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Weekend Update with Kyler: 33 Weeks

16 Sep

It’s going to be a pretty quick post tonight because I have some sewing to do! The playroom is about 50% done and I am hoping in 2 weeks, it will be all put together! The goal is to have everything done and in place before we leave for our trip in October. She is such a busy girl now. She can’t keep still. She crawls EVERYWHERE! She’s got places to go!

Monday: Silly girl!

Tuesday: Feed me please!!

She hates when I hang the phone up. She has to take it off immediately!

Wednesday: Changing her diaper and clothes is such a chore now!

Thursday: Playing with her toys at Grandma and Poppa’s… so hard to get a good picture of her now since she is on the move!

Friday: She loves her Caya! She is so gentle with her and Caya is so gentle back ❤

Saturday: Getting ready for bed!

Sunday: Testing out some fun toys with Grandma and Poppa at the toy store.

She loves the computer!

See ya next week!




Weekend Update with Kyler : 28 Weeks

12 Aug

Kyler is up to the same ole stuff as last week: Playing, working on a tooth (I think), being awesome, having fun, ya know, the rough stuff a 6.5 month old has to deal with. She is however…..

wait for it…..

Starting to eat!!!! (well I may be exaggerating a little bit….well maybe a lot). To Chris and I, it’s like she is eating a Thanksgiving dinner.

Daycare sent home her sheet on Monday and wrote that she actually ate a little bit! She was opening her mouth and ate a good amount of it. I was very skeptical because I wasn’t sure if she was talking about my baby, not Kyler!

That evening, my 31 bags came in and Kendra and Kenley delivered them to me.

PS: I highly suggest anyone needing to store toys (baby or doggie) to get the large utility tote.

Tuesday came around and guess what? She decided to eat a little bit again! My mom said she ate about half and when she was done, she clammed up. I say that is progress!

Grocery shopping that evening.

Wednesday we ran to Lowe’s to get ideas for her playroom. No picture for this day 😦

Thursday she was a sleepy girl! My mom said she took a couple lonngggg naps. Okay by me!

Doesn’t she look so big there? She is so long!

She picked Green Eggs and Ham to read before bed.

Daycare told me that Kyler did NOT want to eat on Friday. One of the girls said Kyler is her new project and she is determined to work with her so she likes food. Go for it lady 🙂

Doing some push-ups when we got home.

Saturday morning we were at Target at 8:30am. I love me some Target that early. I grab a coffee at Starbucks and go about my shopping in the nice and peaceful store. After Target, we hit up Home Depot and Michael’s (again for playroom ideas) and then headed to BJ’s to stock up on paper towels, coffee for the Keurig, chicken…. you know, the things that are cheaper buying in bulk. Kyler picked up a book and a stuffed toy throughout our shopping.

One thing I will miss once we switch over to the convertible car seat is being able to just pick the car seat up and put it in the stroller when she falls asleep. We ride around like this anymore! It feels like forever ago when she would just sleep away and we would run our errands. I know, it was only 6 months ago!

Along the way, we picked Ammo up a dog bed. He was happy!

Kyler played while Chris weeded outside and I cleaned the house.

Today was another pretty productive day for the Jenkinsons. We started the day with some playtime.

Kyler had pears, bananas, and oatmeal for breakfast and actually ate a lot of it! At first, she wasn’t too sure but then she started reaching for the spoon and opening up! Granted, she was trying to chew the spoon BUT she was actually eating the food! This tactic (me helping her letting herself eat) created quite a mess but I don’t care. However she gets food down is cool with me!

Kyler went down for a nap and Chris, my dad, and I planned out Kyler’s playroom. My dad is going to build the bookcase and storage benches and Chris is going to build the TV cabinet. I have been busy online trying to come up with the grand scheme and I think I have it! VERY excited to get started on this and I know Kyler will love it!

Playing with Poppa after her nap.

The girl loves to chew!

She got to hang out with her Grandma too! When they left, we had a nice long Skype visit with her Nana! Gotta love technology. It’s so nice because her grandparents that don’t live her get to talk to her and see what she is up to!

For dinner, she had some more bananas, pears, and oatmeal but then half way through, I switched to acorn squash. I know, that doesn’t sound that great…. but I want her to feel comfortable eating and I was making sure it wasn’t just a fruit thing. She didn’t flinch with the squash either so that is good news! She continued to open her mouth and grab the spoon.

My fingers and toes are crossed that she will continue down this road of eating! I can see light at the end of the tunnel (I think?)

Weekend Update with Kyler : 27 Weeks

5 Aug

Hope you like the new look of the page! I got sick of the old one 🙂

The older she gets, I find myself asking “How old is she this week?” She is such a happy girl! She loves her some toys! Still not crawling but she continues to try. I am fairly certain she will have a tooth any day. I know I have said that a million times but I really think it will be any day. She is constantly pushing her tongue against her bottom gum and her mouth is very sensitive. We will see!

I had a work function Monday night so we hung out with Dad. I made it home just in time to read her one book and put her down. The little things ❤

Grandma had a new toy for Kyler to play with on Tuesday! Gotta love “gently used” toys 🙂

Kyler has started to bounce in her jumperoo. She is working out while Dad works out!

Wednesday on the way home.  Such a face!

More jumperoo time on Thursday night!! Makes for a good activity while Dad works out!

Meanwhile, I worked American Idol that night.

I took off Friday and Kyler stayed home with me! We got some good quality Mommy and Daughter time. Thankfully I had already planned on staying home with her because she had a cranky morning! Insert above teething comments here. Once we calmed down, we had some fun!

So I showed Kyler how the baby doll made a noise when you shook it and she tried to do it herself.

We went to the doctor’s to get her shots and she did surprisingly great! Barely cried and was fine the rest of the day!

We were gone 1 hour. 1 hour too long for Maggie I guess.

She is a goof. She fell over and took her toy with it.

She loves her ❤

Here is a short peak of her in her jumperoo. Sorry so dark…. she stares at the camera if I turn the light on.

Chris is going to hate me 🙂 Kyler likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse occasionally and I mentioned to Chris that Kyler smiled with I said “Oh Tooooddlllesss.” For those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, it’s a phrase they say over and over on the show. So when Chris walked in, he had no clue I was filming. But long story short, I love her expression when he walks in the room. She gets so excited!

We stopped by the Gilbertson’s to say hello!

Hmm… Kyler is eyeing that volleyball…. maybe a glimpse into the future?

Saturday was a day for chores! Kyler played while we got things done around the house.

She looks like she is in trouble here… she’s not 🙂

Today we started at breakfast with the Gilberston’s and then headed off to do some errands. We are officially transforming the upstairs loft into Kyler playroom. I am sure I will be talking about this in blogs to come. With her getting more and more things to play with, we really need an area we can block off from the dogs and that room will be perfect! I also went bridesmaid dress shopping with Marisa and Marissa today and it was a success! Very pretty 🙂

She was such a trooper. Finally on the way home. She can hold her own bottle now. She is so big 😦

That is our weekly update! Gotta go watch the Olympics now…. can you tell we are excited??

Weekend Update with Kyler: 24 weeks

15 Jul

My big girl turned 24 weeks old this past week and she is already trying to crawl. I can’t believe it but she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She also slides backwards which I hear is the sign she will start to crawl soon. Just crazy!

Monday was Poppa’s 59th birthday. Happy Birthday Poppa!

I took Kyler to the park on Tuesday after work. She had a good time 🙂

Wednesday evening we played on her mat and she started showing off. Told you she is going to be crawling soon!

Chris and I took Kyler back to the park after work on Thursday. We met the Gilbertson’s there and the girls got to swing.

My happy girl.

Friday was a great day because I got off early from work and was able to hang out with Kyler for a while.

She loves her doggie! She was ecstatic when we got home because she got to “play” with them.

Love snuggling with her ❤

We had a great Saturday! Kyler was in the best mood all day. We started the day off at breakfast.

Then we went over to Kenley’s house to play for a little bit. Kenley was sleeping when we first got there but Kyler was SO happy when she woke up from her nap.

After we left, we took Maggie to her first class of dock diving. Maggie loved it and was the star of the class!

Kyler just hanging out and watching Maggie.

Maggie getting ready.

Kyler finally took a nap.

Maggie in mid air!

Here is a couple videos of Maggie.

We skyped with Nana and Grandpa afterwards and she showed off her rocking skills.

We took Kyler to her first Red Sox game on Sunday over in Tampa.

Heading out to the game!

Chris and Kyler were ready to go.

Checking it all out.

Playing with Dad.

My beautiful girl.

Hanging out with Mommy.

Red Sox family.

Time to go home!

Kyler had a good time at the game!

Here is a video of her rocking back and forth before bed time.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 23 weeks : Sitting up!

8 Jul

We had a great holiday week! Started out pretty stressful with Kyler’s rash but it turned out to be a great week 🙂 Kyler really doesn’t need help sitting up at all anymore! Sometimes she gets too excited and pushes back and tumbles over. Because of that, I really don’t leave her unless there is something soft for her to land on, like a pillow. I like for her to correct herself when she goes to tumble so she gets stronger rather than me helping her all the time. She is showing signs of tucking her knees under her now and pushes up fully with her arms. She usually does one or the other, however, I have caught her doing both when she was trying to get over to a toy. Can’t believe it but I have a feeling she will be crawling sooner than later!

I was off on Monday morning and the plan was to get things done around the house. That plan ended when Kyler woke up with a really bad rash all over her head and a last-minute trip to the doctor. For the rest of the day, we just laid in my bed and had a low-key day. I kept her comfortable and we snuggled ❤

Made it downstairs a few times to play when we were feeling good. She is going to be crawling in no time.

Kyler went to my mom’s on Tuesday. After work, Chris came back to Orlando to pick me and the dogs up and head back over to Merritt Island for the 4th. When I got there, I noticed Kyler’s rash had gotten much worse and was spreading. You could tell the poor thing was uncomfortable so I called the doctor’s office and had the doctor call me. After some discussion and pictures sent to him, he suggested we drive back to Orlando and take her to Arnold Palmer (children’s hospital) to be safe. With the 4th the next day, he didn’t feel comfortable waiting and I agreed. Doctor’s knew what the rash was, gave her some Benadryl and we were on our way!

Wednesday, we woke up and headed back to Merritt Island for a pool day. We were going to take the boat out but heat makes her rash worse so we stayed close to home. You can read all about her 1st 4th of July here!

While out on the golf cart, we ran into a duck family! 14 babies. So cute!!!

Thursday morning, we headed over to my cousin’s house for a visit and Kyler got to play with her 2 boy cousins Cole and Reid. We ended up going to lunch together too! After that, we went back to Grandma’s and went swimming again.

After dinner, we headed back home.

Friday was just a play day at home. Chris had to work in the morning, I had to work at night.

She went to the doctor again just to follow up. She had a good time ripping the paper up! Her rash is basically gone! Yay!

Back home!

Tired girl.

We woke up on Saturday and went to Buy Buy Baby.

Kyler rode in the shopping cart like a big girl!

She was such a good baby that day! She took a 2 hour nap while Chris and I had lunch and finished up some errands.

She played with her toys (all over her toys…..)

My pretty girl ❤

And she played with her doggies!  Kyler has really developed her “scream”. I am not going to lie, it drives me nuts. I try and curb it, although I know she is only 5 months old and finding her voice, but we try to not encourage it 🙂

The dogs love Kyler and Kyler loves the dogs. They are so gentle with her and surprisingly, Kyler is gentle with them! Obviously we watch them like a hawk to make sure Kyler is safe and to make sure they are all being sweet. Disclaimer: Yes the dogs licked her, yes we gave her a bath right away 🙂 

Video is kind of dark, oops!

Sunday was a lazy day. Chris mowed the lawn, I cleaned up the kitchen, Kyler played with her toys.

Set up a little barrier so I could clean the kitchen.

Afternoon consisted of hanging out with my parents and heading to the store and lunch. When we got home, The Gilbertsons came over to play! Kenley has been out of town all week so the girls got to play 🙂

Hope everyone had a great week!!!!

Weekend Update with Kyler: Chewing Machine!

24 Jun

Kyler is chewing. On everything. Now I know she has been teething for a little over a month now, but she really kicked it into high gear this past week or two. She will chew on anything and everything she can get those little hands on. Seems like the water bottle is her favorite right now. She is not sleeping well at night and wakes up quite a bit. sigh. I am wondering if her mouth is bothering her because she is becoming pretty aggressive with teething.

At 21 weeks old, she has mastered rolling over. I can’t even keep her on her back anymore because as soon as I put her down, she flips right over.

She also has discovered her puppies and kitty. And she loves them. She loves to touch them as they walk by. And they are so good with her too.

Playing with Maggie Monday night while I boxed up all her clothes that don’t fit anymore and broke out the 9 month clothes.

I need a new bin. All her NB-3 month clothes 😦

2 loads of 6-9 and 9 month clothes to wash!

Chewing on her bouncer at Grandma and Poppa’s house on Tuesday.

Then chewing on her toy 🙂

We decided to get Avocados a try that night. She hated them like she hates all food. Turns out they gave her a little rash on her back so we are going to stay away for those for a while.

My big girl!

Everything is game for chewing. Even her books.

On the way home on Wednesday from school. Not sure what this weird face is for.

Thursday morning and off to Grandma’s!

Kyler had a little bit of Banana  for dinner. This is her face after 🙂 (ps, she hated bananas too)

All clean!!

Miss K went to school on Friday for a few hours while I ran some errands and got a much-needed pedicure. We hung out for a little bit before I had to go to work a Predator game.

Having lunch with Mom.

Can’t keep her on her back anymore! Yay for more tummy time!

Hi Caya.

Loves her doggies 🙂

A friend bought us this for my baby shower and I finally busted it out! She loves to spin the Elmo.

Saturday morning, Kendra, Kenley, Kyler went to new Buy Buy Baby that just opened in Altamonte to do some shopping. I am SO excited for this store to finally be in Orlando. We picked up a few things then headed back home.

Chewing on our remote before getting ready.

2 babies loaded up and ready to shop!

Showing Kenley how she can roll over now!

Since Kyler liked our remote, I bought her her own. Kenley liked it too!

Later in the afternoon, Chris, Kyler and I went over to Tom and Pam’s , Chris’s brother and sister-in-law, for dinner. We had a nice time visiting and Kyler got to play with her cousin Jack.

We have been practicing sitting up. She is getting better and better!

And about 5 seconds later 🙂

9 month PJ’s!

Sitting up so well!

Today, Sunday, turned out to be a yucky yucky day. It’s been raining since late morning and hasn’t stopped.

I told you.

Kyler and I went to see her Uncle Josh for a quick visit. She also got to see her Grandma, Poppa, Great Grandma, and Pappy. After, we ran to a couple of stores with Kendra and Kenley (which was a nightmare in the rain) and got some things.

Playing with Daddy.

Kyler will be 5 months old on Tuesday! Look for an update then 🙂

Weekend Update with Kyler: 20 weeks and Happy Father’s Day!

17 Jun

Kylerbug turned 20 weeks old this past Thursday. Crazy to think she is almost 5 months old now. She continues to change at rapid pace but it’s fun trying to keep up with her. Such a busy weekend so there are lots of photos!

Monday at dinner time. She loves to play with the spoon.

By the looks of this, you would think she loves food. Not so much. But, we keep trying… she will get it one day.

New book for bathtime!

Tuesday was an adventure. Kyler and I, along with Miss Kenley and Kendra, decided to have ourselves a little photo shoot to make Father’s Day presents. We had it planned that as soon as I got home from work we would head out to the “store” to run an errand. We were really meeting K & K in the park in Downtown Avalon. Well…. that was the plan at least….Good ole fashion Florida weather put a damper in that. I had to entertain Kyler in my car for about 45 minutes and Kendra was doing the same with Kenley. At a time when the girls are getting sleepy and probably want to be napping. Fun.

Keeping Kyler entertained in the back seat.


I will say though that Kyler did great. I think she was so mesmerized by the rain, thunder and baby toys that she didn’t care that we were just sitting in the back seat of the car. After 45 minutes went by, we decided to head up to the park near my house. At this point, it had pretty much stop raining and we were able to catch some good pictures.

Kendra was the photographer and I was the baby wrangler. The ground was soaking wet so the chair came in handy! I had to buy it for Kyler since she can’t sit up by herself yet. I am so glad I did! While Kendra was snapping away, I was trying to get one baby to smile while holding the other baby and picking up the letters they kept dropping. Talk about a work out!

Final photos I picked for Kyler

Kenley Dee!

Between the 2 of them, there was 369 pictures taken! We changed the girls back into their other clothes so the guys wouldn’t ask why they had new outfits on and went home.

Daycare of Kyler on Wednesday.

Kyler came home in a new outfit on Thursday. Which mean she messed up the other one. Oh, baby.

Friday was another fun day! Chris and the dogs headed over to Merritt Island in the morning.  Ammo got a haircut and the girls got to go swimming. I picked up Kyler from daycare in the afternoon and headed back to the island so we could go to Marisa and Mike’s engagement party. It didn’t start until 7pm (her bedtime is 7:30pm so we knew it would be challenging) so we made sure we was well rested. She did great even though she was up way past her bedtime! It was nice to be able to celebrate their engagement with them and our other friends!

With the bride-to-be!

Group shot with the girls! Now….

July 2011: 13 weeks pregnant!

Hanging out with Poppa

Aunt Jenny!!!!

Aunt Riss

The Jenkinson’s

We stayed at my parents house Friday night to make it easier on Kyler. We lounged around Saturday morning then went to lunch before we had to head back to Orlando. I had to work the Roger Waters concert Saturday night so we had to come back home. We left the pups at my parents and I am sure they were happy because they got to go swimming again. Chris and Kyler went over to The Gilbertson’s house to hang out for the evening.

Hanging out before I went to work.

Kyler LOVES bottles now.

Hanging out with Kenley. Kyler is finally learning that she can grab Kenley too.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed back to Merritt Island again for Father’s Day. Before we left, Kyler gave her daddy his Father’s Day gifts.

Inside of the book.

Kyler made this for Chris at school on Friday!

As you remember, I already gave Chris his gift from me a little over a week ago.

We took the boat out in the morning for Kyler’s 1st boat ride!!

We parked the boat at Grills Riverside to grab a quick drink.

Happy Father’s Day to my two favorite Dads!

Again with the water bottle. She was eyeing up Chris’s beer bottle so she got the water bottle instead 🙂

Relaxing and enjoying some much needed sun!

Driving the boat with Poppa!

Trying to chew on the steering wheel

Playing with some toys.

After the boat, we went back to my parents and went swimming. We got Kyler a new float that fit better.

Happy girl ❤

Loves her Daddy.

Daddy’s Girl. Chris didn’t get the memo apparently that he needed to smile. Kyler’s smile is so funny.

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!

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