Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

11 Sep

Poor girl wasn’t feeling soccer practice

I don’t blame her, when I got home and took her temp, it was 102.3!

We headed to the doctors the next morning and turns out, she had strep. You wouldn’t know it because she is trooper!

Dippin Dots at work… yes please

Saturday morning brought a hot soccer game. She wasn’t really into it but I am not sure how much better she was feeling.

Almost 33 weeks… getting there!

I hit the stores early Saturday and my favorite candles were on sale!

This kid must be growing. He ate half a basket of chips, 3.5 mini quesadillas (thanks Kyler) and a plate of rice.

We enjoyed the Gilbo’s company… the girls are too funny.

Love these two!

We headed to the bowling alley today for our cousin Parks’ birthday. It was Hudson’s first time bowling and he liked it!

Happy Birthday!

She loves her cousin Emma!

Always fun with the little ones

Hud the stud!

We had fun playing in the arcade afterwards. Kyler did great at Deal or No Deal

We got home and enjoyed some football while Kyler played with her “pet” lovebugs. She said they love her and they are all her friends. Awesome.

I am looking for a SICK free week in the Jenkinson household!!!

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