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My New Craft Room!

7 Apr

Okay so I have always been in love with a well organized craft room. I have always wanted one and knew when we moved into This Grey House (you see what I did there?) I would wind up getting one. I opted to “share” my craft room with my computer room that is directly off the Master Bedroom. I have plenty of bedrooms but I couldn’t see myself giving up an ENTIRE BEDROOM for a craft room! Maybe if I worked on parties and crafts full-time but just to play around the house and help out friends, I couldn’t give up all that space.

Here is the space before we moved in:


Here is the wall before the craft room:


I knew that I could easily rearrange the computer room and find some space in there. Is it a little more compact than it was before? Sure, but I still have tons of room to move around. Does the white craft room clash with the dark computer furniture? Yeah, probably, but it still works.  The best part is that I can be in the same room hanging out with the hubs at night if I need to work on something.

I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted in my craft room but I know I needed a big working table and storage. I fell in love with a table and paper storage cart from Ikea but that was all I had to work with.


One day, while shopping at Michaels, I came across all of their craft storage and everything was 50% off. As much as I loved everything, I knew I didn’t have much floor space and these units were made to be stacked onto each other, much like cubbies. I brought my hubby back the next day and showed him everything and he mentioned hanging them on the wall. I didn’t that was an option but he knew exactly what was need to make sure those puppies never go anywhere! By that night, we had everything hung up and put in place!


The finished product!


I love my new craft “room”  and couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out.


IMG_1272 IMG_1274-001 IMG_1291-001

What are your must haves for a craft space??

DIY Play Kitchen

30 Jan

After a long couple of months (mainly more for my dad), the play kitchen is now open!



Let’s start with the beginning. I knew I wanted a kitchen for Kyler because I LOVED mine as a kid but I wasn’t finding the exact color scheme I wanted. I saw this corner kitchen from Kid Kraft and loved the green but I simply did not have room for it.


The more I searched and searched the internet, the more DIY kitchens I came across. I called Daddy-O up and asked if he wanted a new project. His response was “Sure, I am always looking for a project.” I whipped something up on CAD and sent it his way. This was in mid November and my only goal was to have it done by her birthday as this was going to be her “big” gift.

This is my first draft.


I wasn’t in love with it so I tweaked a few things and ended up with this:


I would like to think of myself as the Architect/Designer, Chris as the Engineer (he put everything to scale for me and made my CAD drawing actually work), and my dad as the General Contractor. The three of us tackled the playroom and we were going to tackle the play kitchen next.

After a good month of sitting on the project, my dad got to work. Within a few days he had this… amazing right?


One Sunday, Chris and I headed over and did the first round of paint.


Later that week…


Add some tile back splash and finish it up and ta-da! I can’t get over how talented my dad is. Everything is top-notch and just looks amazing.

Couple of answers to some questions you may have:

  • Yes, that is stainless steel. It is a contact paper and actually has the brush strokes in it like a real fridge.
  • The fridge is magnetic.
  • We used a dog bowl as a sink and found a cheap bar facet.
  • Yes, that is real tile back splash.
  • The hood is made out of metal. One of the perks of your dad owning an Air Conditioning business and sheet metal shop 🙂
  • The lime green paint is called Japanese Fern by Behr.
  • I made the microwave “buttons” on the computer and printed them out on computer paper. I then used Mod Podge to glue and seal them on!
  • And although it was DIY, it was not cheap (thanks Dad!).


I have gotten a lot of questions about the dimensions of this kitchen. See below!

  • Total Length: 55″
  • Height of the fridge: 36.5″
  • Max Height: 40.5″
  • Height of Countertop: 20″
  • Depth: 13″

Kyler’s birthday rolled around and we gave her the new kitchen! She loved it!

IMG_5574 IMG_5599 IMG_5614

Since then, we have added all of the fun play food and accessories she got for her birthday! It makes a great addition to her playroom and I hope she likes it for years to come! A HUGE thank you to my Dad (and Mom) for helping and taking the lead on the kitchen.








Thank You Apartment Therapy!

15 Jan

Thank you to Apartment Therapy for posting about Kyler’s playroom! You can view the details here 🙂

Also, check back in 2 weeks and we will be updating the post showing Kyler’s new kitchen. We decided to design and build one ourselves and I am excited to share it with you!

Visit the Apartment Therapy post here!


Our Bright and Fun Playroom: The Details

8 Nov

Now that you have been introduced to the playroom, time to go over some items in the room!


Check-Out the play kitchen we designed and made for the playroom too!

ThisGreyHouse DIY Play Kitchen

Bookcase, Storage Benches, and Library Cart:

I love looking on and fell in love with a bookcase they sell but at $800 bucks for 2, it was time to call my daddy-o up and bat my eyes one more time (He had been looking for a wood project to do and it’s for his granddaughter so it didn’t take much convincing). He found a fabulous website ( that had the exact plans of the bookcase so you could make it yourself and it worked out great!  He made it 6 inches taller to gain some more space and made some storage benches for the sides. They look great together!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

In progress 🙂

That website also had plans for a library cart so Kyler got one of those too 🙂

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


TV Stand:

Chris decided to make this after a trip to Ikea. I had something specific in mind and the cheapest I could find it was for $350 and we knew he could make it for less! I told him what I wanted and he sketched it out and wala! We have a TV stand 🙂

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


Chalk Table:

We had an old coffee table we really weren’t using and the finish was coming off so we decided to refinish it. I loved this table from the Land of Nod (shocker) and took my friend’s suggestion to make it a chalk table instead. We sanded it down, painted it red, and now we have a fun play table!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

This is what our garage looked like for a few weeks:

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


I loved the idea of putting poufs around the chalk table but at $80-$150 a pop I knew there was no way. So of course in my mind I said “I can make those” and off I was scowering the interent for ideas and plans. Thanks to this awesome post, I modified the pattern to make them smaller and I was on my way. One problem, I didn’t even know how to use a sewing machine! Mom showed me how to thread it and I was on my way. They take a ton of stuffing, 5 lbs each to be exact, but they are so much fun!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Cutting out my pieces!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Window Cornices:

I knew I wanted to make these instantly! I found some awesome fabric online, had my pops whip up 2 window cornices for me and I had them done in a night! Easy as can be and makes a great impact in the room!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Putting them together!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Crayon Art:

This is so much fun to make!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Buy a canvas and a bunch of crayons. Lay your crayons out in whatever order you want. Hot glue the crayons on the canvas.

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Get your blow dryer and dry from the top! They start melting pretty fast but note: it can be messy! Make sure you have your floors and wall protected around it.

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Super simple! It dries super fast and you have a fun new piece of art!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

We created 5 areas in her playroom:


This is the “art” corner of the playroom! These lines from Ikea are great for hanging art! We also bought the little hanging storage bins from there as well.

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


Kyler’s cousins, Parks and Emma, were so kind to give Kyler this little chair! My Aunt Bunny had this little blue chair at her house for them when they were little but Emma said it was okay that Kyler use it for a while. I love the forward facing book shelves (home-made with scrap wood in the garage)! They instant add decor to the room but also serve a purpose!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


There isn’t much in this space yet but this is where her play kitchen will go! I loved my play kitchen growing up and I hope she will love hers!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


Here is the play kitchen in the space!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


I know it’s obvious but this is where all her toys go!

ThisGreyHouse Playroom


The World Map is the last “area” of the room. I love traveling and learning about other areas of the world and I hope she will share the same interest.

ThisGreyHouse Playroom

Hope everyone enjoys it! Let me know if you have any questions!

Room List:

  • Orange Paint: Autumn Glaze, Valspar
  • Large Map: Lulukuku Designs on Etsy
  • Red paint for table: La Fonda Fireberry, Valspar
  • Fabric for windows: Rainbow Chevron by Riley Blake
  • Fabric for poufs/pillows: Gotcha print by Premier Prints in: Corn Yellow, Chartreuse, Candy Purple, Girly Blue
  • Fabric for benches: Corn Yellow by Premier Prints
  • Fabric for small striped pillows: Bungalow by Michael Miller
  • Rug: Lusy Blom, Ikea
  • Storage for benches: Branas, Ikea
  • Storage on bookshelf: Y Weave, Target
  • Playroom Rules: Free printable!
  • Clock: Target
  • Red Frame, Orange Chevron Frame, Rainbow Frame: Hobby Lobby
  • Painted storage blocks: Hobby Lobby
  • Trains: Hobby Lobby
  • Easel: Ikea
  • Table and chairs: Bright Nantucket set by Kid Kraft

Weekend Update with Kyler: 9 Months!

28 Oct

Kyler is officially 3/4th’s old. I only have a few more months before she is technically a toddler 😦 I have no idea where the time has gone but I try and soak it all in because I know she could be moving onto something new the next day.

Update from last month:

  • Cruising- She has started cruising around the furniture. I even caught her letting go of one thing and then grabbing onto something different a week ago. I know it is only a matter of time before she will start walking. A whole new ball game. 
  • Chewing – Well the chewing has slowed down and she has her first 2 teeth coming in! I had a feeling they would both pop at the same time. She makes it nearly impossible to look in her mouth but she has 2 white teeth making their way out!
  • Eating- Well her milk intake hasn’t slowed down so per the doctor’s orders, we are slowing it down for her. She was eating a good amount of food before but now we have really upped our game. I had to create a weekly menu to make sure we were giving her a good balance. Also fixes those moments where Chris and I look at each other and say “What should we feed her?” ” I don’t know, what is thawed out in the fridge?”
  • Talking- She is so vocal. She says Mama, Dada, and the occasional Baby, Ball, and a whole lotta gibberish.
  • Shaking her head- Somewhere along the way she has learned how to shake her head no. It’s funny but at the same time we try and curb that because I know that stage where everything is No isn’t really too far away.
  • Sippy- We have been working on her with the sippy cup and she is a pro at it now! She learned how to use a straw too. Such a big girl!

She is such a fun and happy girl. Chris and I can’t get enough of her (can you tell?).


Kyler wanted to help us put her clothes away, so sweet of her!


Kyler testing out her new cup. I have bought her at least 3 new cups this past week. I think we finally found some keepers!


Kyler had her 9 month check-up on Wednesday. She is doing great! As I said earlier, we are pulling back on the milk slightly and upping our solid food. I thought she was going to be really sad when we did that but it hasn’t fazed her one bit so I guess she is okay with it!

9 Month Stats:

19 lbs, 4 oz.- 60% percentile. She has slowed down in the weight department (for her). She is starting to lean out  and I have a feeling this will be the new trend.

29 inches long– 92% percentile. She is still super tall for her age and I can’t imagine that will change anytime soon with Chris being her daddy.


Having fun at Grandma and Poppa’s house!


Chris took this picture of the ocean while he was at work. Hurricane Sandy wasn’t too far out there!


My parents came over on Saturday so my dad could help Chris build a shed. Later, Kenley came over and Kendra took some photos of girls in their Halloween gear. So cute!

Kyler has caught up to Kenley in the height department. Slow down baby girl!


Today was our big day of errands. We made stop at Lowes, BJ’s, Ikea, and Publix. After we got home, we took some 9 month photos 🙂

I had big hopes of watching a movie tonight but 3 hours of making food for Kyler for the next few weeks went a little longer than I thought. Sigh. I guess there is always tomorrow night. I am crossing my fingers I can get the playroom post up within the week. I am also hard at work of thinking of a blog name for the site so PLEASE let me know if you have any suggestions!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 33 Weeks

16 Sep

It’s going to be a pretty quick post tonight because I have some sewing to do! The playroom is about 50% done and I am hoping in 2 weeks, it will be all put together! The goal is to have everything done and in place before we leave for our trip in October. She is such a busy girl now. She can’t keep still. She crawls EVERYWHERE! She’s got places to go!

Monday: Silly girl!

Tuesday: Feed me please!!

She hates when I hang the phone up. She has to take it off immediately!

Wednesday: Changing her diaper and clothes is such a chore now!

Thursday: Playing with her toys at Grandma and Poppa’s… so hard to get a good picture of her now since she is on the move!

Friday: She loves her Caya! She is so gentle with her and Caya is so gentle back ❤

Saturday: Getting ready for bed!

Sunday: Testing out some fun toys with Grandma and Poppa at the toy store.

She loves the computer!

See ya next week!




Weekend Update with Kyler: 31 weeks

3 Sep

I know, I know…today is officially Monday and I am a day late. Since today is Labor Day, today is the end of my weekend in my head so it counts.

Kyler is officially mobile: She crawls! She started crawling somewhat on Monday and had the hang of it by Tuesday. By Wednesday, she was pulling herself up on furniture. That didn’t take long…

She has changed so much in the last couple of weeks it’s pretty crazy. Chris and I have been really busy with Kyler’s playroom and I am so excited things are starting to come together. My fabric comes in tomorrow so I can get busy and Chris is hard at work on the TV stand. Trust me, there will be a nice long blog post about the room 🙂


Crawling on Dad!

Just crawling around my room on Tuesday.


I think it may be time to remove the mobile…

Thursday fun time!

I was off work on Friday and debated sending Kyler to school so I could get some crafting done for her room. I elected to keep her home so I could spend some time with her. Man oh man did I have my hands full.

Later in the afternoon, I turn around and see this! She was really proud of herself.

Friday night, we went over to the Gilbertson’s to hang out with some friends. Kyler had a good time!

Saturday we had a big Ikea date with the Gilbertson’s as well. We needed some stuff for her playroom and they needed some things too. The store was packed (shocker, I know) but we got most of what we needed. As soon as I got home I realized I probably have to go back soon to get some other things. Sigh.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to Merritt Island for the day and night. We went to the beach with my parents and it was beautiful out!

She loved the sand!

Beach day with Dad

Sandy little fingers ❤

This picture makes me laugh. She isn’t angry but for some reason it looks like it here.

After a swim…. she passed out.

Having some fun in the water. We weren’t in too long because the waves were kind of scaring her.

Just lounging in the pool. Tough life kid 🙂

Chris and I FINALLY got out to see a movie Sunday night. We finally saw The Dark Knight Rises: very good movie!

I am going to include Monday because it’s part of our weekend 🙂 Today Kyler stayed home with Dad and Poppa and helped worked on the bookcase for her playroom.

When I pulled into the house, she was just standing watching the guys work. Too funny.

That was our fun week! Kyler and I are on our own next weekend as Chris will be out of town. Looking forward to some quality Mommy and Kyler time!

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