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Hello 2017

3 Jan

Before we say hello to 2017, let’s take a look at 2016. For the Jenkinsons, 2016 was a great year!

In January, Kyler turned 4

In February, we got a new couch

and found out we were pregnant

In March, Hudson turned 2

In April, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary by eating dinner at home and drinking sparkling grape juice

In May, I turned 30 and we went to the Keys to celebrate

We also announced that we were expecting Baby J #3

In June, tragedy struck our city

We hosted the victims, their families and the President and Vice President at the arena and while it was incredibly sad, it was one of the most impactful days of my career.

In July, I got a new car

In August, Kyler started VPK

and Chris turned 37

In September, Hudson was potty trained

and we celebrated Baby J’s upcoming arrival

In October, we had a hurricane

that thankfully moved east a bit so it wasn’t bad at all

Hudson bumped his chin and got 6 stitches

Kyler finished her 4th soccer season (and scored her first goal!)

Ammo gave a huge scare health wise but is stable now

and we finally met our baby BOY Lincoln!

In November, we hosted Thanksgiving

In December, we celebrated Christmas all month long

and Nana and P’Pa came to visit

As we look forward to 2017, I look forward to celebrating more birthdays, watching Lincoln grow and learn new things every day, getting back in shape and not being pregnant, doing some renovations on the house, and enjoying our new family of 5. Kyler will be starting kindergarten this year, Hudson will be a big 3 year old, we will celebrate Lincoln’s 1st birthday and my mom turns 60 this year. We also look forward to traveling again this year.

My hope is that we will be able to take in all the memories because time is flying by. Kyler, Hudson and Lincoln are the light of my eyes and I am so lucky to be their mom. I will continue to spend all of my free time and energy to making more memories, playing, laughing and enjoying them because I never want to take it for granted. While Chris and I may be exhausted, we would rather get out there and see life through their eyes. My goal for the next several years is to travel more with them. We love our family vacations and now that Lincoln is here (and we are done having kids) we will be able to start planning some fun places to visit. Hello 2017, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

3 Jan

Christmas break was here which meant the kids stayed home from school for a bit.

Funny how much they all look a like

Sporting the blanket Nana made him

Hudson liked Lincoln’s hat too

Bed time books

This was at the beginning of the break when the kids loved each other

Go Pats!!

The weather has been warm enough that they went for a swim

It’s too cold for Lincoln and I so we just watched

Chris and I were able to sneak out one night to grab a drink. Freedom!

This poor guy got a cold on Christmas and has been fighting it ever since

“Mom, let’s take pictures”

She looks for one…

too busy to look for the other… oh to be a kid

New Year’s Eve came rolling around and we obviously didn’t do anything. I had yoga pants, no makeup, baggy shirt and got to rock my sweet boy and I was okay with that.

Toys, wine and a monitor… NYE mom style

After my in-laws left, there has been a lot of cleaning yet it is still a disaster…I do have 2 new helpers now in the shape of a disc.

We headed over to my parents on New Year’s Day for dinner. Tink loves Hud ❤

Meanwhile, Grandma scored these super cute MK boots for K for $22.

This pretty much sums up Christmas break. Exhausted and ready for 2017 to begin.

A Very Merry Christmas- 2016

2 Jan

We were so excited for Christmas to come!

We made lots of cookies

On Christmas Eve, Grandma and Poppa came over for dinner. After a ham dinner, we got into our Christmas pjs and drove around and looked at Christmas lights.

Poppa read them a Christmas book

Beamer enjoyed it 🙂

Hudson wanted to sleep in the dog cage instead.

The Drabyk and Jenkinson pups! The outnumber people 🙂 From left the right that is Beamer, Emmy, Tinker Bell, Ammo, Mia, Maggie, Caya and Wrigley

Cookies and milk were put out and gifts were left

Love their faces on Christmas morning

Santa brought them both a hatchimal

Lincoln’s first Christmas was spent like this ❤

The aftermath!

The kiddos got lots of fun toys to play with

Lincoln loves his new piano mat!

Yeah… Lincoln doesn’t really fit on Kyler, haha

On Christmas night, we headed over to my aunt’s house for a family dinner and gift exchange. The kiddos didn’t participate in the white elephant, however, Kyler helped Chris and I out. Towards the end, she said she wanted to go again and my aunt told her that her numbers were already picked and our turn was over. She left the room and came back with another number. Smart cookie went and made her own number so she could join in 🙂

My bestie was in town so we headed over to see her and her sweet little family the day after Christmas.

That night, Nana and P’pa arrived from Pennsylvania!

We redid Christmas morning with them on the 27th and the kids couldn’t have been happier to have them here for Christmas.

After gifts, breakfast and play time, we made a turkey dinner and went to Light Up UCF for some more ice skating fun.

She had a nice little wipeout but recovered well!

We capped the night off with a puppet show from the new puppet tent Nana and P’Pa got them for Christmas

On Thursday, we went over to the port to have lunch on the water.

It was a GREAT Christmas filled with lots of fun times with family! I hope everyone had a great holiday season!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Jenkinsons!

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