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Weekend Update with Kyler: 31 weeks

3 Sep

I know, I know…today is officially Monday and I am a day late. Since today is Labor Day, today is the end of my weekend in my head so it counts.

Kyler is officially mobile: She crawls! She started crawling somewhat on Monday and had the hang of it by Tuesday. By Wednesday, she was pulling herself up on furniture. That didn’t take long…

She has changed so much in the last couple of weeks it’s pretty crazy. Chris and I have been really busy with Kyler’s playroom and I am so excited things are starting to come together. My fabric comes in tomorrow so I can get busy and Chris is hard at work on the TV stand. Trust me, there will be a nice long blog post about the room 🙂


Crawling on Dad!

Just crawling around my room on Tuesday.


I think it may be time to remove the mobile…

Thursday fun time!

I was off work on Friday and debated sending Kyler to school so I could get some crafting done for her room. I elected to keep her home so I could spend some time with her. Man oh man did I have my hands full.

Later in the afternoon, I turn around and see this! She was really proud of herself.

Friday night, we went over to the Gilbertson’s to hang out with some friends. Kyler had a good time!

Saturday we had a big Ikea date with the Gilbertson’s as well. We needed some stuff for her playroom and they needed some things too. The store was packed (shocker, I know) but we got most of what we needed. As soon as I got home I realized I probably have to go back soon to get some other things. Sigh.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to Merritt Island for the day and night. We went to the beach with my parents and it was beautiful out!

She loved the sand!

Beach day with Dad

Sandy little fingers ❤

This picture makes me laugh. She isn’t angry but for some reason it looks like it here.

After a swim…. she passed out.

Having some fun in the water. We weren’t in too long because the waves were kind of scaring her.

Just lounging in the pool. Tough life kid 🙂

Chris and I FINALLY got out to see a movie Sunday night. We finally saw The Dark Knight Rises: very good movie!

I am going to include Monday because it’s part of our weekend 🙂 Today Kyler stayed home with Dad and Poppa and helped worked on the bookcase for her playroom.

When I pulled into the house, she was just standing watching the guys work. Too funny.

That was our fun week! Kyler and I are on our own next weekend as Chris will be out of town. Looking forward to some quality Mommy and Kyler time!


Weekend Update with Kyler : 29 weeks

19 Aug

Kyler hit 29 weeks this past Thursday. She has started this weird “crawl”. It’s more of an army crawl but not really…. I will post a video later to explain.

Tuesday fun!

Helping me get a diaper for her.


She doesn’t crawl crawl yet but she is strong enough to get up!


She is really trying to pull herself up onto things (which stresses me out) so we have to be extra careful with toys now!

Kyler picked a book to read for the night.

Not sure who loves Dr. Seuss more: Chris or Kyler? Probably Chris.

Thursday at Grandma’s!

Dinner time with Dad!!! She wasn’t the best eater this week 😦 It’s because I wrote about it last week!

Friday after school. When did she become so big?

Saturday, Kyler and I went shopping with my mom and Debbie! She had a good time!

Kyler is starting to crawl all over us too.

Later that evening, we went over to the Gilbertson’s for some fun and dinner! Kendra and I looked up things for Kenley’s birthday party and Kyler’s playroom while the boys talked about…. well I am not sure what they talked about but if I had to bet; sports.

Kenley is 10 months old today! She took 3 steps, says a few words (I believe she is saying Hi here), and is turning more into a toddler every day (sorry Kendra, I know you probably hate to admit this!).

Today we ran some errands and then Chris went and bought materials for the TV stand he will make for Kyler’s playroom while I made “art”.

This is all over Pinterest but it will go perfectly with what we are doing for Kyler’s playroom. I will post more about this later!

We are really looking forward to this week. It’s Chris’ birthday and we are going to stay over in Sarasota/Siesta Key for the weekend! We are looking forward to our first family vacation!




Weekend Update with Kyler : 27 Weeks

5 Aug

Hope you like the new look of the page! I got sick of the old one 🙂

The older she gets, I find myself asking “How old is she this week?” She is such a happy girl! She loves her some toys! Still not crawling but she continues to try. I am fairly certain she will have a tooth any day. I know I have said that a million times but I really think it will be any day. She is constantly pushing her tongue against her bottom gum and her mouth is very sensitive. We will see!

I had a work function Monday night so we hung out with Dad. I made it home just in time to read her one book and put her down. The little things ❤

Grandma had a new toy for Kyler to play with on Tuesday! Gotta love “gently used” toys 🙂

Kyler has started to bounce in her jumperoo. She is working out while Dad works out!

Wednesday on the way home.  Such a face!

More jumperoo time on Thursday night!! Makes for a good activity while Dad works out!

Meanwhile, I worked American Idol that night.

I took off Friday and Kyler stayed home with me! We got some good quality Mommy and Daughter time. Thankfully I had already planned on staying home with her because she had a cranky morning! Insert above teething comments here. Once we calmed down, we had some fun!

So I showed Kyler how the baby doll made a noise when you shook it and she tried to do it herself.

We went to the doctor’s to get her shots and she did surprisingly great! Barely cried and was fine the rest of the day!

We were gone 1 hour. 1 hour too long for Maggie I guess.

She is a goof. She fell over and took her toy with it.

She loves her ❤

Here is a short peak of her in her jumperoo. Sorry so dark…. she stares at the camera if I turn the light on.

Chris is going to hate me 🙂 Kyler likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse occasionally and I mentioned to Chris that Kyler smiled with I said “Oh Tooooddlllesss.” For those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, it’s a phrase they say over and over on the show. So when Chris walked in, he had no clue I was filming. But long story short, I love her expression when he walks in the room. She gets so excited!

We stopped by the Gilbertson’s to say hello!

Hmm… Kyler is eyeing that volleyball…. maybe a glimpse into the future?

Saturday was a day for chores! Kyler played while we got things done around the house.

She looks like she is in trouble here… she’s not 🙂

Today we started at breakfast with the Gilberston’s and then headed off to do some errands. We are officially transforming the upstairs loft into Kyler playroom. I am sure I will be talking about this in blogs to come. With her getting more and more things to play with, we really need an area we can block off from the dogs and that room will be perfect! I also went bridesmaid dress shopping with Marisa and Marissa today and it was a success! Very pretty 🙂

She was such a trooper. Finally on the way home. She can hold her own bottle now. She is so big 😦

That is our weekly update! Gotta go watch the Olympics now…. can you tell we are excited??

Weekend Update with Kyler

1 Apr

We hope everyone had a great week! This past week has been a busy one with a doctor’s appointment, time with the Grandparents and lots of home improvement time.

Monday, we went to the doctor for her 2 month check-up and then had a visit with Erika and Kelsey. The house also started getting painted!

Tuesday was a pretty low key day and we took it easy so she could recover from the shots. The painters finished up the house. It looks great! The shutters aren’t up yet but hopefully we will get those up within the next week.

Wednesday, Grandma watched Kyler while I went to the Braves and Yankees Spring Training Game with some work friends. Good times with good people and I was able to get some color!

Thursday, Kyler and I went to Lowes and bought all of our supplies to frame in our bathroom mirrors. We got all of the wood painted so that we would be ready to work!

 Friday, we tackled our first mirror. We picked the smallest mirror so that if we messed up, it would be the cheapest to replace. It turned out really well!

Saturday, we started the day extra early with a trip to Lowes to buy mulch. It was only a $1 a bag. Perfect timing considering we needed about 75 bags to landscape the yard. The landscapers showed up and went to work. My mom, Kyler and I went to the plant nursery and bought some more plants and tree while Chris and my dad finished all of their electrical projects. I finally have a light over my bar!

All the doggies were over too

Napping on Grandma

We had big hopes of finishing our mirror project today but Kyler decided she wanted to be fussy instead 🙂 We ran to Babies/Toys R Us and bought her a new fun toy to play with! Buy One, Get One free on Fischer Prices toys so we couldn’t resist!

 When we got home, we chatted with the Gilbertsons, Grandma and Poppa then Skyped with Nana and Grandpa!


Miss Kyler just had a bath and is now relaxing in her swing. We hope everyone had a great Sunday!

All in a day…

16 Mar

We had a somewhat busy day in the Jenkinson household.

Ammo got himself a sporty little haircut complete with a St. Patty’s Day bandana! He always seems so much happier when his hair is short.

Chris got off work early and Poppa stopped by to say hello to Kyler. Chris and I ran up to Home Depot and Lowes to look at shutters and lights for the house. I think we picked out what we want and will pick up those later this week. We are going with a dark gray color for the house with very light gray for the trim color. We are going to go with black doors, shutters, and lights to make it pop. We will also be landscaping next weekend (finally!) I will post pictures when we are all done. I am so excited because the outside of our house is hurting pretty bad.

After that, we went over to our good friends Kendra and Greg’s house (can’t forget about Kyler’s good friend Kenley!) It’s so fun to see the girls next to each other. Kenley is too cute and likes to look at Kyler and check her out. Kyler is still all over the place 🙂 Of course Kyler loved Kenley’s mat (thanks Kenley for letting me play on it!) and was smiling up a storm. I have a couple of pictures but Kendra got good ones with her nice camera. I will have to post those when I get them. Kyler and Kenley are 14 weeks apart.

Here is pictures of them today:

Kyler – 7 weeks old    Kenley: 21 weeks old

This was them 3 weeks ago:

Kyler – 4.5 weeks old       Kenley: 18.5 weeks old

This was them a few days after Kyler was born:

Kyler – half a week old     Kenley: 14.5 weeks old

As you can tell, Kyler is trying to catch up to Kenley fast!! Such a huge difference in a little over a month.

Tomorrow, we are going back to hang out with them for the girls first St. Patty’s Day.

Tonight, I stuffed the baby announcements while Chris feed Kyler (she ate 6 oz! It’s insane!) and watched the tourny. Also had a good laugh because our backyard bunny came back. Back story: for the past few months, we have this really cute gray bunny that likes to come into our backyard at night. We discovered this after we let the dogs go outside one night and all 3 were chasing the poor thing all over the yard. Maggie got the closest but the bunny made a quick turn and was able to duck underneath the fence and get away. Now, every night Ammo sits at the sliding glass door and waits for it to come back. We have to be careful and look for it before we let them out. Usually, when we flip on the lights it hops away and under the fence. I was able to catch a quick video of them tonight after the realized it was there. The high pitch scream is Caya.This is actually quite calm for a bunny sighting. Sorry the video is so dark, shot it with my phone.

I also posted another video of Kyler the other day snoring. It’s kind of hard to hear but in person, it was quite loud. She definitely gets that from her daddy!

Well, time for bed! I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patty’s Day tomorrow!!!

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