Lincoln William

31 Oct

On Monday, October 24th 2016, we welcomed our third child Lincoln William into this world.

My due date was November 1st and the closer I got to the date, the less “I am about to pop” I felt. At 38 weeks, my doctor told me to schedule an ultrasound at 39 weeks while I was there for my weekly check up to check fluid and growth. I couldn’t find an appointment on the same day so Monday at noon it was. Before I left for work, I called to see if they had an earlier ultrasound appointments by chance since I had a meeting at work at 1pm. Sure enough, they had a 9:30am open up and I took it!

I had my ultrasound and everything looked great (she guessed an 8.7 lb baby) but just like with Hudson, my fluid was getting pretty low. Since it was borderline low, she had to call the doctor and ask what she wanted to do. When I was called back, the tech asked if I had my bag with me which of course perked my interest. My doctor was another office so I was seen by another doctor. I was still 1cm dilated and 80% effaced (I had been like that since 35 weeks) but they wanted to induce me that day. Low fluid is exactly why I was induced with Hudson so this wasn’t really news to me.

Chris was already on standby and on the way back home. I met him at the house and then we headed to the hospital to have a baby!

From when we got there to when I was actually hooked up in a room, it took about 1 hour and half. Not too bad. They started me on pitocin around 1:45pm. 45 minutes later, my midwife came in and wanted to break my water but first I wanted an epidural (this isn’t my first rodeo). Still feeling pretty good!

By 2:45pm, an anesthesiologist was in the room and they were prepping me! Just has she was going to get started, this annoying nurse came in and asked if she could take her to another room where a patient was in a lot of pain since I wasn’t in too much pain. She asked if I minded and what was I supposed to say? No? I would have looked like a total ass. I reluctantly said yes (even the anesthesiologist looked annoyed and asked if she could just call someone else) and she was going to “be right back”. Well by 4pm, my contractions were really picked up and still no epi because of course, everyone is in c sections now. Awesome. I was not a happy camper.

Finally, after a phone call from my midwife to some people, someone appeared and I got the epi at 5:15pm and then she broke my water. The baby’s heartbeat was around 135bpm the entire time which was making me think boy more and more. From there, you just sit and wait. Oh how I love an epidural.

About a hour or so went by and I could start feeling those lovely contractions again. I could tell they didn’t have my on a strong dose of whatever an epidural is and things were starting to become painful again. Around 7pm, they have another anesthesiologist come in to “give me a boost”. Holy shit did he ever. He gave me a smaller dose of what they give women in c-sections and I could not feel a damn thing. Nothing. No pressure. Nada. My midwife checked me and sure enough, I was 10 cm but I was too numb to do anything. Again, awesome. We waited about a hour to start pushing so I could at least move more than my toes. After about 20 minutes of pushing, we welcomed a BABY BOY!!!

We did skin to skin for about a hour before they took him to be measured.

8 pounds and 11 ounces!

21 inches long!

Meet Lincoln.

The next morning, my parents brought Kyler and Hudson to meet their new brother.

Our first family photo 🙂

I mean look how great this is

We were home by mid afternoon on Wednesday and the kiddos were sure happy to see us after school.

Big sis is the best helper

He loves his new baby brother

It is amazing to see how much love she has for her little brothers ❤

Welcome to the world little guy! We love you so much already.

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  1. Kendra G. at 4:21 pm #

    Welcome sweet Lincoln! So excited to watch you grow!

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