Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Oct

It’s been an eventful 2 weeks. Hudson ran into a column in our house and busted his chin open 😦 I knew instantly he needed to go and he was a trooper until it was time to strap him down. WORST time ever.

Checking out his new 6 stitches

Kyler scored her very first goal at soccer and was SO proud of herself

Best buds ❤

This princess fairy had fun hanging out with dad and friends while I was working

I hit up The Coop this past week which is one of my favorite places because I loveee southern food and it’s oh so amazing. Giant tenders, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and sweet tea. Yeah I don’t care…. I have to loose it all soon anyway right? 🙂

The girls at soccer!

38.5 weeks…. getting close!

This weekend brought cool Fall air to Florida and it was AMAZING. The boys can’t wait to play soccer

Last game of the season and the Little Monsters did great!

Again, the weather was perfect so that means lots of outdoor time

Also means it’s perfect smores weather too. Fire while watching Penn State beat Ohio State, only thing missing is a hard cider.

We soaked up some more sun today. Love being able to go outside and not sweat!

Hud’s turn at the wheel!

We headed over later to celebrate Kenley and Crosby’s birthdays!

Prom pose haha

Some pretty cool superheroes if you ask me!

Cupcake face

In other news…. we had a really bad scare this weekend with Ammo. He has always had bad gums and has had teeth pulled over the last couple of years. He hadn’t been eating great but went in for blood work about a week ago for a normal check-up and everything looked good. Thursday night, he was bleeding a tad from his teeth so we took him in Friday and sure enough, he needed 5 more pulled. After he woke up from surgery, he started bleeding everywhere and wouldn’t stop. The vet re-ran his blood work (previous was only 5 days old) and he had no platelets thus was not clotting blood. Turns out he developed an auto immune disease called ITP and it’s very serious. The vet gave him platelets and he stayed at the vet over night with around the clock care (seriously amazing, my vet was texting me every 2 hours with updates). I was a nervous wreck. My fur babies are my babies and Ammo is my first. By 5AM, his PCV levels had dropped low enough for a blood transfusion 😦 All day Saturday it was a wait and see game. We thought he would need another transfusion but his PCV levels jumped all on their own! That was great news. Our vet is in Merritt Island so he stayed with my parents to be close in case something happened. Today, he got to come home and his numbers are pretty much the same as yesterday. He will go in every day this week for checks and as long as his numbers stay the same or raise then we are out of the woods. He will be on some serious medication for the next couple of months and potentially the rest of his life.

We are just happy he is doing better and able to come home. Hoping for more good news tomorrow!

Also we are definitely on baby watch! Could be any day (which I would be totally fine with). Hoping by next weeks update maybe there will another addition??? 39 weeks Tuesday!

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