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Lincoln: 8 Weeks

20 Dec

Sweet Lincoln is 8 weeks already!

He turns 2 months old on Christmas Eve

He is starting to look a lot more like Kyler and Hudson

And those eyes have turns quite the pretty shade of blue, looks like I am the odd one out

Love you sweet boy ❤

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

20 Dec

Monday’s got us like….

Publix run with my little man

Just love his sweet face

Thank you Amazon Prime Now! Ordered the Nintendo and it showed up a hour later

Christmas hunt of 2016 is over, thankfully!

Happy boy and happy mamma

Kyler had a Christmas performance at school and nailed it! Pretty sure she sang the loudest and danced the most 🙂

We raced off to the Magic’s Christmas party at Light Up UCF. Christmas, Florida style.

The kiddos tried ice skating for the first time, too cute.

Thankfully Kyler had some awesome helpers

And Lincoln had snuggles the entire time 🙂

Ice sledding!

Christmas train!

Kyler convinced Keisha to ride the ferris wheel with her, she is definitely not scared of much

Pretty sure Kyler told me this wasn’t the real Santa Claus… she has now met 3 this season and she is definitely smart enough to know they aren’t the same.

Some of my favorite people!

The next morning, I surprise Kyler at school for her holiday party

That pose!

We also celebrated her friend’s birthday party at My Gym!

Even Hud had some fun pushing his sister around!

Sunday we decided to head to Disney one last time this season and it was HOT and HUMID out. Felt like summer 😦

My minis

Hudson isn’t the dare devil his sister is but he does like the fast choo choo ride 🙂

And of course, little Lincoln snoozed away

When we got home, we made some reindeer chow

Shake it up!

Bring on Christmas!


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