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Kyler Nicole: Five Years Old

19 Feb

Our sweet girl turned five a few weeks ago.

This may be my favorite time with her yet. She is the SWEETEST, most caring, funniest, silliest and smartest little thing. She is constantly surprising Chris and I with how much she knows. She is a sponge and soaks it all up. She had the best manners too. Rarely do I have to remind her to say excuse me, thank you, you’re welcome, etc. She thanks me for making her dinner and tells me how amazing it is (her words haha), how I am her pretty momma and she loves me so much, etc. She is a very affectionate girl and loves her family.

Kyler probably is one of the funniest people I know. She is constantly saying silly things and acting goofy and she knows she is funny. That does get her in some trouble sometimes 🙂 I think she gets talked to in school a bit for being too silly and not listening and I know she does at home.

She is quite the little momma. She really is Hudson and Lincoln’s 2nd mom. She is always looking out for them, helping them, disciplining them haha. She helps Chris and I out quite a bit. I have caught her dressing Hudson after bath, she puts his shoes on, encourages him with whatever he’s doing, gets him food, etc. Just this morning she hooked him up with a lollipop at 9:30am because he wanted one and we said no 🙂

It’s amazing how much she has learned in a year. I think VPK had a lot to do with that but it’s so fun watching her recognize words, sound them out and try and write them. Her handwriting has gotten a lot better and she is really loving school.  She likes to count to 100 and was schooling me on compound words the other day. Sometimes she says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

She does have her moments but they tend to be when she gets really tired. The sas is still in full force but that’s okay. She is definitely a strong willed, beats to her own drum, independent girl.

Her favorite things to do include watching movies and tv. She will probably watch paint dry if it’s on tv so we have to turn it off quite a bit. Now that she knows how to turn on the TV by talking to Alexa, it’s been fun 🙂 She loves Trolls and all Disney movies. She loves to play on her iPad and loves to color and make up pictures for us. When she isn’t doing that, she loves to play with her barbie and her American Girl dolls. She of course love to play with Hudson too.

She is a pretty good eater. She loved breakfast food and SWEETS. This girl hasn’t met a dessert or candy she hasn’t liked. It’s ridiculous and she is just like her dad. Her favorite meals are spaghetti, pierogies, and pizza. She is starting to get a little more adventurous with what she tries (for her). She loves her some flavored lemonade and did I mention anything sweet?

When it comes to her fashion she is a girly girl. She loves dresses, headbands, her new earrings, and loves when she gets new clothes. So funny.

We love you Kyler Nicole!

Kyler Nicole: Four Years Old

26 Jan

Kyler Nicole is four today. 2015 zipped by and I feel like we celebrated her 3rd birthday at Disney a few months ago.

It is funny to look at at her 3 year old post because, honestly, not much has changed.

She is still super outgoing. And she is hysterical… I mean SUPER funny. Not only is she a goof and likes to act silly, but she says the funniest things. She loves to keep Chris and I in line and will be the first to jump in and tell us to stop if she doesn’t like what we are doing/saying. She is what we call a “leader” and I am okay with it as long as she is polite when she is “leading.” We have worked on what strangers mean this year because she will talk to anyone. I feel like she has picked up the concept pretty well so that is giving me a little more piece of mind. She is the sweetest girl. I am not just saying that because I am her mom either (or maybe a little bit). While she is SUPER sassy and can be really difficult, she is the kindest girl. She gets along with every kid at school and has lots of friends. She is always worried about us and wants to take care of us if we don’t feel well. She LOVES her Hudson and does so much for him (like gets him snacks, share her toys.. well sometimes, hugs, etc), and says the sweetest things like “mom, you’re my best mom and I love you so much”.

She did really well in the health department. Maybe a few colds here or there but nothing too crazy to report. The biggest change is that she now wears glasses all of the time. We noticed she squinted when watching the TV and come to find out, she had really bad eyes. Like REALLY bad. It was really sad for me on a few reasons; 1) that she had problems seeing and I didn’t know how bad 2) that she has to wear glasses at such a young age and 3) her prescription is strong so the lens are pretty thick. That all said, I stepped back and looked at things in prospective. My daughter is healthy and that is all that matters. She looks so cute her in glasses and doesn’t mind wearing them plus hey, if the kid can see better than that is great! She brushes her own teeth (then Mom or Dad follows up), has been completely potty trained (night time too) for the longest time and does a lot by herself now.

Kyler is very much a girly girl yet LOVES her superheroes, trains, etc. She played 2 seasons of soccer in 2015 and is about to start up her 3rd. That really isn’t her favorite thing to do but hoping she warms up to it a big more this season. She LOVES to swim and swims like a fish. She still loves her Disney so of course we have so much Disney in our lives haha. She is such an animal lover. The dogs are her best friends and she has to hug and kiss them every day. She is a little better with her dinner time, however, I wouldn’t say she is great. She takes forever to eat but she has started to try new things so that is good. Night time has only gotten better in the last couple of months. Now, when she doesn’t have a nap (basically when she isn’t at school), she goes to pretty easy and usually sleeping by 8:30pm. When she does get a nap…. we are looking at 9:30-10pm at night. Hoping school cuts it out soon.

She does NOT like cold and will complain when it’s like 60 degrees out. She can get her moods when she will whine a lot. It and drives up completely crazy. She can be very sensitive and start to cry in .5 seconds flat. I feel like she does it for attention sometimes but other times its a sign that she is tired. She can have a mouth on her and a bit of an attitude so we spend some time in the old timeout chair… basically learning that it’s not okay to scream and freak out when you don’t get what you want. That is a hard concept for her to get sometimes 🙂 Oh and this girl LOVES to barter… ya know, like 5 more minutes for bed, no mom, how about 10, etc. She always comes back with a “good idea”. All a part of being 4 and testing her boundaries.

She is a tall girl but not super tall. We will visit doctor to get her stats but I really don’t think she will be much bigger than the rest of the kids her age. She is wearing a size 4… Ideally a kid’s 4 and not toddler because she does need the length. Her shoes are a size 9 (can even were some 8s still) so her feet barely grew this year haha. Her hair is super long and we need to get it cut soon. She has only had 1 hair cut in her life. She is still my little fashionista. I am pretty sure she is up to over 13 pairs of boots (don’t judge me, damnit! ) She does wear a uniform at school so that has actually slowed down my habit to buy new clothes for her. So that is good, I guess?

She is VERY smart. I am not even really talking about tradition smart but just gets things that most kids her age don’t. Honestly the conversations I have with her are pretty amazing. Her memory is ridiculous and brings up things that happened so long ago. Currently, we are working on her writing and reading skills. She can write her own name but we have been challenging her lately. She loves Legos and her imagination is pretty awesome.

Some of her favorites:

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Grapes, Mac and Cheese, Apples, Almonds, Spaghetti,  Any candy, cake or cookie 🙂
Favorite Movies: Any Disney movie….big into Inside Out right now
Favorite Songs: Bad Blood by Taylor Swift followed by and Taylor Swift song… oh and the occasional 90s rap song
Favorite Toys: Legos, Barbies, Palace Pets, Hudson’s train table, any small figurine
Favorite Places: Disney World, Sea World, Grandma and Poppas
Favorite Books: The Day the Crayons Quit and Came Home

Kyler Nicole: Three Years Old

26 Jan

Kyler Bug is 3 years old. Honestly, I felt like she was 2 years old forever. I have been thinking of her as more of a 3 year old for a while now. She has definitely grown into a little lady and the baby in her is gone 😦

She is riding a big girl bike now, signed up for spring soccer, in dance class at school, attending lots of birthday parties now, goes potty by herself, and a ton of other independent big girl things. I love to sit back and watch her with her friends and see what they talk about. Her imagination is really taking off and her level of play has really gone up.

We are definitely having our struggles right now. Our nighttime routine is at is all time worse right now. Dinner time is miserable as she just wants to get up, lay all over the seat, talk, potty, really do anything except eat her dinner. It has nothing to do what is on the plate, however, I can’t get her to try anything new. Then, after bath, we play the lets open the door and get out of bed a few 5-10 times before falling asleep by 9:30pm. Honestly, other than night time, there are really no complaints right now. I mean sure, we have our battles because she is super stubborn and she is three, but she has always been like that and talked back and done what she has wanted to do so nothing new there. She has started this thing of asking me if she can do something before she does it. I am not sure how long it will last but I am soaking it up!

She is not a shy girl by any means. She will strike up a conversation with just about anyone and likes to introduce herself. She is a CHATTER box. Like seriously, the girl is constantly talking. She comes up with funniest things to say too. She loves her friends and her cousins…. she talks about them all of the time. Everyone is “my best friend so and so”. Also, I have noticed that in social situations, ie birthday parties, she doesn’t shy away. She tends to be the first in line to check something out or try something. She is such an animal lover, just like Mom. She LOVES her doggies and cat… sometimes too much. She has been a lot rougher with them as of late so that is something we are working on 🙂 She is super goofy and loves to put on a performance. She is as girly as they come yet at the same time loves to play with dinosaurs, superheros, and run around outside. She will disappear upstairs to come back down wearing her princess dress and then will start roaring like dinosaur. So funny.

In term of the smarts department, she is one sharp cookie. She has been able to spell and recognize her name for a while but can also spell all of our names and we are working on a few short words. She loves to build with her legos, read, and play with her puzzles. She loves to play doctor and is constantly giving us check-ups. If you ask her if you are okay she says “No, not yet” and continues to work on you. She was so excited to go to the doctors the other day and told me when she left that she had fun. Go figure.

She also loves Disney, Disney movies and the Disney channel. I can’t believe I have a Disney kid but I do. She loves all of the characters but LOVES the princesses. She knows them all. She LOVES to dress up right now and has quite the collection of dresses, shoes and accessories. If you haven’t figured it out already, she loves her fashion. She seriously gets excited about new clothes, particularly jackets, dresses and nightgowns. Oh and shoes. She loves them. Boots? Even more! I am not joking…. the child has 8 pairs of boots. It’s a sickness that we both share together. She is starting to get into Barbie dolls and Legos.

I really don’t know how tall she is but I would say somewhere around or just shy of 38″? We will find out at the doctor this week. She is 32 pounds and wearing 3T and size 8 shoes. Her hair is finally getting long so she may finally get her first hair cut sometime this year haha.

Some of her favorites:

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Grapes, Pancakes, Peanut Butter Jelly, Steak, Green Beans, Applesauce, Any candy, cake or cookie 🙂
Favorite Movies: Tangled, followed by Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, & Little Mermaid
Favorite Songs: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Fancy by Iggy, Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer, Single Ladies by Beyonce
Favorite Toys: Princess Legos, Bike, Panda and Doggie,
Favorite Places: Disney World, Chick-fila, Grandma and Poppas, Kenley’s House
Favorite Books: Cat in the Hat, Dragons Love Tacos, Princess Stories, Toddler Bible

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sassy, funny, independent, smart Kyler Bug!!!!

Kyler: 2.5 Years Old

26 Jul

Today, my sweet and crazy girl is 2.5 years old!  She is starting to seem less and less like a little toddler and more and more like a little girl. We have full on conversations at times and she is starting to help out around the house (SCORE!).  Every night at dinner I asked her what she did at school/Grandma’s and she tells me what she did and who she played with. It’s really cute. Lately, I have been asking her to help me with some small things like letting the dogs outside, letting them back in (which is so funny because she yells for them and they don’t listen), getting something off the table for me or putting her dirty dishes in the sink. It sure helps when I have my hands tied with her baby brother!

She loves to sing her songs, dance, do her ABC’s and can even spell her name now (and recognized it when it’s spelled out!), and counts t0 20. She is one smart cookie. For quite a while she went on a boycott and wouldn’t let us read to her but she has finally stopped that and we are reading again! Kyler has gotten much better about dinner time. We still have our struggles, however, it is much better than it used to be.

Bedtime is the pain right now. She tries to find every excuse to delay bedtime. Potty Training is not helping. As of this week, we are trying the “ignoring her once she is in bed” approach and I have to be honest, it is so hard. It’s hard when you hear her sweet voice asking you to cuddle but that is all part of her ploy. Once she has you you aren’t getting away. My mom even mentioned that although I was pretty slick as a kid she has me beat. The kids pediatrician asked me how Potty Training was going and I was going over some things and she laughed and kept repeating how I am in trouble and she is going to give me a hard time when she is older. Gotta love that independent streak.

Kyler is quite the little fishy if you haven’t noticed. She is swims SO well and LOVES the water. ISR was such a great decision and I feel so comfortable with her in the water.

She has quite the personality if you haven’t noticed already. She is super goofy and silly which makes for some funny times around our house. If you didn’t see, last week I started a new blog series called a life of a toddler and I will post those goofy things she says on there.

She is definitely slimming out. She is still wearing 2T (going on 1.5 years now) and some 3T things. I honestly think some things that used to be tight on her are acutally getting a little loose as her baby belly is going away. It’s like her feet stopped growing too. She is still wearing size 7’s.

Things she loves:

Movies, Disney, lions, puzzles, princesses, books, Hudson, airplanes, her park, swimming, ice cream, Pirate Booty, yogurt, grapes, applesauce, chicken

Kyler, happy 2 1/2 years old! Can’t believe you are this old already! We love you and watching you grow 🙂

Two Years Old!

28 Jan

Well I haven’t written a monthly update about Kyler in quite some time but I figured 2 years old would be a good time to update you.

She is such a big girl now. She has her own little personality is definitely a spunky kid. She is SUPER independent and has a mind of her own. She will only do something if she wants to do it, which can make our lives interesting at time 🙂 She tells you “No, don’t want to” and good luck trying to talk her into it. She is very quick to tell us what she wants to do or eat, which again, is fun when you would really like her to eat something else 🙂 She is going through a pretty bad “I hate all food” phase (minus yogurt, applesauce, and grapes…. those she will take anytime). Typical 2 year old I guess you can say. We got some new tips from the doctor that we will start trying out so hopefully that will help.

She talks, a lot, and is so smart! She knows her ABC’s, counts to 10 and is getting better with her colors. If an animal has a certain sound they make, this kid knows it! Her favorite things right now are her stuffed animals: Star Bear, Brown Bear, Puppy, and Baby Puppy. She sleeps with all of them tucked under her arms at night and knows when one of them aren’t there. Put that with blankie, lambie and an elephant and she is surrounded! She loves rocks. She collects them outside and lines them up and counts them. She loves to sing and DANCE… still loves to dance! After she is potty trained, I am going to look into some type of dance or activity class because I think she would really like it.

Speaking of potty trained, we are about to head down that road here in the next few weeks. She is definitely ready and tells us when she needs to potty, she is just scared to do it.

Oh, have I mentioned that she gets into EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. I know most people would say this but honestly, I think she rivals most kids. She can’t just let something be. She has to touch it, get it out, try it, etc. It drives us nuts too. She has this “try me” attitude (she mayyyy have gotten that from me, oops) and tests our limits every step of the way. If we ask her “come here please” she hauls butt in the opposite direction. Ask her to leave something alone? Well she is getting to it even faster. It’s a lot of work but it keeps us on our toes.

Kyler Nicole is definitely a ham. She is shy around people she doesn’t know well or if there is a room full of people but after she warms up, she likes to show off. She is such a goof ball. She is constantly doing things that make Chris and I laugh and then says “I’m funny”.

Last but not least, she is such a sweetie!!! She will go from pushing your buttons to the sweetest thing ever in about 3 seconds. She loves hugs and kisses, tells us she misses us and loves us, and I can even get an occasional snuggle from her still. She is still great with please, thank you, you’re welcome and is now getting better with saying I’m sorry. She was telling people “no, bye-bye” if she didn’t want something but we have taught her to say “no, thank you” instead. Much better! She kisses my belly and tells her baby brother goodnight too. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Bed Time –  8pm-8:30pm
Wakes up: 7am
Naptime: 12pm-2pm
Height: Right under 35 inches, 75th percentile
Weight: 29 lbs, 75th percentile
Clothes: 2T-3T
Shoes: Size 6 although we are buying 7’s now

Kyler Nicole, you are our whole world and we love you more than anything. I hope you never change you crazy Bug!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

8 Dec

Kyler loves her big girl bed!!

Also, there is a sneak peek of new new furniture 🙂

I found this goof ball just hanging out the other day. She is too much!

My mom “made” Chris take home my old lego set the other day. He and Kyler had a good time sorting through all of the pieces!

Meet Dolf, our new Christmas Elf! Yes, Dolf. Kyler named him herself. No clue where it came from but it stuck 🙂

We had a nice unexpected visitor on Thursday night. Thanks to the cold front that hit most of the ole USA, Grandpa’s flight get rerouted through Orlando. That meant he had a few hours to hang out in Orlando (which turned into a stay overnight!)

Kyler was SOOOO excited to see Grandpa or “PeePaw” as she kept calling him (never has called him that before but hey, she is trying something new). She was so sad when he had to leave the next day.

Her new “baby” is her dancing Christmas tree. We bought it last year and she loved it but she has really taken it to a new level. She hugs, kisses, talks, and of course sings with it.

Or did I mention that this girl has some serious moves???

We headed out to Downtown Disney this weekend for some shopping and family time. Kyler had a good time at the Lego shop.

Grandma bought her a new purse. DIVA.

Winnie the Pooh and the gang.

She loves the carousel

Being that it’s Florida… it was 86 degrees out this weekend. It seemed much hotter to best honest with you. The pool was still too cold for my taste so we decided to get the hot tub fired up (you know, to a nice warm 90 degrees) but we had a slight mishap (all good now). It didn’t seem to bother Kyler though since she just splashed away in the beach area.

Tonight was the perfect night for smores after shopping with my momma today 🙂


We had a great week and are really getting into the Christmas spirit!!! Only 17 days left!!!

Happy Birthday to my brother Josh and my mom this week!!!! We love you!!

18 Months Already!

28 Jul

Seesh is time flying. Kyler Bug turned 18 Months this past Thursday!

She is quite the handful these days. She has hit the full toddler stride and it is keeping us busy! She has been going through separation anxiety from me recently. This started during vacation and she has been all about Mommy ever since. I love it but it can be tiring when I would love for her to go see Daddy 🙂 She has been tugging on me saying “up, up” more and more but I try to only give in once in a while.

We cut the paci last week!!! Whoo hoo!!! She had only been using it for sleeping for the last 8 months or so but we finally pulled the plug (pun intended) and took it away. She has done pretty well without it! She cried for a hour and 45 minutes the first night and that was HORRIBLE. I felt so bad for her. She was searching for her paci for a good majority of it, she even took off her pants to look for it in there. Poor thing. It took a lot not just to go in there and give it back. But we knew it was for the better and every night it got better and better. She doesn’t cry anymore when we put her to bed and I think she has really forgotten about it already.

Kyler had her 18 month check-up the other day! Everything went great! She is 25 lbs and 5 oz, just under 85 percentile) and 33 inches tall (85th percentile). Doc said she is a very steady grower. I did get the “look” when she found out she was still in a crib. Because she is an active little girl and super tall on top of it, she really wants her in a bed sooner than later. We bought a bed a while ago and need to refinish it so that gave us the motivation to get it done.

I would say Kyler’s favorite thing to do right now is dance. She moves at any sound of music and tells me to play music ie “dance, dance”. She loves to move it and groove it 🙂 I realize they must be teaching her all sorts of songs at school because we will play a new kids song and she knows it. She has been doing Baby Bumblebee, 5 Little Monkeys, Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, and the list goes on.

Happy 18 Months Kyler!!!! We love you, you crazy little Bug!

Kyler’s 17th Month Update!

2 Jul







17 Months!!


Miss Kyler turned 17 months old on the 26th! She is such a big girl now! The baby in her is really gone 😦 For the most part, she is one happy little girl. She is a goof ball most of the time but she does have her moments of crankiness (don’t they all). She is very independent and quite the smart butt. She loves to test me (more me than Dad) and thinks it is fun to do exactly what I ask her not to do. She has been quite the cuddle bug lately though. Loves to give her mommy and daddy lots of kisses and I just love it!

She is a dancing machine!!!! I can’t get over it. She loves to dance and move to the music. She is a really good dancer too! She is usually on the beat and has a lot of different moves she will break out.

Her vocabulary continues to grow every day! She now strings some words together and continues to parrot whatever you ask her to say. She still loves to say her pleases and thank yous. Very polite kid 🙂

She started saying “Oh No” lately rather than uh oh. I am assuming someone at school said that and she picked it up.

Eating is still going pretty well. She is a toddler so she can be quite picky and coming up with new things to eat is always challenging but she loves veggies and fruit. When she is being difficult, I can always count on her to eat her veggies and fruit. Hopefully that won’t change!

She is still sleeping in a crib. We are going to start on her big girl room when we get back for vacation so I imagine that will open up a whole new world! Eek! I am a little nervous because K loves her sleep (just like her momma).

Happy 17 Months Kyler Nicole! We Love You!

Kyler is 16 Months!!!

26 May

Kyler is 16 months!!! How is that possible, you say? Well since I missed the boat on her 15 month update, this one will just to be extra detailed! I guess you can see this little one has changed a lot in 2 months. For one, she is bigger and taller! Shocker right? Kyler was 24 1/2 pounds at 15 months so I am guessing she is right around the 25 lb mark. INSANE! My mom says she gets her chubbiness from me and I was the same way at that age. I know it’s only a matter of time before she slims out and takes off! She has slowed down a bit in the height department (for her that is) and was just pushing 32 inches, again at 15 months. It will be interesting to see if that trend follows when we go back in 2 months.

15 Months:

16 Months:

  • Teeth- I am happy to report that she now has 6 teeth!!!! Her front 2 teeth finally came in and her gums are super swollen right now so maybe more are on the way?
  • Eating- She is doing really well with her utensils. Sometimes she won’t even try a food but when I put it on her fork or her spoon and she grabs it and eats it, she will then eat it up. Silly girl. Some days she is picky and some days she eats whatever we give her. Comes with the toddler territory right?
  • Dancing-  This girl loves to move and shake it. Her favorite songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, ABC’s, Hot Dog, and anything with a good beat.
  • Mickey Mouse- I think a trip to Disney is in our future. She loves Mickey and the gang and can notice the “ears” on anything.
  • Talking- Oh boy… she is a gabber. She is always talking about something and her words are becoming more clear. I still think her favorite word is Thank You. Weird, I know but anytime she is done with something or hands you something she says it. Polite kid!
  • Testy- She has started this new thing where she gets this grin and deliberately does what you do not want her to do. She thinks it’s funny and looks at you as to say “What are you going to do”…. no clue where she gets that attitude from.
  • Sleeping– I have got myself a sleeper! She goes to bed between 7:30-8 at night and wakes up (if you let her sleep in) around 8am. Some days a little earlier but some days a little later. She goes down for one nap a day, usually right after lunch and sleeps for about 2 to 2.5 hours. She loves to sleep!

She is really turning into more of a little girl rather than a baby every day. She has a goof ball personality and definitely likes to be the center of attention. She loves animals and knows the differences between a lot of different animals. She knows what a monkey, lion, dog, and cow say. She LOVES to count (this is a game her and her Poppa do). She loves to blow kisses and will only give me a kiss on the lips. She has started snuggling again (YES!!! FINALLY) but it’s only when shes sleepy.

We bought Kyler a big girl bed that we are going to refinish so look out for that this summer. I am hoping her transition will be an easy one! She has enough hair for me to put in pigtails (yay!) and it instantly makes her look 6 months older. I can barely handle it!

It is so hard to believe she is almost 1.5 years old. Kyler Nicole, you are almost too cute for Mommy and Daddy to handle and you continue to develop your own little sweet personality each and every day! Happy 16 Months!

14 Month Update!

29 Mar

Hard to believe it’s been 2 months since her birthday party but somehow, it has! Kyler is 14 months old!!! Last month’s update was short and sweet but you got the gist.


  • Teeth- STILL only has 4 teeth (and that is only if you count the little guy coming in on the bottom). Still no top teeth 😦 How is that possible??
  • Eating- We are doing pretty well. We have better days than others, it all just depends on how picky she wants to be. We finally have her eating some solid fruits but that is in spurts too.
  • Favorites-  As I sit here and think “What are Kyler’s favorite toys?” I really can’t come up with anything! She plays with everything! She loves things that play music, cars, BOOKS!, baby dolls, wagon, etc. She is pretty content just having fun.
  • Talking- Miss Kyler is a chatter box. She is a parrot and will repeat a lot of what you say. Her favorite things to say right now are: Doggie, Thank You, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, Hi, Momma, Dadda, cracker, cookie. She tends to repeat me, however, she copies what Dad does.


She knows how to find her nose and her belly button. She loves to read, do puzzles, pretend play (for example, she picks up her play food and pretends to eat it while saying nom, nom, nom). She is the cutest thing when you say bye to her. Every morning I say “Bye Kyler, I love you” and she says “Bye” and blows me a kiss and says “Muah!” She will give me kisses on the lips now but so far she only does that for me (I am okay with that 😉 ). She is wearing mainly 2T or 24M clothes with the occasional 18M pants/shorts. Last time we were at the doctor (just this past week) she weighed almost 24 pounds!


We LOVE our Kyler Nicole and have more fun with her every day!!!!

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