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Princess Caya

4 Apr

About a year later after I got Ammo, I got Caya, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Growing up, I had a Golden and he was my best bud. Anytime my parents took me to the book store, I would go to the pet book section and look through the dog breed books and I came across the Tollers. I always told my parents that I was going to get one of them because they looks liked a mini Golden. So naturally, when I was looking around for a 2nd dog, I thought of that breed. Caya is now 5 and is the house princess (other than Kyler). She is so sweet yet so independent. She is my little chunker too (her fluffy coat doesn’t help). Chris and I really need her to drop probably 10 pounds but she really doesn’t eat that much. I think she just needs more exercise. She listens the best out of the 3 and is definitely a momma’s girl. She loves her sleep and her food!

Caya as a pup- so so so precious (although, she peed on me twice on the way home. Longest.Ride Ever.)

She looked like a little bear.

Caya at a few months old. I wanted to get her into rally or agility classes but when she was a few months old (around this age), she tried to jump on the bed and landed on her knee and broke her growth plate. She had to have some pretty major surgery with lots of wire and pins to hold it together. All of the hardware gave her a tough time as she got older so we ended up getting everything removed a few years later. I am convinced that this lead to some of her laziness ūüôā

 Mia is the princess of the other house and is pretty independent as well. Fitting that they would get along!

My water dog. She LOVES the water,

The girls.

Caya at the lake. She just stayed out there because it was too hot.

She thinks she is smaller than she really is.

Caya and her sister Maggie

Weekend Update with Kyler

1 Apr

We hope everyone had a great week! This past week has been a busy one with a doctor’s appointment, time with the Grandparents and lots of home improvement time.

Monday, we went to the doctor for her 2 month check-up and then had a visit with Erika and Kelsey. The house also started getting painted!

Tuesday was a pretty low key day and we¬†took it easy so¬†she could recover from the shots. The painters finished up the house. It looks great! The shutters aren’t up yet but hopefully we will get those up within the next week.

Wednesday, Grandma watched Kyler while I went to the Braves and Yankees Spring Training Game with some work friends. Good times with good people and I was able to get some color!

Thursday, Kyler and I went to Lowes and bought all of our supplies to frame in our bathroom mirrors. We got all of the wood painted so that we would be ready to work!

 Friday, we tackled our first mirror. We picked the smallest mirror so that if we messed up, it would be the cheapest to replace. It turned out really well!

Saturday, we started the day extra early with a trip to Lowes to buy mulch. It was only a $1 a bag. Perfect timing considering we needed about 75 bags to landscape the yard. The landscapers showed up and went to work. My mom, Kyler and I went to the plant nursery and bought some more plants and tree while Chris and my dad finished all of their electrical projects. I finally have a light over my bar!

All the doggies were over too

Napping on Grandma

We had big hopes of finishing our mirror project today but Kyler decided she wanted to be fussy instead ūüôā We ran to Babies/Toys R Us and¬†bought her a new fun toy to play with!¬†Buy One, Get One free¬†on¬†Fischer Prices toys so we couldn’t resist!

 When we got home, we chatted with the Gilbertsons, Grandma and Poppa then Skyped with Nana and Grandpa!


Miss Kyler just had a bath and is now relaxing in her swing. We hope everyone had a great Sunday!

It’s all about Ammo

27 Mar

Ammo (or Boo, Bub, Bam, Bam¬†Bam, Bubby, Bamo, Bubba, Jam Bam, Mr. Grumpus, Chunko Butt… it’s quite ridiculous how many nicknames he has) is a cavalier king charles and cocker mix and¬†was my first “kid”. He is 6 years old now! I don’t want him to get any older ūüė¶ I got him in college and he was only supposed to be around 15 pounds…. HA!¬†He is probably around 35 lbs now (and that is skinny for him) and is the smartest (and most stubborn) animal we have. He does all sorts of tricks (for food) and loves to go lizard (or anything else he can find) hunting. He does what he wants (which mean he doesn’t listen very well) but is so sweet and lovey. He knows how to work a crowd. It’s quite remarkable how fast he goes from grumpy to this cute little puppy face when he wants something.

Ammo may have been one of the cutest puppies ever.

Ammo at the lake… he doesn’t go in much farther than this.

Ammo doing some of his tricks for food.

Lizard hunting

Ammo and his sister Mia found a lizard

We just got new plants and of course he is already checking them out for lizards.

Ammo the Spider for Halloween one year.

Ammo just got a haircut, happy boy!

He had to wear baby socks because his paws got raw from the pool ūüė¶

Taking a nap on the glider. See how much bigger he looks when he needs a haircut!

Fenway loves to terrorize the dogs. Poor Ammo…

Go Magic!!!!

That’s Ammo!

Our 4 legged kids

22 Mar

I can’t forget about my 4 legged kids. Most of you that know¬†us, know that we have 3 dogs, a cat, and 2 turtles. Ammo, Caya, Maggie, Fenway, PB & J. I started out with Ammo and Caya, inherited Maggie when Chris moved in, gained 2 turtles on Valentine’s Day, and took in a stray kitten Chris found at work.

They truly are their own little pack, Fenway included. He pretty much thinks he is a dog so he fits in nicely. Chris and I always talk about who the leader is and we really don’t know. They each take turns being dominate in certain situations. Ammo was the first and is the oldest so he tends to put up with a lot but will put his “paw” down when he needs to. Caya¬†is so independent¬†and has to pee over all the other dogs pee (very lady like, I know) and Maggie is the protector of the house. She sticks up for whoever is getting picked on.

We like to dress them up at Halloween because when the kids come to the door, they think it’s so funny and cool that the dogs are dressed up too.


This past Christmas

I can’t forget about their extended pack over at my parents. That has changed a bit in the past few years. Cassie and Boscoe¬†passed away last year and my parents just got a new puppy Beamer¬†(Emmy’s nephew). They now have: Mia, Dino, Emmy, and Beamer.

This is a group shot with:

Bottom: Wrigley (My brother Craig’s dog), Caya, Maggie, Emmy, Mia

Top: Dino, Boscoe, Cassie, and Ammo

This is Beamer:

They all get along very well for the most part. Emmy loves Maggie. Mia is Ammo’s sister, poor Dino is the little one so we have to make sure he doesn’t get ran over by the big pups, and Beamer… well everyone is getting adjusted to him. I am sure when he is bigger than everyone¬†else, Maggie and Emmy will stop having a problem with him.

It’s pretty much a zoo when we are all over there.

The Golden Girls

More to come on Ammo, Caya, Maggie, Fenway and PB & J.

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