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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

11 Dec

She loves to hold Lincoln and it’s becoming harder and harder for her to do so. Pretty soon, he will be too big!

Our newborn/family photos came back and they are awesome! More on that but here are some sneak peeks

Tummy time is very exciting for him

Lincoln’s stocking came in! Chris’ aunt has made all of the kiddos and mine and they are so pretty!

Christmas wrapping has begun. Perks of being on maternity leave, I don’t have to wait until last minute!

We also started working out and eating healthy this week! Lettuce wrap tacos were yummy!

I feel like this cutie is changing by the day and I am just trying to soak it all in

Friday was a cold snap and it also happened to be the day we were heading to Disney for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Lincoln pretty much looked like this the entire time.

Jingle Cruise!

The princes were out with the princesses for the party so it gave us a chance to meet Prince Charming

We also got to meet Hudson’s favorite, Princess Elena. We are fairly certain he has a huge crush on her. He LOVES the show and was starring at Elena the entire time. He even gave her a kiss on the cheek being the ladies man he is.

We didn’t have time to really ride many rides (that is okay, not why we were there) but we managed to sneak a few in.

Hudson’s first time on this roller coaster and it’s so funny. I promise he had fun and asked to go on it again!

This guy is a trooper 🙂 He really is the best dad and hubby and he is all mine ❤

The castle is beautiful this time of year. I could stare at it all night.

In between the show and the parade, the girls snuck off to Starbucks to get some coffee to warm up. We also enjoyed “snow” on Main Street

The parade was packed but Kyler had the best seat in the house.

Mickey kicking things off

The toy solider band was so cool!

The big man himself

His face says it all 🙂

One of the best parts of the party is the free cookie and hot beverage stops around the park

The holiday firework show was beyond great. The finale was spot on.

More snow and this time Hudson got to play. Can’t wait to take them to real snow someday!

This guy finally woke up at the end!

I am so glad we went and my parents came along. This is by far my favorite time of the year and the kiddos loved the Christmas Party.

The next day, we took a ride out to the Santa’s Tree Farm and met up with some of Kyler’s friends.

This girl is fearless and loves her animals

Kyler named this goat Sparkle and now can’t stop talking about how she wants to buy a baby goat and take care of it

This guy had fun being one of the big kids and didn’t skip a beat

The kids had a blast playing and jumping!

Today was spent going out to breakfast and lounging around the house after a busy weekend! 2 weeks until Christmas and we are getting so excited!


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