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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

5 May

As usual, we jam packed this week with lots of plans, activities, etc. I swear I need to stop doing that so we can just stop and relax but as I am typing this… I am laughing because how do you do that with a busy busy 15 month old?!?! Which reminds me I have not done her 15 month post so I need to get on that before 16 months comes up on me (seriously time, slow down).

I am trying to introduce coloring to Kyler but she isn’t having it…. at school she colors and I get her Pablo Picaso  doodles sent home all the time…. but at home, nope… she would rather try and eat the crayons (of course giving me that grin like “I know I am not supposed to do this but I like to anyway.”

A reader reached out to me about Kyler’s first birthday invitation since she was doing a navy and orange nautical party for her son’s first birthday. Since I designed Kyler’s invitation, there really wasn’t a template that I could just send to her and I didn’t mind tinkering it to create something else super cute and fun so I offered to help. I think it came out super cute!

Wednesday was my 27th birthday! I get somewhat annoyed when young people say “I’m so old” but I can honestly say that I am really starting to feel that way… I know it’s not but 27 just sounds so much older than 26 to me. Silly, I know, but a feeling none the less. My birthday was AWESOME. My parent’s hooked me up with a little shopping trip (I was in desperate need), my co-worker aka Magic family rocked it, and of course my sweet hubby and doubly sweet daughter capped off the night with dinner and a yummy dessert.

My sweet Kyler Bug said Happy Birthday!

So did my pups ❤

Before I get into the antics at work…let me digress a minute. I am in a department of 3 (4 when we have an intern) and we are extremely close. We are highly inappropriate and like to laugh and joke around when we can. When it came time for Danny’s birthday back in February, we decided we needed to show his desk and car “some loving” and completely wrapped his desk with saran wrap and filled it with balloons. We also turned his car into a cow (he is from Wisconsin so it’s fitting). For Phil’s birthday, we hired a company to fill his yard up with funny signs and then covered his office floor with over 2000 cups of water. So needless to say, I knew I had it coming.

When I got to work Wednesday morning, my desk looked like this:

Every square inch was covered in aluminum foil. EVERYTHING I tell you.

Then, it gets worse…. as we were walking out to lunch, I came across this:

Yep, that is MY car parked INSIDE the Amway Center on the 3RD Floor. Boys were sneaky and got my keys and drove it up the ramp and into the freight elevator. Too funny.

When I walked up, I had some friends up there waiting on me…. pretty sure to see my reaction 🙂

Classic, right?

After that, we headed to get some yummy sushi and I heard all about how they pulled that off.

My sweet Kyler

That night, Chris, Kyler and I went to Outback for dinner and it was delicious.

Again, trying to color 🙂

After dinner, we went home, they sang Happy Birthday to me and we ate Red Velvet Cheesecake. This is the cake we had our wedding cake made after so it has special meaning to me 🙂 Chris is just so awesome ❤

Sushi, lunch cupcake, and Red Velvet Cheesecake!

In other news… Kyler has been killing it with the fork usage! She has really gotten that science down. Now a spoon? Not a chance.

I have been on the hunt (kind of sort of) for a big girl bed for Kyler. I love love love the Jenny Lind beds from Land of Nod but do not have or want to cough up almost $600 for a twin bed. Instead, I found this little gem on a Craigslist ad at a local resale store. I got the bed for $139 and feel like I got a good deal! We will be refinishing this into something special…. that post will be at a later date.

Peanut Butter face!!

Saturday night, we headed over to the Gilbertson’s for a little Cinco de Mayo party! All the necessities for a good time (The Jose is for us of course)

The girls of course had a great time…. I think there were 7 kiddos under the age of 4 there. My how parties have changed.

Twins again, and no, we did not plan this time either!

Story time!

The girls took a bath together and that was too cute 🙂

After the kiddos went to bed, we adults had some fun!

J bone!

Macko and Jenks!

Kendra and Jeremy:

Today, we went over to my friend/co-worker’s house to help him with a little DIY project. He just bought his first house and needed some help with it. Chris did most of the helping, I was just along to give my opinion and keep Kyler as entertained as possible.

Told you 🙂

Danny needed a headboard and wt work, we came across this cheap and masculine idea for a one:


His bedroom has all of these black shelves hanging up (bad picture):

Once I saw those, I knew we could just re-purpose them into a headboard! Just take them down and screw them back up! I believe all it cost Danny was a pack of drywall anchors and a can of black spray paint (to touch up the areas on the already painted black wood). Can’t beat that!

Looks great, doesn’t it?

I love doing home projects, decorating, DIY projects, crafty things, and party planning so this has been a fun week for me! I am always up to helping out and so if anyone is stumped on something or wants an opinion, I am free to ask! I am by no means an expert but I love this stuff if you can’t tell already 🙂

Andddd it’s time to go as this is most likely the LONGEST Weekend Update to date. Thanks for hanging in there and see ya next week 🙂

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

24 Mar

I need to seriously get on the ball about blogging about other things, such as home ideas and projects, than just talking about my past week. I know, I am slacking but I will try and find some motivation in the coming weeks! I think I can, I think I can 🙂

The week was a pretty good one. Pretty normal which is fine by me. Work, some fun family time, and some relaxation time. All good things.

After dinner frozen yogurt 🙂 It’s right up the street from us so we just ride our bikes up there. Kyler is a fan 🙂


We had our annual Black Tie and Tennies Gala at work this past Saturday. Me and the Arena Ops girls, Michelle and Amanda! Nothing says classy like a radio on the hip 😉


Meanwhile, at home…..

601180_10101905693397002_1227056117_n (1)

My mom bought Kyler the Cupig from Hallmark for Valentine’s Day and she loves it. She will pick the pig up and bring it to me to play for her because she loves to dance along.

Today, we went over and spent the day with my parents. The doggies got to go swimming and Kyler got some new play toys! The weather wasn’t too great, and actually got pretty nasty but we were still able to have some fun!


IMG_1037 IMG_1040

Last year, when Kyler was just a couple of months old, my parents bought this chair set for her and it’s been in a box in the garage until she would actually be able to use it. Today is the first day we took it out and I think she likes it 🙂

PS: When we are at their house and have our dogs there too, there are 9 dogs in total, so yes, it’s a little hectic!

IMG_1045 IMG_1048 IMG_1054

Reading a magazine in Poppa’s office.


My little bird. Poor kid in a sea of dogs!!


Poor thing started getting sick this evening so we will be making a trip to the doctor’s in the A.M. Nothing worse than when your little sweetheart isn’t feeling well!


Have a great week!!!!


Happy Birthday to my brother Craig who would have been 38 years old yesterday. I love you and miss you and hope your birthday in Heaven was the best yet 🙂

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

17 Feb

We don’t really do it up big for Valentine’s Day but it is sweet to wake up to flowers and cupcakes from your love 🙂


Surprise dinner for Chris! Kyler joined too although she wasn’t a fan of lasagna…. crazy kid.


We switched Kyler’s car seat to forward facing this weekend. I really thought I would wait longer to flip it but her knees were bent and after a talk with the doctor…. it was time. She seemed to like it!


Kyler and Kenley testing out Kenley’s new bike trailer!


Kyler got a basketball hoop with some gift cards from her birthday. She picked it up quick 🙂


IMG_0823 IMG_0826

Such a pretty day.



Just hanging out in the backyard.


Pretty Caya.


Had another nice weekend with my little family 🙂 Did a little shopping, celebrating our friend Ryan’s 30th birthday, find out my bestie Jenn and her hubby are having a little baby boy in July, had breakfast with my long lost buddy Jordan and her BF Chris and got to spend some QT with my 2 favorite people! Life is good 🙂

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

10 Feb

Happy Sunday (or sad that it is Sunday already?)

Kyler waiting for the doctor… she loves the paper!


Come on Dad! Let’s go play! (ps doesn’t Chris’ hand look ridiculous big compared to Kyler’s? Just realized that 🙂 )


Why not try and eat the phone?


This weekend, we took Kyler to SeaWorld for the first time. She did okay. I think her naps were messed up because she woke up early so that kind of threw her off for the day. Nice thing about SeaWorld is you pay once and you can come back all year so it makes it a little bit easier to leave early 🙂


Checking out the dolphins…. Mommy’s favorite



Looking at the dolphins with Grandma and Poppa


She loves them as much as me 🙂



Her first Shamu show…. this is about as interested as she was going to get. We will try again next time 🙂


Sea lions!


Time to go.


My 9ft tall baby


Saying bye to the dolphins.

IMG_0753 IMG_0756

Walking out.

IMG_0758 IMG_0763 IMG_0764

When we got back, we rode our bikes up to get some frozen yogurt!


We also played in the backyard all weekend! That was fun too!


IMG_0776 - Copy

Play ball!


IMG_0785 - Copy

The other girls were pretty happy too.



Just missing Fenway


Oh Kyler…. She decided to smear mashed potatoes everywhere.

IMG_0800 IMG_0804

We had such a nice, beautiful, family filled weekend. Just what we needed! I am not sure I have really expressed how much I LOVE Florida weather especially in the Winter/Spring seasons. Mid 70’s with plenty of sunshine is about perfect as it can get. My in-laws up in West Springfield, MA got 21″ of snow from that little thing they call a blizzard. Yeah…. no thank you. This Florida girl loves to visit and play in the snow but that is about it. I have never lived in snow and I can say that I really don’t think I am missing out on much.

This is a view of their backyard… it sure is pretty though!


My Father-in-Law out with his snow plow… at least he looks happy!


No matter where you were this week and weekend, I hope it was a good one!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 40 weeks!

4 Nov

Welcome to the new site! I FINALLY named the blog and I swear it may have been the hardest thing I have done in a long time. I wanted it to be about us, the house, Kyler, life, etc and some how landed on “This Grey House”. Is it the most riveting blog name ever? Well, no but it centers around our house and what happens in and around our house, our family!

I had to look at the calendar this week to see how many weeks old Kyler is. I can’t keep up! It is somehow November already… yes…. NOVEMBER! Ah! That means I am officially in Christmas mode. Yep, I said it. Christmas music was playing at the store and I loved every minute of it. I love Christmas in general but it just feels so much more special this year seeing that it will be Kyler’s first Christmas. I know she won’t really know what is going on but I will and I want it to be perfect for her!

Back to the weekly update….

Kyler has 2 teeth! They are no longer little white bumps but you can actually see all the grooves! I imagine they will be all the way out by the end of the week. I know she is a little late to the party but no biggie because they are here!


The weather has been AMAZING… I mean AMAZING!!!!! in Florida this week. We are finally getting some use out of Chris’s fire pit 🙂


Pretty typical night playing with Kyler. My favorite thing to do!


Kyler had a great first Halloween!



I worked on Friday but this was my “Goodnight Mommy” photo ❤

I came home from work Friday night (Opening night and the Magic one- woo hoo!) to a clean house, flowers, and a present! I am one lucky lady ❤

The flowers and card from Kyler:

I thought that was it (of course) but when I finally went upstairs, there were more flowers, a card from Chris and a present waiting for me! My hubby is so great! I love you, Chris!


What a day… what a weekend! We headed out to the stores and got home early Christmas shopping done (I am hunting down the deals and buying little by little so it doesn’t hurt our pocket at once). The Gilbertson’s stopped by and the girls got to hang out for a little bit. After they left, we walked Kyler up to the park for a little fun!


Just like Maggie!


Today was our lazy day. We hung around the house, Kyler napped, Kyler played, we cleaned up a bit, went to the grocery store…. pretty typical Sunday and it was great.

Kyler is a pro with a straw now!

She is so happy! I am so blessed to have such a happy little girl.

I had such a nice and relaxing weekend with my family. Just what I needed ❤ Kyler, you make us smile every time we think about you and we love you more than you know!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend as well! Next post: The Playroom!

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Miss Kyler was a ladybug and a really cute one at that!

Today, she and Chris came to the arena to see me at work and play with some other kiddos for our Halloween Event.

Kyler and Hannah re-meeting for the first time.

Fun side note: Sarah (Hannah’s mom) and I were preggos at the same time. They have always been 3 days apart. Kyler was due on the 26th and Hannah on the 29th. Well as you all know (you better!), Kyler came on the 26th but Hannah came on the 23rd. Sarah and I are always swapping stories and tips with each other (Thanks Sarah!). They really seemed to like each other so we need to get on the ball and have play dates!

Some of the Magic kids!

This past weekend, Kendra came over with Kenley and got some great shots of the girls.

I love this one. It’s like a family photo haha.

Sweet Kenley was a strawberry!

Tonight, we tried to get some pictures of Kyler with dogs. Um…. not so easy 🙂

Ammo the turtle

All my girl bugs ❤

Caya the bumble bee

Just a ladybug hanging out with 2 bumble bees

The pups!

Happy Halloween!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 34 Weeks

23 Sep

We continue to have really busy weeks here at the Jenkinson household. We are working fast and furious to get the playroom done and we made GREAT progress this week. I wish I could show a sneak peek but I am resisting 🙂 I feel so rushed because we work all day, come home and take care of Bug, and then get to work on the playroom. We do that right up to bedtime and then do it all over again. I am excited, though, because I finished all of my projects (minus painting the fan-need to get it done first!) and I can put away the sewing machine 🙂


Go to bed, Sweetie 🙂


I went shopping for a few more things for our trip. Kyler approves!

Sitting still for the moment. It’s a rare event now!


UGH. No picture 😦 I need to get better at getting some photos and I definitely need to get better at taking the pictures with a REAL camera.


Kyler doesn’t wear shoes too often because 1) She doesn’t keep them on 2) She doesn’t walk and 3) It’s hot out. I know I needed to get a few pairs of shoes before her trip because it’s going to be a lot cooler up there. Also because I feel weird with her out and about with no shoes on now so we got some shoes!

She likes them 🙂 Well, she may like the boxes but it still counts.


We finally got our new stroller!! Just in trip for our trip!


Grandma and Poppa came over and we went out to dinner! It was our first time feeding Kyler at a restaurant. The screw-on spoons to the baby food pouches are genius! She was such a good girl 🙂

Time to go home. I’m sleepy, Momma.


Today we ran some errands. She looks so big 😦 (sad face because where is the time going??!?!?!!)

Of course Target was included. We love us some Target!

Play time with the doggies!

We got to FaceTime with Matt before bed. He was showing off his guitar playing skills!

Well, I need to go to make my icing! Remember the peanut butter cake I made Chris for his birthday? Well I am making an Oreo version. Wish me luck!!




Weekend Update with Kyler: 33 Weeks

16 Sep

It’s going to be a pretty quick post tonight because I have some sewing to do! The playroom is about 50% done and I am hoping in 2 weeks, it will be all put together! The goal is to have everything done and in place before we leave for our trip in October. She is such a busy girl now. She can’t keep still. She crawls EVERYWHERE! She’s got places to go!

Monday: Silly girl!

Tuesday: Feed me please!!

She hates when I hang the phone up. She has to take it off immediately!

Wednesday: Changing her diaper and clothes is such a chore now!

Thursday: Playing with her toys at Grandma and Poppa’s… so hard to get a good picture of her now since she is on the move!

Friday: She loves her Caya! She is so gentle with her and Caya is so gentle back ❤

Saturday: Getting ready for bed!

Sunday: Testing out some fun toys with Grandma and Poppa at the toy store.

She loves the computer!

See ya next week!




Weekend Update with Kyler : 28 Weeks

12 Aug

Kyler is up to the same ole stuff as last week: Playing, working on a tooth (I think), being awesome, having fun, ya know, the rough stuff a 6.5 month old has to deal with. She is however…..

wait for it…..

Starting to eat!!!! (well I may be exaggerating a little bit….well maybe a lot). To Chris and I, it’s like she is eating a Thanksgiving dinner.

Daycare sent home her sheet on Monday and wrote that she actually ate a little bit! She was opening her mouth and ate a good amount of it. I was very skeptical because I wasn’t sure if she was talking about my baby, not Kyler!

That evening, my 31 bags came in and Kendra and Kenley delivered them to me.

PS: I highly suggest anyone needing to store toys (baby or doggie) to get the large utility tote.

Tuesday came around and guess what? She decided to eat a little bit again! My mom said she ate about half and when she was done, she clammed up. I say that is progress!

Grocery shopping that evening.

Wednesday we ran to Lowe’s to get ideas for her playroom. No picture for this day 😦

Thursday she was a sleepy girl! My mom said she took a couple lonngggg naps. Okay by me!

Doesn’t she look so big there? She is so long!

She picked Green Eggs and Ham to read before bed.

Daycare told me that Kyler did NOT want to eat on Friday. One of the girls said Kyler is her new project and she is determined to work with her so she likes food. Go for it lady 🙂

Doing some push-ups when we got home.

Saturday morning we were at Target at 8:30am. I love me some Target that early. I grab a coffee at Starbucks and go about my shopping in the nice and peaceful store. After Target, we hit up Home Depot and Michael’s (again for playroom ideas) and then headed to BJ’s to stock up on paper towels, coffee for the Keurig, chicken…. you know, the things that are cheaper buying in bulk. Kyler picked up a book and a stuffed toy throughout our shopping.

One thing I will miss once we switch over to the convertible car seat is being able to just pick the car seat up and put it in the stroller when she falls asleep. We ride around like this anymore! It feels like forever ago when she would just sleep away and we would run our errands. I know, it was only 6 months ago!

Along the way, we picked Ammo up a dog bed. He was happy!

Kyler played while Chris weeded outside and I cleaned the house.

Today was another pretty productive day for the Jenkinsons. We started the day with some playtime.

Kyler had pears, bananas, and oatmeal for breakfast and actually ate a lot of it! At first, she wasn’t too sure but then she started reaching for the spoon and opening up! Granted, she was trying to chew the spoon BUT she was actually eating the food! This tactic (me helping her letting herself eat) created quite a mess but I don’t care. However she gets food down is cool with me!

Kyler went down for a nap and Chris, my dad, and I planned out Kyler’s playroom. My dad is going to build the bookcase and storage benches and Chris is going to build the TV cabinet. I have been busy online trying to come up with the grand scheme and I think I have it! VERY excited to get started on this and I know Kyler will love it!

Playing with Poppa after her nap.

The girl loves to chew!

She got to hang out with her Grandma too! When they left, we had a nice long Skype visit with her Nana! Gotta love technology. It’s so nice because her grandparents that don’t live her get to talk to her and see what she is up to!

For dinner, she had some more bananas, pears, and oatmeal but then half way through, I switched to acorn squash. I know, that doesn’t sound that great…. but I want her to feel comfortable eating and I was making sure it wasn’t just a fruit thing. She didn’t flinch with the squash either so that is good news! She continued to open her mouth and grab the spoon.

My fingers and toes are crossed that she will continue down this road of eating! I can see light at the end of the tunnel (I think?)

Weekend Update with Kyler : 27 Weeks

5 Aug

Hope you like the new look of the page! I got sick of the old one 🙂

The older she gets, I find myself asking “How old is she this week?” She is such a happy girl! She loves her some toys! Still not crawling but she continues to try. I am fairly certain she will have a tooth any day. I know I have said that a million times but I really think it will be any day. She is constantly pushing her tongue against her bottom gum and her mouth is very sensitive. We will see!

I had a work function Monday night so we hung out with Dad. I made it home just in time to read her one book and put her down. The little things ❤

Grandma had a new toy for Kyler to play with on Tuesday! Gotta love “gently used” toys 🙂

Kyler has started to bounce in her jumperoo. She is working out while Dad works out!

Wednesday on the way home.  Such a face!

More jumperoo time on Thursday night!! Makes for a good activity while Dad works out!

Meanwhile, I worked American Idol that night.

I took off Friday and Kyler stayed home with me! We got some good quality Mommy and Daughter time. Thankfully I had already planned on staying home with her because she had a cranky morning! Insert above teething comments here. Once we calmed down, we had some fun!

So I showed Kyler how the baby doll made a noise when you shook it and she tried to do it herself.

We went to the doctor’s to get her shots and she did surprisingly great! Barely cried and was fine the rest of the day!

We were gone 1 hour. 1 hour too long for Maggie I guess.

She is a goof. She fell over and took her toy with it.

She loves her ❤

Here is a short peak of her in her jumperoo. Sorry so dark…. she stares at the camera if I turn the light on.

Chris is going to hate me 🙂 Kyler likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse occasionally and I mentioned to Chris that Kyler smiled with I said “Oh Tooooddlllesss.” For those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, it’s a phrase they say over and over on the show. So when Chris walked in, he had no clue I was filming. But long story short, I love her expression when he walks in the room. She gets so excited!

We stopped by the Gilbertson’s to say hello!

Hmm… Kyler is eyeing that volleyball…. maybe a glimpse into the future?

Saturday was a day for chores! Kyler played while we got things done around the house.

She looks like she is in trouble here… she’s not 🙂

Today we started at breakfast with the Gilberston’s and then headed off to do some errands. We are officially transforming the upstairs loft into Kyler playroom. I am sure I will be talking about this in blogs to come. With her getting more and more things to play with, we really need an area we can block off from the dogs and that room will be perfect! I also went bridesmaid dress shopping with Marisa and Marissa today and it was a success! Very pretty 🙂

She was such a trooper. Finally on the way home. She can hold her own bottle now. She is so big 😦

That is our weekly update! Gotta go watch the Olympics now…. can you tell we are excited??

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