to repeat him or he will keep repeating it over and over. And if you don’t… he will ask where you are and if you don’t answer, he cries. Sometimes it lasts a minute, sometimes longer (did it to Chris for 30 minutes the other night). When he is done, he shuts the door and puts himself to bed. I think it’s hilarious (and adorable).

Hudson loves Star Wars. Probably a horrible idea that he has a light saber but oh well. That said, he can be the sweetest thing ever!!

Lunchtime with these cheeseballs

We had dinner and frozen yogurt with Poppa for his birthday!

They love their Grandma and Poppa… they pretty much ignore us when they are around.

Poor Kyler was so upset she couldn’t have a sleepover with Grandma and Poppa 😦

This is what it’s like to eat with Hudson… all of the things within his reach end up in front of us… ya know why not try and eat the jam packets, lick the pepper shaker and throw it and throw sugar packets.

Pool temp at 1:30pm today… it got up to 96 by 4pm!

My mini ❤

Little man hasn’t been napping at home anymore so I was super happy to find him crashed on the couch.

He popped up for some crackers with Kyler

Then passed out again 🙂

It was a quick weekend that seemed to fly by way too fast. Can’t believe it’s middle July already, that I am 24 weeks preggo and baby 3 will be here less than 4 months!

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