Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

20 Nov

2 weeks to catch you up on which means lots of photos of Lincoln because I am home all day and can’t help but take photos because he is just. so. cute. Side note: It’s funny to look at the photos from 2 week ago to now because he has definitely plumped up 🙂

Great big sis!

2 week for Lincoln went great! He was 10 pounds and 11 ounces.

Chunky man

Lincoln’s first bottle. We have only done it a few times but he doesn’t seem to mind where it comes from.

Snuggles for Caya

I could stare at this face all day long ❤

We celebrated baby Kate and mom to be Marisa!

My heart.

Such a hunk

Mama’s boys

I told Kyler to get dressed for the day and this is what she came up with… and wore for the rest of the day!

Snuggle monster

I am loving my days with Lincoln. Maternity leave is suiting me well.

Look at those cheeks!


Think he has missed a meal?

We hit up Scott’s Corn Maze this past week to get our Fall fix and it was so fun!

It’s a 6 acre maze and we didn’t get lost (ok we had help with a map)

Found a clue

This guy just snoozed and enjoyed the ride

Jenkinson, party of five.

They had nice big playground too that the kiddos enjoyed climbing on

I got home to find my new three sisters necklace waiting for me!

I also added Lincoln’s charms for my old necklace so I am excited to start wearing that again. I seriously love that store!

She loves her baby brother

Beautiful boy

The weather was perfect today and perfect to take a drive to the park to play with their besties.

We are looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving this week and enjoying more family time!

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