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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

18 Jun

I think I hold him too much… oh well 🙂

Can’t really begin to tell you how happy I was to find this clock. Half off too!

Big man loves his toys!

and he thinks Hudson is pretty funny too

Pulling my weight and refinishing the buffet server… yeah I don’t like painting

Nowhere else I would rather be

Kyler loves her pups.. sometimes too much

Bathtime with Lincoln is pretty much the cutest thing. So. Many. Rolls.

Morning with my boys ❤

Tackling Target with the 3 and the monster cart… by myself… actually we survived and they stayed buckled in for me. Overall successful trip!

We spent Father’s Day eating brunch with my parents, doing things around the house and watching the rains come in. We had a productive week and I am so excited to say we are about wrapped up with the home renovation! We have a few minor projects to tackle but I am looking forward to getting my nights and weekends back…. pictures to come!


Florida Vacation: Sarasota/Lido Key

18 Jun

At the end of the basketball season, we decided to head a couple hours away to the west coast for a weekend getaway. I have lived in Florida my whole life but I have never been to the west coast beaches and either has Chris. We picked Lido Key and had a nice little 2 bedroom suite on the beach.

Vacation started off meeting some friends at the Ritz Carlton beach club. Heaven!

They had a pack and play for Lincoln which was amazing!

The kiddos had fun swimming and snacking away

Happy to be on vacay!

Not a bad way to start off vacation

This girl had a great time looking for shells

Don’t blame him!

Dinner time with Dad around St. Armand’s Circle

and of course after dinner ice cream for all

The view from our place

The next day we headed towards Siesta Key figuring it would be packed and wow we were right.

Why I love living in Florida

Our little fish had a great time splashing in the water

And Lincoln went in the ocean for the first time too. 

My beach babe…. also Hudson is crying the background and I can’t help but laugh

Hud the Stud

❤ ❤ ❤


On the last day we walked the beach and looked for some shells. We headed out a bit early because it wasn’t the nicest out and the rain was headed in.

Overall we had a great family vacation and the best part is we were home in 2.5 hours! Can’t wait to get away with them again.


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