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DIY Christmas Stocking Ladder

22 Dec

I have been looking for a new way to hang my stockings and came across these ladders all over Pinterest. Each one was completely different but it came down to the same thing….. rustic ladder with some hooks. I leaned on my hubby a bit for this project 🙂

Chris picked up some 1×4’s and 1×6’s at the store. We already had the dark stain at home. We determined the height and Chris played around with cutting the ends (to better lean against the wall) and he got to work!

DIY Ladder by This Grey House

The Kreg Jig is a great invest and way to hide all of the screws!

After the stain dried, he took some steel wool to it so distress is a bit.

All assembled

DIY ladder by This Grey House

We installed some hooks (smallest I could find at the store but honestly love how they look on it!)

DIY Ladder by This Grey House

I added some Christmas Garland to spurce it up for the holidays… wreath look familiar 🙂

DIY Stocking Ladder by This Grey House

I love how it turned out!!!

DIY Stocking Christmas Ladder by This Grey House

DIY Christmas Stocking Ladder by This Grey House

DIY Stocking Christmas Ladder by This Grey House

Merry Christmas!

DIY Christmas Stocking Ladder by This Grey House

Also, a special thanks to Chris’ Aunt Cindy for making 3 out of the 4 stockings! Chris’ was made from his Nana. We love out homemade stockings!!

I plan on removing the garland after Christmas and using it to hang blankets pictures frames from it!

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DIY Grapevine Christmas Wreath

12 Dec

Back for another week of Pinterest Christmas. This is a bit of a two parter. I created something for my stockings (that is coming next week) but I need a wreath to hang above it. After looking up a few Christmas wreathes on Pinterest, I decided I wanted to go in the grapevine direction with a big J. I hit the craft store and picked up a few items, not really knowing what direction I wanted to head in.

I stared moving all of the floral around and got it to a place that I liked. I unwrapped the gold bunch (see photo on top) and added those in throughout the wreath. The trick here is lightweight floral wire. Once I figured out where I wanted to put everything, I secured it with the wire.

Next, I took the wooden letter and started wrapping it with yarn. I always hot glue the yarn first so it doesn’t unravel on you.

And honestly….. that is about it. So incredibly simple but I love it!!!

Christmas Wreath by This Grey House

It probably took me about a hour and really was inexpensive to make. The wreath itself is only $6 and all of the floral items I picked up were 60% off!

Christmas Wreath by This Grey House

Christmas Wreath by This Grey House

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Pinterest Christmas: Glittered Pinecones

3 Dec

This week, I am going easy on you. This craft is so simple, easy, but yet I love how the finished product looks! Here is the inspiration:

I figured this could be a great craft my almost 3 year old could help with.

First, the supplies! Pinecones, spray glue, glitter and paper bags!

Spray your pinecone all over with spray glue (side note…. if you could pick up a cheap pair of tongs so the glue doesn’t stick to your hand, I would highly recommend it). Throw the pinecone in the paper bag and sprinkle your glitter of choice on it. Try to get it somewhat even. Then, close the bag and shake, shake, shake!

Isn’t she the cutest little helper?

That is it folks.

I picked up this apothecary jar at Home Goods for $12. Seriously, that place is my jam.

Christmas Pinecones by This Grey House

After putting my pinecones in the jar, I was bored with it. I grabbed some old small ornaments I had from Target a few years back, my twine and a snowflake and spruced it up. Much better!

Christmas Pinecones by This Grey House

Glittered Christmas Pinecones by This Grey House

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A Pinterest Christmas: Giant Smores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

31 Dec

That last post of A Pinterest Christmas is not going to be a craft but a recipe! I thought it was more fitting since it was after Christmas and let’s face it, holidays are all about baking and goodies!

pinterest christmas logo

I found these puppies on Pinterest and thought they looked yummy!


Original Post here.

I don’t have any pictures of baking in progress because this gets MESSY but I did take one of the end product.


These cookies are HUGE.


I doubled my Aunt Barbara’s chocolate chip cookie recipe and it made 6 cookies.

Overall, they were okay. I was surprised that they weren’t crispy or hard and actually were pretty moist considered a shoved a whole smores in there but I was a little sad that I couldn’t taste the smores more.

Will I do them again? Probably not, but that’s okay. I think I prefer smores to be smores and chocolate chip cookies to be chocolate chip cookies.


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A Pinterest Christmas: Sock Vase

26 Dec

For week 4 of Pinterest Christmas, I decided to share my sock vase with you!

pinterest christmas logo

The Pinspiration came from this picture right here!


The original post is here. So cute, right?

I headed to the craft store and was able to find everything I needed there!

You need these supplies:

Cylinder Vase

Christmas Sock

Branches (or something of the sort)



Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Styrofoam block

Step One: 

Put the sock over the vase

Step Two:

Cut the sock


Step Three:

Cut trim and glue it on!


Step Four:

Put the stryofoam block in the vase then place the branches where you would like.

(I found branches at the craft store that were already red and glittery so I was able to skip a few steps!) Side note: I love the branches in the original post so much better so I will have to be on the hunt for a good deal this year!


Step Five:

Hang ornaments!


That is it! Yes, that simple and yes, that cute!

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A Pinterest Christmas: Yarn Trees!

19 Dec

Week 3 of A Pinterest Christmas and I am moving onto Yarn Trees!

pinterest christmas logo

Last week was all about ornaments and Scrabble and week one was about quick and easy Christmas crafts! Check it out if you haven’t already!

The Pinspiraiton came from here:


Kendra and I worked on these puppies together. We took a different approach:


Kendra went more streamline and I went all over the place. My way was quicker but I think her way looked good with her color choice.


The finished product!


I love these yarn trees! They are super simple to make and you can make them in any color!

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A Pinterest Christmas: Ornaments and Scrabble

12 Dec

Time for another Pinterest Christmas post! I hope you had a chance to check out last weeks! If not, go back and read the posts and make sure you check out the other ladies’ posts as well!

This is our second week and I will be talking about DIY Ornaments!

pinterest christmas logo

I am always on the look out for Christmas ornaments and I stumbled across a few on Pinterest.

Let’s start with this:



Kendra and I decided to make some ornaments out of Scrabble tiles. We ordered a Super Scrabble of Amazon and it was here 2 days later (thank you Amazon prime). Why order a Super Scrabble? You get 200 letters (double) for the price of 100 replacement tiles. Score!

I had Chris cut the tray to fit Kyler’s name and glued a piece of ribbon on. Tada!


Some other Christmas ornaments.

IMG_0537 IMG_0538

Next up is Kyler’s first hand print!

Yes, I know this is a key…. but this is what I wanted Kyler’s hand print to look like.


We picked up a kit at TJ Maxx and got to work. We were able to get 2 hand prints out of one kit!



Kendra ended up doing the house key since they just moved into a new house and had some left over. We started experimenting and came up with this!


My engagement ring and Chris’ wedding band with our anniversary date <;3

Next up is this guy:


Well this isn’t an ornament but it’s made with Scrabble pieces and since I already spoke of scrabble pieces, I am going to throw it in here.

I picked a fun red paper, spelled out “Merry Christmas” and found a bunch of random green buttons and glued em on the page. How did I come up with so many green buttons you ask? Before Kyler was born, I made a few art pieces with my Cricut and bought a Bag O’ Buttons to use for eyes and such. I had so much left over and it came in handy!


Thanks Kendra for letting me use the frame!

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A Pinterest Christmas: Quick and Easy Wreath/Garland

5 Dec

My friend Kendra asked me to do A Pinterest Christmas with her and her cousin. After a week, there was several of us signed up to participate and join in on the Christmas fun. The idea was to find things on Pinterest that you wanted to make for Christmas and blog about them each week. We will all post one blog each week and link each other to all of the other blogs so you can see everyone’s creations!

pinterest christmas logo

I thought it sounded like a great idea and good motivation for me to do some Christmas crafts!

This week: Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts!

The pinspiration came from this picture:


Last year, we bought real wreathes and were going to add decor to them. I bought all of the little cheap add-ons from Jo-Ann’s since we would be throwing these away after Christmas. Well we never put them on and when I was looking up ideas on Pinterest, I came across this! I just needed to buy two plain wreathes.

 I decided on using items with wire rather than hot glue. I did this so that I can reuse the  wreaths next year and change em up when I want.


I decided on red and silver for my wreathes but it’s totally up to you! You just place the items where you think looks good and tie ’em on!

It is so simple that that is basically it! It took me about 5 minutes and, wala! I had 2 Christmas wreaths. This is not the most riveting craft project I have ever done but it was quick and easy with a 10 month old crawling around and “helping”.


Finished product:


Next project (I am throwing in a bonus since the wreath was so ridiculously simple to make) is a Merry Christmas garland Cricut style.

A spin-off of A Pinterest Christmas if you will.

A Cricut Christmas.


I found this on Pinterest and saw something similar at Target and thought, I could make that with my Cricut! (The original link to the picture is broken, boo 😦 )

What is a Cricut you ask? It’s an electronic die-cutting machine and it’s freaking awesome.


You buy cartridges that have so many pre-loaded images or fonts on them and can make them any size you would like on any paper you would like.



After you cut them out, you glue all the layers together! Attach them to some string or yarn in my case and you have yourself a Merry Christmas Garland!


I made this last year:


Well that is it! Hope you can find some quick and easy crafts to do this holiday season!

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Stop by next week to see what we come up with!

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