Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

25 Jun

I am getting very close to sharing photos of our reno with you but in the meantime, just look at this table Chris built. I LOVE it ❤

Lincoln and Maggie ❤

I received a call from school saying Lincoln was crying and not acting like himself and when I picked him up, they weren’t kiddin’. Big sis went to the doctor’s earlier in the week and had strep throat so I was worried Lincoln caught it. Good news, he doesn’t have strep. Bad news, he has an ear infection.

Got home, gave him some Tylenol and antibiotics and he was as good as new!

Hud the Stud

Kyler likes to “braid” my hair. When she was done she told me she gave me earring bows. Yeah, didn’t feel great.

For the last couple of months, Chris (and Merritt Island Air and Heat) have been working on the Vanilla Ice Project in Melbourne Beach. Saturday evening they had the wrap party. We really had no idea what we were walking into.

Rolls, helicopter and the beach. No big deal.

This view is by far the best part of this house. I would never get sick of looking at that.

Hibachi grill from the house

Chris and Mr. Ice himself.


I mean simply breathtaking.

We promised the kids we would go to Disney since it’s been a while. Last time we went, Lincoln was only 3 months old and slept in an infant seat the entire time.

Lincoln’s first time meeting Mickey! I promise he liked him 🙂

It was a HOT day so Hud had fun cooling off in the water

Just waiting on dad and Kyler to get off the roller coaster

Now our turn!

We had a fun but busy weekend, hope yours was good too!


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