Lincoln: One Month

28 Nov

Lincoln turned one month old on Thanksgiving, the 24th.

He is a super chunk 🙂 He likes to eat and I am thankful that I have gotten him okay with eating every 3 hours instead of 2. He nurses in about 10 minutes and when he falls asleep, there is no getting him to eat again. He hates being gassy, poor guys spits up quite a bit and I can always tell if he needs to burp. He loves bathtime. He is so relaxed and content and could sit there all day. Funny because Hudson hated bathtime. He has his own little look going on, however, I do see a mix of Kyler and Hudson as he is getting older. Even personality wise, he is sort of a blend between the two. He isn’t as easy going as Hudson was as a baby but not near as fussy as Kyler.

He is wearing 3-6 month clothes for the most part, 6 months for Carter’s brand. He is about 13 pounds now and off the chart for both height and weight. His eyes are still pretty dark but they are still blue and his hair seems to be lightening up a bit. He has big hands and big feet so I am sure he will be a big boy too. He could take or leave his paci which I hope stays a trend. We don’t seem to give it to him near as much as the other 2 kiddos and I am okay with that. He only uses it when he is hungry and it’s really not time to eat. We also don’t swaddle him. So different for us because his brother and sister loved it but he prefers to have his arms out, he doesn’t really startle easily. He is sleeping in the pack and play by my bed and moved out of the rock and play a week or so ago. He isn’t a huge fan of the swing but loves to sit in his bouncer with the vibrate on.

He sort of goes with the flow… he is much more alert now and likes to start at the ceiling fans. He can get a bit fussy at night but we are learning what makes him happy. A good burp, warm blanket and being left alone is working right now.

Happy one month big boy. We love you and are so happy you are here!

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