Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

6 Nov

On Halloween, they had party at school and they dressed as Cinderella and Superman. She is so beautiful ❤

He takes his job seriously.

Meanwhile, I blogged and hung out with sleepy Lincoln. I am loving maternity leave so far

His first Halloween

The kids love Star Wars so this year they went as Kylo Ren and Rey from the Force Awakens. Also, since Lincoln joined us before Halloween, he was BB-8. Perfect combo!

Kyler as Rey

Hudson as Kylo Ren

Lincoln as BB-8

We headed out for some trick or treating with the Gilberstons

We weren’t out too long but the kids still had fun!

Most of my day I just spend starring at Lincoln. I love his sweet face.

When he is awake (the very limited time) I try to keep him entertained… for a 2 week old.

Picture day at school for this ham

We are so lucky

Happy Lincoln

Crappy photo but love our family

Oh Lincoln, how your face melts me

This picture cracks me up… Hudson’s little butt in his undies ❤ So proud of him for being potty trained, even at night now! No more pull-ups!

My mini… we have so much fun together

Hudson and his “boy” Lincoln. Hud is the cutest, he calls Lincoln his boy and then gets the playmat out and says he wants to play with him. The cutest.

We celebrated Reese’s 3rd birthday on Saturday and the kids had fun playing with the animals

After the party, we dropped Lincoln off with Grandma and Poppa and took Kyler and Hud to see Trolls. It was super cute and Hudson was so excited that his favorite song, Can’t Stop That Feeling, was in the movie

Kyler drew a picture of the ducks she met. So cute.

Meanwhile, little man just hung out and watched his crazy older brother and sister run around the house

Today, Grandma took Kyler to American Girl Doll store and she picked out a few things early for Christmas. She wanted to be “twinsies” with her doll. She also got a bear Poppy from Build a Bear. She sure is spoiled 🙂

It was a busy week adjusting to a family of five but we are getting the hang of it 🙂 Lincoln is growing fast and fitting right in.

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