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Lincoln: 21 & 22 Weeks

28 Mar

LJ is getting big fast and is just as happy as can be 🙂

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

26 Mar

Friends from school… it was camp day!

First day of soccer for Hud!

Lincoln is one chunky monkey!

Ticklish Lincoln

First day of soccer for Kyler!

St. Patty’s Day at Disney Springs!

4 different types of Poutine!

The cutest little construction worker

They love when Chris is working in the garage. They bring their tools out and work

She is the best. Love her heart.

Kyler wanted to turn him into a clown. He didn’t want me to take his stickers off.

Swinging with these 3

Mr. Giggles

They love each other

My babe!!!

First bite for this guy! He loved it!

The kids love Moana and they love to dance…. love their Moana moves

Twinning so hard…. and no we didn’t plan it.

Meanwhile… Chris took the kids to a birthday party

This was a long week at work. 3 games and our Gala. Bright and early for load-in!

After work, we headed to another birthday party!

Morning snuggles in bed

Today we ran some errands and worked in the backyard. Smelling the flowers at Lowes!

They painted!

This girl was meant to be the big sister. Hudson’s stubbed his toe and she ran upstairs, grabbed a bandaid, wet a paper towel and cleaned him up all on her own and without even asking me.

Meanwhile, I spruced up the flower pots

Love this time of year!

Dinner with Hudson is always entertaining

Looking forward to a fun week! Hudson turns 3!!!!


Lincoln: Five Months

26 Mar

My sweet little dude. He will be half a year old next month. How????

This past month (this last week actually) he tried oatmeal for the first time and loved it! The Jenkinson kids have always grown fast and we end up feeding solids before the 6 month mark.

He is going through a pretty hard core sleep regression right now and we are EXHAUSTED. It’s pretty much every hour, or sometimes half hour. I know it will past but it needs to pass quickly. The days are becoming a struggle to stay awake.

He still hasn’t rolled over official, however, he rolls to his side all of the time and now is spinning in circles. Pretty sure when he learns to roll over, he will quickly get up on all fours. I can’t even think of having 3 mobile kids soon.

I saw this every single month but he is seriously the sweetest thing. I think because he is my last I am also obsessed with these baby months even more but I can’t get enough of him. He is so squishy, smiley and giggly I can’t take it! Never change baby boy.

Lincoln: 18, 19 & 20 Weeks

12 Mar

Love this big guy!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

12 Mar

The last couple of weeks have been a blur. I’ve had so many events that Chris has been on kid duty alone more than he should have too. Kids don’t seem to mind though 🙂

Kyler loves to write me notes… she gave me this before I left for work ❤

Last weekend we went to Epcot for a few hours. It was packed but we had fun!

Having fun just strolling around

The Flower and Garden Festival is going on right now and that is always a fun time to go.

Sweet Lincoln!

He looks so much like Hudson did at that age!

Speaking of Hud… never know how you will find him in bed… decided to take of his pjs (and undies) and put some shorts on

The weather in March here is pretty much perfect. Great day to stroll around the park with good friends

I was surprised to see the new Jimmy Fallon ride open for testing. We got in and it was awesome!

My good friend got married this past week and it was a blast! Poor Chris didn’t feel well but he was a trooper and made it through half the night.

Beautiful day for a wedding!

My work brothers and I back together!

I have been blessed to work with some pretty amazing interns since I have been at the Magic. So great to hang out with most of them at the same time.

So much fun! Huge congrats to Dan and Leah!

After going to bed around 1 am, 5:30am came quickly. Heading to work while the sun is going up is never fun.

Since Chris was still under the weather, bringing the kids up to see me gave him a little break. Plus it was awesome to spend some time with my babes since I have been working so much.

After a 15+ hour work day on 4 hours of sleep…. we survived!

After sleeping in, the rest of the day was spent on the couch hanging with the kids… and this princess.

Should I have cleaned up the house? Sure but relaxing sounded better 🙂

10 minutes later….

The little guy was feeling so hot today but hoping its teething and not a cold coming on.

Looking forward to a slower week this week!



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