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Lincoln: Four Months

26 Feb

This kid. He has stolen my heart.

Lincoln is 4 months old already. He is still as sweet as can be. Since 3 months, he has started sleeping in his own crib and I think he is liking it. The last week he has been waking up more so I am sure we are headed into the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. Grrrrr. I have tried to stop feeding him in the night unless he really is stirring.

He went to the doctor and weighed 17 pounds and 14 ounces. Same exact Hud weighed at 4 months. He is still an inch shorter than Hud was at 4 months so it’s pretty funny they are growing at the same rate. His shots bothered him and he wasn’t my happy little dude that night. Other than that, his appointment went great. His hernia went away too which is kinda funny. I don’t think we were expecting it to go away for a while and he really only had it for about a month.

He is starting to play more with his toys more and more as well. He started playing in his jumperoo and grabs at the things on his mat. I think he is close to rolling over and have caught him hanging out on his side lately.

Lincoln, you are the sweetest and happiest little guys and we love you xooxox

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

26 Feb

Mom of the year spilled coffee all over Kyler’s homework…. still turned it in and got a check mark though!

Zucchini Pizza Boats… still on the healthy kick!

Chris bought Kyler pink heart earings and a rose for Valentine’s Day. So sweet ❤

Story time!

My littlest valentine and he has stolen my heart ❤

My sweet boys

We celebrated Kyler’s friends birthday! Cutest Minnie Mouse ever.

So focused!!

The birthday girl Claire!

After the party, Chris and I celebrated a late Valentine’s Day/date night. He surprised me with a couples spa retreat at the Ritz. My favorite!!!

It has been almost 7 years ago since we said I do at this very spot. Love this man more and more every day ❤

After the spa, we headed to Disney Springs for some drinks and dinner

We finally got to check out the Boathouse. Yummy!

Practicing on his balance bike. We have been bad and should have been practicing with them more but we are committed now!

Saturday at work meant Chris was solo for a full day with the kiddos. He never sends me photos but sent me this one and it is absolutely perfect.

Some of the awesome ladies I work with!

We had big plans to clean today but Sunday laziness was so much better.

Lincoln’s new trick is pulling his shirt up

Same expression haha… Lincoln pretty much has Hudson’s build and they are the same from the nose down. Lincoln has Kyler’s eyes and smile. Half and half!

Love them!!!!!

Here’s to another busy and crazy week… summer will be here before I know it right?


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