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Weekend Update with The Jenkinson: Party of Five

30 Oct

So last week I left you wondering when baby #3 would join us. I did not expect for it to be the very next day!

More to come on that entire journey but we are happy to announce…..


This sweet little guy was born on Monday and we could not be more in love ❤

We got out of the hospital Wednesday and Kyler and Hudson were so excited to have their new baby brother home with them.

Thursday we were off to the peds for Lincoln to be checked out. Super cute gift from our doctors.

I may have picked up some Halloween treats just because I wanted to 🙂

He may sleep a lot but I LOVE when he wakes up and I can see his eyes ❤

We spent the entire weekend outside…. running, bouncing, swinging, playing in the sandbox.

Even Lincoln hung out with us

Cutest butt ever

We also spent it having lots and lots of snuggles

We ventured out to our neighborhood’s Halloween Spooktacular. It wasn’t anything excited but still nice to get out for a bit.

The boys

and of course the girls

Not really sure what they are doing…

A pumpkin for each of them

First bath at home for the little one ❤

We just love our new guy and are so happy he is here!! Warning: Lots of photos to come

Our family is complete ❤

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