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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

28 Aug

Kyler’s first day of VPK, August 15th, 2016!

Sleepy storm trooper

Celebrating cousin Cole’s birthday with some old fashioned PE fun!

Pretty girls ❤

Do you not want to just bite his face!?!??

Sunday Funday with the Gilbos

National Dog Day and our fur babies Ammo, Caya and Maggie ❤

Friday was Chris’ birthday. It was my fast Friday off for the summer and Chris took the day off. Our plans were to pick the kids up after lunch and then head out to a fun chocolate factory dinner with Star Wars fireworks…. that is until school called at 10am saying Hudson was sick and threw up. Poor guy. Needless to say, plans changed.

Snuggling on the couch.

Happy Birthday babe!

Kyler made Chris a card… with donuts 🙂


I ran to the store, picked up some things to make dinner and a cake. Chris wanted a fun dessert so I tried my best to whip up something. Vanilla cake with peanut butter cups, ice cream sandwiches, cool whip icing with peanut butter chocolate sauce, caramel, pretzels and peanut butter cups. Not bad!

Chris and Kyler ate dinner together while I snuggled the little man on the couch. He couldn’t keep anything down the first day 😦 He managed to perk up and sing Happy Birthday to dad only to follow that by getting sick 😦 (Don’t mind the mess in the background, ha!)

Next morning, Kyler had her first soccer game of the year!

I wasn’t sure if Hud and I would make it but he ate a little bit and seemed to be better so we loaded up and went.

I’m so glad I did because Kyler did AWESOME and had her best game yet. She almost scored 2 goals and was really into it. I feel her first real goal coming on soon 🙂

Today, Kyler and headed back to Merritt Island to see my bestie Jenn because she is back in town. Kyler bowled for the first time and loved it!

Silly kiddos!

Miss her!!!

It was fun catching up with friends I wish I saw more often and snuggling with sweet baby Elle ❤

He loves his Ammo!

Busy week ahead and praying and hoping the little guy wakes up good as new tomorrow!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

14 Aug

I made a quick day trip to Wisconsin for work the other week. Deep fried cheese curds were on the menu.

First flight started at 6:15am… 2 flights on the way up and 2 flights on the way back. I got home at 11:30 that night. Super tiring for this preggo!

These 2…

We celebrated Kacie’s 4th birthday and Elsa showed up!

This girl rocked her dance game on the Wii

We busted out the Nintendo for some old school fun.

Kyler does so well putting her Legos together now! Hudson is obsessed too 🙂

This guy loves Fen… also loves to chase Fen around too. Poor cat.

When you get made because Alexa doesn’t listen

They love Can’t Stop The Feeling!

Tomorrow is Kyler’s first day of VPK and I can’t believe it!!

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