Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

2 Oct

Some of my favorites threw me a sprinkle for baby J 3. You definitely don’t expect anything for your third so that was super sweet!

My social butterfly came and of course talked it up with everyone.

My girl

Maggianos…. my favorite

So much love!

The girls, mainly Kyler, were ripping into the presents so fast. My little helpers!

Hudson thought it would be a good idea to strip his bed and move it to the closet floor. His closet now has a lock on it 🙂

Packing for Grandma’s house… pretty funny to see what she thought she needed.

Found Kyler in the baby’s room rocking lullaby Elmo to sleep. She can’t wait for the baby to get here.

My parents took the kids after soccer on Saturday so we could get some things done around the house. We had what will most likely be our last night out before the baby gets here.

We took advantage of Magical Dining at Eddie V’s

This. is. hilarious.

Meanwhile, at Grandma’s…. she found him asleep in the office at 6:30am… Not sure when he moved from his bed but apparently this looked like a good place to go to bed.

Grocery shopping with 2 kiddos is fun… especially when you get home and ask Chris why he bought this… and he says he didn’t… and Kyler says Hudson did… oh cool.

I am almost 36 weeks. Miserable. and getting ready. Can’t wait!

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