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Birthday Pranks: Tween’s Bedroom

6 Jun

What is a Tween’s Bedroom you may ask? You know, tons of Bop and Tiger Beat posters on the walls, hot pink everything, zebra print, and OMG totally BFF type stuff.

This is a Tween’s Dream (and our bosses office for the day)!

Our boss is a pretty big Justin Timberlake fan (I mean who isn’t?). He also is a big fan of music in general so we opted to take this fact about him and have some fun with it. We knew we had to top or at least match the Bathroom Cubicle so we had to go big. We started collecting items that reminded us of a 12-year-old’s bedroom. This meant Bop and Tiger Beat magazines (which made me feel super old because I had no clue who these people were), blankets, pillows, lamps, etc. As soon as he left the office the day before his birthday, we got to work. There were 3 of us working on it since it’s a pretty big space and he has a ton of things hanging up around his office.

Again, with any prank, there is a point where it can be good or you can take it to the next level and make it awesome. To do this, we knew we had to cover every inch of wall space with posters, however, that would take a lot of posters. We found hot pink wrapping paper for a $1 each and went with that as “wallpaper”. To make it feel more like a bedroom, I brought in my crib mattress and we set it on some pallets. Our co-worker brought in her teenage daughter’s bedding and voila! We have a bed.

Thanks to some friends of ours, we were able to get our hands on a Justin and Bruno cutout and some Nsync Swag.

Complete this prank with some good ole boy band music playing when they walk in and you have yourself a party!

I must say, we were pretty damn proud of ourselves with this one. It was such a happy room and pretty sure he didn’t seem this coming 🙂

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Birthday Pranks: Bathroom Cubicle

27 May

Oh this is one of my favorites. We really took it up a notch with this prank. This was definitely more involved and isn’t the easiest to pull off if you don’t have the resources.

The Bathroom Cubicle. Sounds awesome, right? It’s because it is.

First things first. You need to hit up the Dollar Store and buy bathroom items. This means everything from necessities like Shampoo, Face Wash, Hand Soap to the “personal” items like butt cream, stool softener, and gas medicine. You also need to get other items like a bath mat, shower curtain, etc. If you have these things laying around the house, great! You will save money and time from having to return everything when you are done (shame shame).

We opted to go with a fun, kid like theme to make it more ridiculous. We lined up a toliet, sink, and floor tile with a partner of ours (this is where it helps to have resources) and started planning everything out.

When he left for work the day before his birthday, we swooped in and started taking everything down. Shortly after, the bathroom wall “tile” started going up. I will say, what made this prank over the top and legendary was the toilet, sink and floor tile. It really took it to another level. Also, pay attention to all the detail. We really thought everything through, down to putting a men’s restroom sign out in front of his desk.

Pretty sure Dan didn’t expect to walk in and see his desk transformed into a bathroom. Best part? He had to use the toilet as his computer chair for the day 🙂

We even had his hometown newspaper sent in for some reading material 🙂

If you can do this prank and pull it off right then I highly recommend it!

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Birthday Pranks: Lawn Signs

16 May

This prank is short and simple and has nothing to do with pranking at the office (although if you had some grass leading into work it would be pretty funny to do it there).

There are many companies out there that you can hire to put out lawn signs for a person’s birthday. In this case, we went with the princess and smiley face (inside joke) theme and put them in our bosses yard while he was on vacation. I imagine his reaction was pretty priceless when he pulled into his driveway at 11:30pm to see this.

This is a good prank if you are short and time and want someone else to do all the work!

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Birthday Pranks: Cars

6 May

This is a 2-in-1 post here. Messing with someone’s car is always fun and why not do it on their birthday? To me, it’s always fun to use something about a person’s background or personality and go off that.

Take this car for example. Dan is from Wisconsin and worked on a dairy farm for a bit. This fun fact is the basis of on-going jokes about him and cows (immature? sure but it’s funny so who cares).

He used to drive this beat up black car that he loved so much. We decided to turn it into a cow, ya know… to make him feel more at home.

It was pretty funny to see his facial expression when it was time to leave for the day. Pretty sure he said something along the lines of “Ugh, is that a cow? Ughhh that’s a cow.” Yep Dan, it was a cow and you had to drive home like that 🙂


Onto the next prank. This one was a little more complex. The boys snuck away in the morning, grabbed my keys out of my purse (how dare they right ladies?!) and drove my car into the building. Yep, right onto the concourse of the arena. Not only did they move my car to the 3rd floor of the arena, they decorated it with “diva” sayings and cutout of Marilyn Monroe with my face on it.

It gets better….how I came across it was even worse.

We walk by this spot on the way out to the garage so as we were leaving to go to lunch, this is what I saw coming off the stairs. Oh and like 20 people saying surprise and filming me. My reaction was something like “Are you f-ing serious? OMG, you guys moved my car up here?!?!”

Pretty legendary in my book!

You may not be able to drive your co-workers car into your place of business but I am sure you can find many things to do with his/her car!

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Birthday Pranks: Aluminum Foil

23 Apr

This prank is similar to the Plastic Wrap, however, it’s still a fun one all on it’s own.

You will need a lot of aluminum foil for this one. This pranks works best if you don’t move anything on the person’s desk before hand. If it’s sitting on the desk, wrap it up!

Something hanging from the wall? Wrap that too!

My suit jacket? Yep!

It’s always a good time/nerve wracking walking into work on your birthday. I found aluminum foil for months after this prank 🙂

It’s just that simple!

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Birthday Pranks: Cups

9 Apr

Last time we talked about birthday pranks, I showed you what we did with the plastic wrap. This time, I am talking about cups. This is a pretty straight forward prank and only takes a few cups (okay, maybe more than a few) and some water.

This prank works best if you have a closed or confined area. In this case, this office took over 2000 cups. Start in the back of the room/office and start laying out your cups. If you have other people helping you, it will go much faster. Start filling each cup up with a little bit of water. Keep going until you are at the doorway/front of the room.

The beauty of this prank is that the person can’t just come in and knock all the cups over to get to the desk. They have to take each cup one by one and dump out the water.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Birthday Pranks: Plastic Wrap

12 Mar

This is a new mini-series for me. To give you some background, it started about 2 years ago and it started small. Lately, we have really been going all out and a few people have asked about the details (how did you do that, what did you do that with, etc) so I decided to write about it.

My department is made up of myself, 2 guys, and an intern. We are a very close-knit department (we call each other family) and we work hard but love to have a good time too. We are always messing with each other and giving each other a hard time so we decided “why not mess with each even more on our birthdays?” One of our first pranks was the “Plastic Wrap”.

This one is a classic but always a good time. They key to this prank is to make sure you cover every square inch of office/cubicle space with plastic wrap. I mean everything. Pens, notes, business cards, papers, push pins, keyboard, basically if it can be picked up, wrap it! This makes clean-up even harder (and if you are like us, we make the birthday person to all of the clean-up).

All in the details, people!

To take it to the next level, fill up the space with balloons. That way, when the birthday boy/girl walks up, they think THAT is the prank…. but we all know once those balloons tumble out, it will reveal what’s really happening in all it’s plasticy glory!

If you have someone willing, it’s pretty funny to have someone waiting in the balloons to scare them when they walk up.

Enjoy wrapping!

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